Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

The three hyenas partly responsible for Mufasas death (not to mention eating his body afterward) and helping Scar rule over the Pridelands.

Yet also in turn caused Scars downfall, by helping Nala to escape and find Simba. Plus also eating Scar in the end as well

Yet where did all that leave them in the end?

Going back to the Outlands only to get booted from their home by Zira and her Outlander lions.

But what if things had happened differently?

What if Shenzi didn't talk her fellow hyenas into helping Nala escape? After all it was a longshot that'd she'd even find Simba.

No, Shenzi knew that Scar was the problem. His bad ruling was what caused the Pridelands to become a barren wasteland.

So why not simply dispose of said problem? In fact, why not pratically kill his whole pride and rule the lands as queen?

This is the tale of just that

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