Five: A new addition – Hannibal's POV

If there was one thing Hannibal knew about his boy, is that he longed for a family. Somewhere he belonged, with people who loved him unconditionally. They had once thought that the army was their family, but it was only because of going through a difficult time with the arm which had them on the run that they realised – the team was their family. BA and Murdock, himself and Face. It was certainly an unconventional family, but it was full of fun and laughter, but most importantly - love.

Now that he and Face had their own place and it had been a year down the line, Hannibal thought that maybe, just maybe, now was the right time to give Face something extra. A new addition to their family. It was something that they had talked about in general conversation. Every time Hannibal tried to bring up the conversation of extending their family, Face seemed to shy away from it and distract Hannibal in the most interesting of ways.

Hannibal felt himself smile at the memories of those conversations. They had certainly been interesting, but despite Face's best efforts, he had not prevented Hannibal from seeing the conflicting emotions. Joy, want and hope all warring with uncertainty, despair and hurt. The one confirmation of anything remotely positive was Face's small sigh of, "What if I screw it up?" Hannibal had shaken his head. Nobody was perfect, sure, they would both make mistakes – but he knew, he just knew that Face would be a perfect father if they were to expand their family.

And he knew the both wanted that.

They had enjoyed their time together, and although their relationship was still hot and fiery in all departments, it had settled. Their lives had settled. Hannibal believed that, for once in their lives, things were pretty normal. But there was something missing. A hole that had been growing steadily in both of them, which is why Hannibal had found himself doing something spontaneous one month ago, which lead him to this very moment.

"Come on Hannibal… Do I really have to close and cover my eyes?"

Hannibal couldn't stop the chuckle at the slight whine and pout from his partner. "Yes… Do I have to blind fold you too?" This caused Face to grin. "Kinky old man…" Hannibal swatted Face's ass, much to Face's amusement, before guiding him blindfolded into their house from their garden and into their main living room.

"Now…" Hannibal whispered softly into Face's ear. "I want to tell you something –and you're going to be quiet and listen. Ok?" Hannibal waited for Face's nod of confirmation before continuing. "Keep very quiet… Make no loud sounds…" Face let out a gentle hum. "I want you to know, that you are the greatest man I know… And, I love you very much…" Hannibal gently rubbed Face's arms as he continued. "You have been through so much… But darling, you've always come out on top… You're here…" Hannibal watched as Face swallowed an obvious lump in his throat. "You often feel you're inadequate, that you're not good enough – but the thing is, you're perfect…"

"John…" Face whispered hoarsely.

"Shhh baby…" Hannibal whispered, gently squeezing Face's arms. "You are one amazing man, and you don't give yourself enough credit… I know that you want a family Temp…" Hannibal moved his arms to loop around his love's body as he began to feel it shake. "I know that you want us to have a family together, and there is nothing I want more than to start one with you…" Hannibal paused as he heard Face sniffle. "So…" Hannibal said, gently removing the blindfold from Face's eyes.

"Meet the newest member of our family…"

And Hannibal watched with a nervous excitement as Face was left speechless. There, sitting curled up on their couch was a little Alaskan Husky Puppy.

"You're going to be a great father Templeton."

Face was on him faster than lightning, kissing Hannibal with all his might. "Thank you thank you thank you!" Face whispered over and over again between kisses. Hannibal chuckled quietly then let Face go. "She hasn't been named yet… I thought… I'd leave that decision to you." Hannibal thought he would physically melt from the heated love filled gaze he was having directed at him, but smiled as he watched Face's features scrunch in thought.

"Sunshine… Sunny for short…"

Hannibal grinned before breaking into song, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…"

"You make me happy when skies are grey…" Face joined in.

"You'll never know dear, how much I love you…" They tapered off together, and were promptly interrupted by a little puppy bark.

Face turned his happy watery smile on the new addition of the family.

"Come here Sunshine!"

And Sunshine bounded over, full of pure excitement and love for her new family.