Bruno's Diary Entry.

Friday 30th December 1942

Dear Diary,

I don't like Lieutenant Kotler, and that's putting it nicely. I can't understand why Gretel always wants to be around him or why Mother always laughs at his jokes, but the one person I hate more than Lieutenant Kotler is myself.

Today I wanted to read a book that Father bought me called Treasure Island. I actually can't believe that Lieutenant Kotler hasn't read it! He thinks he so smart and superior but he obviously isn't. I wanted to go into the living room, but Mother had to talk Lieutenant Kotler. (Yet again!)

So I walked out to the kitchen and I couldn't believe it! I had to blink twice to make sure! It was Shmuel! Seeing my friend, I was actually so happy. I wanted to ask him to play in my room and even do some exploring, but he was polishing Mother's glasses. Now comes the worst part. If only I hadn't ate that chicken! That stupid chicken! Shmuel looked so small and hungry that I offered some to him. I don't know why he was so worried. But anyway, he gobbled it down in three bites, although he really appreciated it. Suddenly, Lieutenant Kotler burst through the door! He had noticed that Shmuel had been eating! Now here comes the part I REALLY regret! Lieutenant Kotler asked me if I knew Shmuel and for some reason I said no. The look on Shmuel's face said that he wouldn't forgive me. I was so sad and full of regret. Why didn't I say yes! I hope that Shmuel can forgive me, I'm so sorry! I hope Lieutenant Kotler isn't too cross, but when I said that I didn't know who Shmuel was he looked quite happy.

I want to return to the fence and play with my friend.

Guiltily signing off,