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Chapter One

Harry was on his bed staring up at the ceiling. It wasn't like he had anything else to do, the Dursleys had left to go out for dinner and Vernon had locked every room except his, the bathroom and the kitchen. So unless he wanted to eat or shower out of boredom, he had nothing to do.

Just as harry was halfway through humming a song he'd heard on Vernon's radio, the doorbell rung, once, twice, then repeatedly for the next ten seconds. Harry, at first wary, was now just sick of the noise and stormed down the steps to confront the extremely impatient person on the other side of the door. He reached the door and ripped it open with an irritated. "WHAT?"

There was nobody there. "For Merlin's sake" Harry huffed about to close the door shut again when a wailing cry stopped him and his head snapped down. There on his doorstep was a baby in a basket a letter tucked into its blankets.

"Huh, déjà vu." Slightly disconcerted by the situation, but not one to leave a crying child, he picked up the basket and brought it inside.

Harry sat staring at the letter in shock, while absentmindedly rocking the basket with his free hand. Dudley had sex, with a girl. A girl not only let Dudley kiss her but they actually had sex. That fat piece of shit, well Harry thought he'd heard everything but apparently not.

So this baby was Dudley's and some girl he'd had sex with, gotten pregnant then she'd decide she couldn't cope and dumped the kid on Dudley. Oh well it wasn't his problem, he'd just look after baby..., Harry glanced at the letter, Ethan until the others came back. At least it would distract him from his thought about Cedric and Voldemort. He picked up the baby and inspected it. Ethan groggily awoke from his snooze and stared fearfully, bright blue eyes filling with tears. Harry seeing what was about to happen rocked him back and forth while making cooing sounds and stroking the matt of soft brown hair. This baby was adorable.

Harry had been pacing up and down the hallway for the past five minutes trying to get Ethan to quiet down. After getting the baby to trust him enough to look after him, harry proceeded to cut and mash fruit to feed him and helped him drink a cup of juice. After that harry had gone up to Dudley's room and taken some old toys for Ethan to play with. He had played peacefully for about an hour before he tripped while unsteadily toddling over to a bouncy ball, the child landed on his front and burst into tears, which had caused the hall pacing.

Ethan's wails had finally died down to cute sniffles when the door banged and Uncle Vernon marched in.

"BOY!" he yelled even though harry was in the same room, this set the child off again.

"Seriously?" Harry moaned while shushing Ethan. Vernon had stopped dad just staring at the baby, his mouth wide open and moving but no sound coming out. Petunia, curious about the noise and why her husband had stopped, slipped past, when her eyes landed on the child in Harry's arms she shrieked, causing Ethan's cries to become louder.

"WHAT IS THAT?" She screeched pointing an accusing finger at the baby.

"Obviously it's a baby" Harry answered as if he was talking to a small child who didn't understand.

"Watch your mouth boy" Vernon growled seemingly gotten hold of himself.

"Whatever" Harry sighed while walking into the kitchen, he placed Ethan into the basket and held it under his left arm, picking up the letter in his right hand. He re-entered the hallway and walked up to Dudley, handing him the letter and petunia the basket Harry turned to go upstairs.

"You'll want to read that, all of you. I'll just go get my old cot from the attic shall I?" With that he raced upstairs to the sound of Vernon's indignant yells, Petunia's shrieks, Dudley's questions and baby Ethan screaming louder than them all.

Half an hour later, Harry sat on his bed staring at the cot he'd just assembled. He wasn't really sure what would happen to little Ethan. Dudley could barely look after himself never mind a one year old, and he doubted his aunt and uncle would take the child in with open arms, considering how much they complained throughout his childhood about how he was such a burden, They definitely wouldn't appreciate this little repeat of history. Harry figured it would be up to him to make sure the child wasn't just abandoned in some alley or forest somewhere (Which knowing his Uncle and Cousin as he did, he knows they'd consider.) Harry went into the linen closet for some covers and blankets to put inside the cot, he then placed in his old dragon teddy. He was reluctant to part with it because Dumbledore said that it was the only thing they had been able to salvage from his nursery that night and send with him. It had been a reminder throughout the neglect and abuse that someone out there loved him. But he was fifteen in a month and the baby needed it more, at least until everything was sorted. The kid would be in his room anyway because he wouldn't leave a goldfish in Dudley's room for fear of its death, let alone a human child.

Once the cot was sorted and his room had been baby proofed, he ventured back downstairs and into the living room where his 'family' were. For once they were all silent, Petunia and Vernon alternating between staring incredulously at Dudley and glancing at the basket atop the coffee table as if it would explode any minute. Dudley himself seemed to be in a state of shock, his gaze fixed only on the baby, the offending letter on the floor next to him. Harry stood in the doorway watching the scene until Ethan, who'd gone to sleep, woke up and sat up looking around at the strange place in fear and suspicious until he spotted harry, who was somewhat familiar. The baby clambered out of the basket and went to climb off the table.

Harry, suspecting what was about to happen, but seeing no one move to prevent it, quickly rushed forward and scooped Ethan up before he toppled over the edge.

"For Merlin's sake, he's only been in this house for about three hours and he' almost been injured"

This statement seemed to knock everyone out of their collective trance and they turned towards the black-haired wizard, Vernon not even reprimanding him on his use of 'Merlin'.

"Well if you're so capable, you look after it" Dudley whined "I don't want to be a dad, I don't even remember this chick, Rose or something I dunno" Harry bounced Ethan while thinking, suddenly he remembered.

"Oh! I know who it was. Judging from Ethan's age it must have been that girl you dated for about three weeks when you were fourteen. She came round quite a few times. Rose Gardener, she always wore like ten bracelets on each arm" By now Ethan had grabbed Harry's fingers and proceeded to chew on them.

"Oh I remember her" His cousin replied, seeming irritated "She just upped and left not a word to anyone, stupid cow"

"I guess this was why" Harry mused, until a sharp bite from the child scarce teeth snapped him out of it. "Right, Aunt Petunia do you still have Dudley's old pram?" Harry asked suddenly.

"Yes it's in the shed, bu-"

"Great! I'll be back in a minute" He interrupted, then handing her the baby, turned and walked out of the room.

Ten minutes later Harry walked back in with a now clean pram. Petunia was sat awkwardly holding Ethan, looking torn between letting him wander around her pristine sitting room (Which Harry cleaned) or keeping hold and having the child cry. Seeing the infant squirm Harry plucked him from his Aunt's arms and buckled him into the pram.

"Alright I'm going to the shop for baby supplies, I'll need about twenty quid" Harry stated waiting for his uncle to fish out his wallet. Unfortunately the man was stubborn.

"You actually think I'm going to hand over twenty pounds? Well you've got another thing coming boy!" His uncle spluttered Harry rolled his eyes.

"Dudley got £40 trainers last week. All I'm asking is £20 to sustain a life" Harry said coldly. He stared at Vernon, his emerald eyes flashing in anger. Vernon, spooked by the magic he see, quickly shoved the note into the teen's hand and slammed the door behind the duo.

Harry blew out a breath of relief and pushed the money into his jean pocket.

"Alright kid, I'm not sure how long you'll be here for, but I'll get as much as I can with this twenty" Harry said addressing the child in front of him "And maybe after we've dropped the shopping off, I'll take you to the park, okay?" He said as if the child would answer him. To be honest he didn't know if Ethan could talk or not, if he could he hadn't said anything yet, Harry had seen that he'd only recently learnt to walk judging by the unsteadiness of his steps.

Harry sung softly to his little companion as they walked into town, chuckling occasionally at his antics. When the reached the nearest supermarket Harry fished in his pocket for the list he'd made in the kitchen and the twenty pounds. He looked down at the brown hair, ruffled it then strolled into the shop completely ignoring the looks he got. He was used to them anyway.

Two hours later and having run out of money, with his last pound Harry bought a lolly for himself and a packet of Milky Buttons for Ethan. He was sat on a bench, the pram loaded with bags and it's previous occupant perched on his lap happily being fed his chocolate. He'd had to ask around a lot when they were shopping and received disapproving looks and comments from people thinking he was an inexperienced teen father. Harry had just ignored them knowing his idiot cousin owed him. Once the baby had finished the packet and harry had popped a button into his own mouth, he stood up and propping the child on his hip pushed the pram forwards with his free hand, slowly making his way back to the house.

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