A few seconds after I heard her scream, my mind jolted awake. For those few seconds I just stood there frozen like a statue, convinced I'd hear the blast of the cannon any moment. I needed rue. She couldn't die, it was only after about ten seconds when I realised she hadn't died yet and I couldn't stand there and wait until she did, when I could do something to help. I sprinted, dodging sinister trees that looked too bright; when I ran past them it felt like they were leaning in to watch me, whispering secretively.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, stumbling clumsily, then scolding myself for loosing precious time, when I finally reached the source of those screams- those high-pitched disturbing screams coming from a twelve year old mouth, I saw her. She was caught in a large net; her beautiful curly black hair was wild and static, covering her face. When she saw me her eyes lit up hopeful, joyful, fearful. "Katniss!" she screamed, her voice cracking at the end. I looked at her, delighted it wouldn't be for the last time, I guess I meant to shout "rue!" but it came out as more of a croak, but at least she wasn't dead.

Almost immediately after I got her out of the net, I heard something shoot past me. I froze. I'd used an arrow all my life. But it sounded different somehow, louder. Then it hit me, a spear. I turned around slowly, scared too look at what horrors might be next to me. Rue looked at me tears swelling up in her eyes, I looked down. It turns out I was right, it was a spear, no time to celebrate. It was wedged into her abdomen, dripping with blood. I cried out a strange, strangled cry and shot my arrow at the source of the spear, hitting marvel, a career form district 1. He fell to the floor immediately. But I had no remorse.

I looked back at Rue who was lying on the floor. Still breathing and hope flickered inside of me, she didn't have to die. I kneeled beside her tiny body, not even five foot yet, limp and cold. That's when the tears came; they streamed down my face like an endless current. I looked at her beautiful face, one that I may never see again, and it suddenly morphed into prims these girls are only twelve, they shouldn't know about death and war, they shouldn't starve or have to look after their family they could be playing in the meadow, carefree. I know I've done the right thing volunteering for prim even if I can't bring her food, gale will.

"Sing." She whispered, and I did because this is the last time I will ever see her sweet little face again.

Deep in the meadow,

Under the willow,

A bed of grass,

A soft green pillow.

"Katniss, you have to win." She said.

Those were the last words she ever said to me.

"I promise" I replied, she managed a smile before the cannon blew, echoing in my head. She was gone. My eyes stung with tears, I promised id try, but try is the most I can do. With my vision blurred with tears, I covered her in roses, dandelions and primroses and kissed her forehead before giving the hovercraft space to collect her. I knew the flowers were a slap in the face to the capitol but I want to hold them responsible for her death, just for one second. As Rue's body rises up to the hovercraft. I kiss three fingers and lift them high in her direction. I know this is my way of saying goodbye.