Disclaimer: I do not own American Girl, or Emily or Tim or Molly or sidewalks or skirts or England or American or-now I'm just getting stupid-anything.

So this isn't Star Trek, as you clearly know. It's Emily/Tim AG! It's not really on track with my two other Emily/Tim stories, but I suppose you can take it the way you want to? You can call it a story about monkey eating habits if you like...

Anyway, here it is!

Emily Bennett skipped along the sidewalk, her blue dress swinging against her legs. The sun was shining, and Molly couldn't walk home with her today. It was perfect.

"Emily!" Tim was coming up the street behind her. The day just got more perfect.

"Tim!" she called back, spinning around.

"Hey," he said, reaching her. "Where's Molly?"

Emily shrugged. "Back with Linda and Susan. She's not coming."

"Oh, good," Tim said. Then he froze. "I-didn't mean-"

Emily burst out laughing. "It's fine, Tim. Really. I feel the exact same."

"Really?" Tim brightened. "Do you want to walk with me?"

Emily nodded and smiled dazzling. "I'd really like that," she said happily. "Thank you, Tim."

Tim grinned and slipped his arm around her. "You're quite welcome, Emily."

She laughed. "You don't just like me because I'm English, I can tell. That really means a lot. That's all the other boys think about."

Tim smiled and shook his head. "That's sad. You're so-nice."

Emily stopped walking and looked up at Tim, smiling. "That means so much, Tim."

"I'm glad," Tim said. And before Emily could say anything else, Tim had pulled her to him and kissed her. America was really a wonderful place.

Did you like it? I hope so! Yes, of course I do! That's what I always hope! I also hope we can go to Disney World this year and that I can have cookies... But enough about my hopes and dreams. Actually, I never mentioned dreams...

Anyway! I'm going to eat something now, even though I already did... Just candy or something yummy. I'm hungry for that ;)

Linley :)