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Chapter Nine: And what are you doing?

The next few days were a trying experience for all involved. Legolas was simply sick of staying in bed. Elrond, the twins, and Aragorn, had a huge fight on their hands trying to get Legolas to remain so, as the elf was constantly making bids for freedom.

"Why must I stay in bed, I feel fine!" Legolas complained to Elrond, who was examining the elf, making sure that he was recovering at the speed he should be.

"Fine is not fine enough, because your definition of 'fine' means that you have a life-threatening wound." Elrond relayed, placing one of his hands on the elfs chest to keep him from rising

"Fine, I am perfectly healthy, is that fine enough instead of fine.

"STOP using the word Fine," Aragorn exclaimed having a hard time following the conversation. Both elves turned to look at him wearing perplexing expression. "Its confusing" He muttered.

"ok, fine" Legolas said an innocent smirk crossing his face.

"Legolas, you don't want to have to stay in bed any longer then you have to right, because I can make that happen if you say 'fine' one more time." Aragorn threatened half rising form the chair he was sitting in.

"Yea, right Aragorn," Legolas started before Elrond interrupted.

"Sit up, Legolas,"

"like, you, a human could beat up an elf." Legolas said, following Elrond instructions, glaring at Aragorn when the human attempted to help him, as the elf was swaying slightly. As much as he hated to admit it he was not well, though he tried his best to appear so.

"I could beat you any day that I wanted to" Aragorn replied, keeping his hands near, just in case. The two continued their bickering until Elrond decided to put a stop to it,

"Aragorn and Legolas, let us stop this foolishness," Elrond continued bravely, knowing very well that Legolas would not appreciate the next part of his sentence. "Besides Legolas needed rest, he is not well yet." As expected, Legolas protested the last part.

"Elrond, I am fine" Legolas said the last word pointedly as if daring Aragorn to attack him. "And I do not need rest."

"Sure," Aragorn said rolling his eyes at the stubbornness of the elf. Elrond tuned and surveyed the room, glancing at the table piled high with herbs.

"Come Estel, I need you to help me with put back all the herbs we used this time." Elrond said, pointing to the table where all the herbs they had used were.

"What's the point, Legolas will only need them once again," Aragorn said, unhappy to move from his comfortable chair, however Elrond's glare, somehow managed to get him up and going again. "As for you, my young elf, you will stay exactly where you are at," Elrond said turning his glare to Legolas instead. "Oh, and Aragorn, after we are done with that Sirpë wanted to see you for a minute, more or less" Elrond said (Sirpë was known for keeping people longer than excepted) "We will be back in an hour or so," Elrond stated before leaving the room,

"Try and get some sleep, it really would do you wonders" Aragorn said, clapping the elfs shoulder as he past and left the room, gathering the herbs as he left.


Legolas lay on the bed starring up at the ceiling. When Aragorn and Elrond had left, he had had very good attentions of following Elrond's directions, for once. However, he could not sleep no matter how much his body demanded it. He lay tossing and turning for about twenty minutes until he could stand it no longer. What his body and mind really wanted was to be up and walking around. Not laying here trying to sleep, during the middle of the day, it was just not right. Using this line of reasoning, Legolas convinced himself that once he was up and on his feet that he would be just fine. After he had walked around for a little bit, his body would be ready for rest then he would be able to sleep. Aragorn and Elrond would come back and not be any the wiser to what had happened, as he planned to be back in bed by then, and everybody would be perfectly happy!

Deciding to do it, Legolas pushed back the crumpled blankets and sheets, scooting over to the edge of the bed. He firmly grabbed the bedside table with his left hand, as his right arm was still in a sling. Legolas was sure that he would be hit with dizziness once he actually was on his feet. Taking a deep breath he pushed himself up. Legolas gasped involuntary, as the dizziness stuck, much harder than expected. Even while holding on to the bedside table, Legolas felt himself swaying, than he lost his grip on the table and crashed down onto the floor with a thud. Where he remained until the world stopped going around like a merry-go-round. Reopening his eyes, the elf grabbed hold of the bed and pulled himself up. It surprised him how much effort it took for him to accomplish the small act. After managing it, the elf had a choice to make. He could either fall back onto the bed and give this up as a bad job, or he could make it the short distance to the armchair. He chose the chair. To go back to bed would mean to give up, and the prince was not a quitter.

It took him awhile and a couple more spills before he was able to make it to the chair. When he did, he practically fell on top of it, so great was his relief to finally get there. How embarrassing it would have been to have either the twin, Aragorn, of their father to come back and find him on the ground. Legolas knew that for his plan to succeed, he needed to make it back to the bed before any of his friends came back. That was a problem. He was simple exhausted and he had no idea how he was going to make it back. Closing his eyes, Legolas tried to decide how on earth he was going to get out of his mess. This however was a mistake as he soon found himself drifting off to sleep.


Aragorn walked down the hallway, making his way to Legolas room. After finishing with the herbs and Sirpë he had decided to make his way back to Legolas room as it was not really that safe to leave the elf alone yet, only because the elf would hurt himself worse trying to leave his 'prison' as Legolas likedcalled it. Opening the door, Aragorn stopped short, looking at the bed. Legolas was gone, oh you stupid elf! Aragorn thought, looking around the room until he located the elf, asleep in a chair. Walking over to the elf, he knelt beside him. Placing a hand on the elf's forehead he made sure that the elfs stupid idea had not caused the poison to resurface. This sometimes happened if the person, (a certain blond elf for instance) over exerted themselves too much. Aragorn sighed in relief to hind Legolas skin cool to the touch. Bringing his hand down to rest on the elf's shoulder he gently shook him,

"Legolas, you need to wake up." He said, he wanted to get the elf back where he belonged, but he just picking up the elf and carrying him was out of the question. Unless of course you didn't mind a verbal beating once the elf woke up. The elf groaned a little, shifting positions.

"goawayaragorn" Legolas muffled voice came as he buried deeper into his position in the chair.

"I will, but then it will be Lord Elrond who found out what you did!" Aragorn said. That got through to Legolas as Elrond would likely force the elf to stay in bed a couple days longer for his disobedience. He opened his eyes to find Aragorn silver-gray ones staring back.

"You stupid elf! What were you thinking, you could have seriously have hurt yourself." Aragorn said worry lacing his voice.

"I am fine, Aragorn. I was sick and tired of staying-"

"am, I am sick and tired" Aragorn interrupted "You will be staying in that bed for a couple more days at the least"

"Fine, I am and no, it will be less than a couple of days when I get out of bed."

"Right," Aragorn said rolling his eyes "but for now let's get you back into bed." Aragorn said carefully grabbing hold of his friends shoulder, and pulling him up. Legolas groaned, as once again he began to lose his balance, and would have fallen if it was not for the supportive hands that held him up right.

"How many times do you fall?" Aragorn said in surprise, guessing form the elfs lack of balance that it had to be many times. He looped his arm around the elfs slim waist and pulling Legolas uninjured arm across his own shoulder. Legolas pointedly ignoring the question, instead concentrating on walking with least amount help possible. It only took them a few minutes to reach the bed and once they did, Aragorn slowly lowered the elf back down. He did help him sit back against the headboard before he began to fuss over Legolas. Making sure the young elf was warm enough or comfortable enough.

"Stop it Estel," Legolas finally said unable to take the hovering.

"Once you stop getting hurt" was the reply "we only hover because we care you know" Aragorn added as an afterthought.

"I know," Legolas replied softly suddenly unable to meet Aragorn eyes. "I can never thank you and your family enough for what you have done for me. You have sacrificed so much for me." Aragorn, upon hearing his words and seeing Legolas lower his eyes, took the elf's chin in his hands and pulled Legolas's face upwards so that their eyes meet.

"Legolas let these thoughts leave your mind! What little we sacrifice we sacrifice in joy. You are my best friend that I will ever have. I would do anything for you, mellon-nin. You are my brother, and we help each other you understand." He released the elf's chin, "Besides you have done the same for me."

"Aye," Legolas whispered in a chocked voice, and jumped rather badly when a third voice announced it's owner presence.

"Ah, so I see you actually had some sense for once and stayed in bed!" Elrond said strolling into the room. He had overheard the last part of the conversation, and to raise the elf's sprits decided that he would allow him to go outside. Though it would do no good for Legolas health it would do wonders for the elf's mental state, which in turn would help Legolas heal faster.

"Lord Elrond" Legolas said rather guiltily, but what the elf lord did not know would not hurt him.

"I have decided that if you are careful and do not over exert yourself," Elrond began. Legolas looked at Aragorn excitedly. If Elrond leading where he thought he was leading then he could go outside. Aragorn merely looked dumbfounded; his father was letting a patient out of bed early! "I will allow you one hour out of bed, IF you allow Aragorn and the twins to support you (you are not strength enough to walk by yourself yet), and listen to them if they tell you that you need to come it. Do you understand?" Elrond said in all seriousness, he was letting Legolas out of bed despite the princes need to stay in, and he wanted to make sure his rules were understood.

"Yes, yes, and yes" Legolas replied so excited that he could hardly get the words out. His pride would take some hurt to have to have other support him but…he desperately needed to go outside and be out of this room. Aragorn took a step forward ready to help his friend up, but Elrond beat him to it. Placing his hands underneath on the wood elfs slim shoulders he pulled him up, let the elf rest his light weight against him when the dizziness once again overrode Legolas senses.

"Aragorn, I except you to make sure that he follows my orders, oh and Legolas do not take that arm out of the sling!" He warned as lead the elf to the door, going at a slow pace to accommodate Legolas. "I have work that needs done, if I do not find you back here in one hour…" he trailed off, giving them a threatening look. At this point Aragorn stepped forward to take Legolas from his father. After transferring Legolas they made their way down the stairs. Slowly they went, but as soon as they were far enough away they put their heads together and began to whisper. As Elrond was leaving he caught a few words.

"Ah, but if you don't do what I ask I will tell on you, then the next time you are injured you will won't get out of bed for two weeks, so HA" Aragorn whispered,

"SHHH," Legolas hushed, "he will hear us and find out!"

"Would serve you right"

"You would get in trouble for not telling."

"Why you little" Their voice then became indisguagable. Elrond continued his way to his study, very confused about what the bit of conversation he had heard was about. He sat down at his desk and began to fill out some paper work. Suddenly he heard the sounds of a human screaming. Walking over to the window he saw the twins dragging their brother off (who was doing all he could to get away). They looked to be going in the direction to the lake, Legolas was sitting on the ground resting against the tree and appeared to be laughing at the twins actions. At least he is sitting down Elrond mussed as he turned from the window and sat at his desk. Legolas would be just heal. Life would return to normal. All was well.

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