Surprise Pt 1

Tiana woke up and looked out her porthole with hopefully look on her face. It had been 3 days since they boarded the boat. She wanted to hurry up and reach Maldonia. She looked out and saw only water, she sighed and got out of bed. They were still on the stupid boat and she was still going to have that sinking feeling in her stomach ever since she realized she would have to face Nagina. She made her bed in silence and decided to hit the showers. She let the steam and heat relax her, letting it wash all her troubles away. Once she was done she wrapped a towel around herself and began brushing her teeth. After her teeth were pearly white, she went back to her room and started picking out her clothes. She picked out a simple purple dress and black flats. She creamed, put on her undergarments and began dressing. The dress hugged her in all the right places and really showed off her behind, something she didn't intend to do, it just happened.

She slipped on the shoes with ease and proceeded to do her hair. She decided to let her hair breathe, and let her brown wavy hair flow down to her shoulder blades. Tiana hair was pretty long and almost all the black girls envied it. She decided to put on some jewelry she saved from the time her and Naveen were married. The jewelry she wore were just simple black earrings and a purple bracelet. After she approved of her look she went to the sky deck where she would meet her family for breakfast. Everyone was already there and everyone already started eating.

"Your late baby" Eudora scolded, she didn't mean to sound so harsh when she said it. She was just joking with Tiana. Luckily for her, Tiana understood.

"Sorry mama" Tiana said rolling her eyes. She decided to take a seat next to Jazzy who was just looking at her food.

"Aren't you going to eat baby?" Tiana said already filling her plates with eggs and flapjacks.

"I just only like to eat y-your cooking...mama" Jazzy answered hesitantly. Tiana smiled, it was sweet that Jazzy only ate her cooking. It made Tiana's determination for her restaurant greater. She wanted everyone who ate her cooking to feel like that. Once you've tasted Tiana's cooking, you could never go back.

"Thank you baby," she said stroking her daughter's hair, "but you got to eat or you'll get really hungry"

Jazzy nodded her head to her mother's sensible words and began digging in. As the family ate and conversed Rafael came over.

"Hello Miss Tiana" Rafael greeted, he greeted the rest of the family as well

"Hello. What's up?" Tiana asked while stuffing some flapjacks in her mouth

"We are here" he said smiling. The whole family sprung from there seats to look at Maldonia, everyone expect Tiana. She had since the 'majestic' and 'lovely' island one time too many times when Naveen and her had to come back for his king duties. Maldonia stressed both of them out, and only made family time barely manageable. She was sick of it, she was sick of this whole 'vacation'. But of course she didn't want to upset her family.

"Tiana, what's up?" Rafael asked sitting in Jazzy's seat

"Nothing" she mumbled

"Something is up. Tell me" Rafael pressed

"Nothing! Alright? I'm fine!" Tiana shouted

"Oh. Sorry." Rafael said looking down

Tiana sighed, what was wrong with her? Why was she so mean?

"I'm sorry. I'm stressed, I don't want to seem rude. But I would just like to be alone" Tiana told the man

"Okay. I understand" Rafael replied getting up from the seat

"Thank you" Tiana said looking at him, he only smiled and walked away. As he walked away, he didn't notice something fall from his trousers. Something very important, something that ended up landing on Jazzy's seat once he got up. Tiana whoever noticed. She was about to call him back until she realized it was his wallet. She was tempted to peek, she knew it was wronger but her curiosity was at it's peak. What surprises and secrets did it hold? Soon she found her self not being able to control her giddiness and also, she couldn't hold her curiosity any longer. She grabbed the black leather wallet and immediately opened. She was surprised by the amount of money he was carrying around. There was more than 500 dollars in cash in there.

Her mouth was agape as she looked at the money. Her eyes the moved on to his driver license. She couldn't wait to see what kind of picture they had taken of him. She pulled out the driver's license and almost fainted when she saw what was written on it.


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