He just needed some time alone. Whenever he does there's only one place to go...the beach. The water always made him feel better, not just because he was the son of Poseidon. He had always loved the water even before he knew of his true heritage. As his bare feet touched the wet sand he felts his troubles melt away with the tide. This was his home. He remembered something he was told on his first quest- "What belongs to the sea will always return to the sea." He reached the edge of the water but kept walking. The water lapped at his ankles, his knees, his waist until it covered his head. He strolled along the seabed for a while he suddenly had an idea. He called on the currents around him and they swirled to surround him before lifting him quickly towards the surface. He burst through the waves with a cry of delight and spread his arms out on either side. The water held him in it's arms before slowly lowering the Sea God's son to the sand again.

Unknown the him a certain daughter of Athena had followed him, worried about his actions. He had seemed distracted and troubled by something lately...more so that usual and she was concerned. When she saw him disappear into the surf she almost went back to her cabin, thinking he may have been summoned by his father. But she stayed,
she just had a feeling she should. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him come up with the waves and cry out with elation. The setting sun lit the water with a kaleidoscope of colors as it spread out on either side of him. With his arms outstretched and that brilliant smile that could light up even the pit of Tartarus, he looked like an angel. His sea green eyes seemed to shine with joy as the water eventually set him on the sand. Here was the Hero of Olympus, who'd held the world upon his shoulders and always seemed so pessimistic...but when he was in the water it was like he was a completely different person. He radiated such power and confidence it left her near speechless with awe. This boy, who was so skinny and weak looking when he first came to the camp had become so strong over the years she'd known him. She loved him so much and she couldn't put in words how happy she was when he reciprocated those feelings. This young man was amazing. He could have- probably should have- been a God!
But his heart of pure gold turned it down, to be with her and his friends which he was so loyal to. She feared what would come of that in the future, but quickly pushed such thoughts out of her head when she looked at him again. He was simply standing in the sand, watching the waves lick at his toes, and smiling such a genuine smile it made her heart hurt. She would do anything to keep that smile on his face forever, but their lives would never allow that.
She mentally smacked herself, she was a daughter of Athena! The Goddess of Wisdom! If it was the last thing she did, she would find a way. Her love deserved happiness more than anyone she'd ever known and she would give her last breath if it meant he would have it. But for now, she would do what she could.
She took a deep breath and walked down the short embankment before coming up behind her boyfriend.

"Hey Seaweed Brain."
He spun around, a little surprised, but smiled widely when he recognized his girlfriend. "Hey Wise Girl."