Petey Piranha's Seaside Hill

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Petey Piranha and Seaside Hill. Why do I love these two things so much? Because one of them is a large, powerful plant who can walk and do all sorts of crazy things without the need of eyes. And the other is a beautiful homage to the first level from the first Sonic game, while having an even more tropical feel to it... plus, it's damn catchy. I thank SEGA for their Seaside Hill fetish, since now I have a Seaside Hill fetish. Plus, it's been a while since I wrote something about Seaside Hill by itself. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Petey Piranha belongs to Nintendo. Seaside Hill belongs to SEGA.

Petey Piranha was relaxing in the westernmost part of the beautiful Seaside Hill, simply relaxing as he finally was allowed a long vacation from participating in all the kart, tennis, golf, soccer, and baseball tournaments. He stretched his large green, leafy arms as he smacked his lips, getting up and rubbing his back as he got out of the wooden hammock he built.

"Man, it sure is great around here!" Petey exclaimed as he did some stretching, "I'm so glad I took that silver hedgehog's advice to come here! It's pretty great!"

The sun has just risen up from the horizon, the bright clear blue sky taking over the dark night sky. Petey noticed several geese flying overhead, heading southward.

"Well, I better go and make me some breakfast," Petey commented as he grabbed some fresh apples and oranges from the inside of his stomach. "It's a good thing my stomach is a gateway to virtually anything that I want."

Petey then grabbed one of the palm trees nearby, snatching the ripe yellow bananas from it. He then let the palm tree go, only for it to hit him across the face, causing him to drop all the fruit and fall on his back.

"Of course, I think I better be careful, less I get hurt by my own hands," Petey commented as he lifted himself off the smooth green grass.