Eternal ray of Hope

By Miss P

Summary: Visions of a woman instead of the darkness Mencheres saw, leads him to believe that maybe Patra has finally forgiven him.
Is he wrong? And what will the consequences of his actions be?
Mencheres/Patra (and a little Kira at the end)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters

A/N: This story starts out after Mencheres summoned the wraiths, but I've changed the story from there,
making the road that will eventually lead him to Kira a little more twisted and painful.



Cat was staring at the wraiths in front of them, listening with grim satisfaction as Patra was screaming for help as they kept on torturing her. She was so focused on the scene that she didn't pay any attention to screams coming from outside of the building. It wasn't until Juan came rushing into the room saying something that was drowned by the horrifying screams from Patra that she realized something was wrong. She gave him a questioning look, and he repeated the words.

"There is something wrong with Mencheres," Juan had to yell to be heard. "He is… I don't know, he just collapsed and he's screaming," Juan threw a look at Patra and then back at Cat. "In fact it looks like he's in just as much pain as she is."

Bones's eyes had widened as he listened. "Charles, go."

Spade was gone even before Bones had finished speaking, Ian and Juan following him. When they stepped out of the building, the screams were the first thing they heard, and seconds later they found Mencheres collapsed on the ground, thrashing and screaming as blood ran from his eyes and mouth.

Spade and Ian was by his side in a blur of motions. "Can you hear me?" Spade demanded. "Mencheres?"

It didn't seem like the master vampire was even aware of Spade shaking him, and it was then Spade understood. The same mindless panic he'd seen in Patra's eyes was also in Mencheres's, and the pain seemed to be just as awful. "She's doing this, I don't know how but it has to be stopped."

"Send them away," Ian added, grabbing Mencheres and shaking him violently. "You have to send the wraiths away or they will kill you too. Do you hear me?" he shouted.

"Ian stop, you're making it worse if you shake him like that," Spade snapped. "Inform Crispin, go!" He almost shoved Ian aside.

Minutes that seemed to go on forever went by, but suddenly Mencheres's screams slowly turned into hoarse moans and his body went still.

"Crispin is holding the wraiths back," Spade said to no one in particular. Then he turned to Mencheres. "Can you hear me now?"

"Yes," he breathed. "I can hear you."

"You have to send the wraiths away. I don't know for how long Crispin can restrain them, they are going to kill you."

"Patra must have done something for it to be used against me," he whispered.

Spade nodded grimly. "What do you need to do?"

"Give me a knife, not silver." Mencheres said. Spade tried to ignore how weak his sires voice was and grabbed one of his knives and held it out for Mencheres to take. But Mencheres could barely move his arm, and as the knife fell from his hand Spade wanted to scream. How would Mencheres find the strength to perform yet another round of black magic when he could barely move?

Mencheres seemed to know what he was thinking. "Just give me a few minutes."

"We don't have that much time, tell me what to do."

"Stab me in the heart and then twist the knife."

For a few seconds, Spade hesitated, but then he grabbed the knife and shoved it into Mencheres's heart with perfect accuracy. Then he twisted the metal, watching as Mencheres seemed to be struggling to overcome the pain that Spade felt coursing through him as well, though in much smaller dosages. There were no shields around Mencheres now, and as he moved to sit up, Spade wished there had been.

Agony shot though his entire body but Mencheres managed to keep moving. Trying to ignore the pain, he used all of his remaining strength to grab the knife and making a sharp twist once more. More blood flowed from the open wound, coating the ground red around him. Then he started to speak in a voice so raw that Spade began to worry.
He didn't understand the language, but he was sure that whatever Mencheres was saying, it was needed to end the ritual and send the wraiths back without having them fulfilling their purpose. What if Mencheres was unable to do it?

Seeing his sire so weakened worried Spade. He knew that Mencheres was going through hell with that knife twisted in his heart, but it shouldn't have weakened him so much. Was it the wraiths? Could they still be affecting him even when withheld? Or was his condition just a lingering effect of what they'd had done to him before Crispin had stopped them?

Before Spade could dig deeper into his thoughts, something whooshed by him and then Ian came to a stop next to him. "Whatever Mencheres is doing," he threw a quick look at his sire, then back at Spade. "The wraiths aren't happy."

"What are you saying?"

"Crispin can't hold them, they're whipping around like crazy up there, can't you hear her scream?"

Spade hadn't paid any attention to the abandoned hotel, but when Ian pointed it out, he could hear Patra's screams starting up again.

"Bloody hell," he mumbled. "This is bad."

Ian snorted. "Tell me something I don't know."

Just as Ian said it, Mencheres let out a high roar. Spade and Ian stared at him in horror as his whole body had begun to shake again. His struggle to keep the sitting posture and to go on speaking the words that would end this torture was so clear that it made Spade wince with sympathy and dread. Even Ian seemed to be sharing his sires' pain as he kept on staring at the scene playing out in front of them.

The minutes that dragged by seemed to go on forever, but then suddenly everything went still. The screams from the hotel died down and Mencheres seemed to melt there he sat. The knife was still buried in his heart as he lay unconscious, small ripples of lingering pain still going through his body the only indicator of him still being alive.

Spade sat next to Mencheres, trying to listen for any signs of struggle coming from the hotel. If the wraiths were gone, it meant Patra was no longer distracted by them. Had Crispin killed her, or had she… Spade didn't want to see that thought through. Instead he turned his full attention to Mencheres, carefully sliding the knife out freeing him at last.

"If I never have to stab you like that again, it will be too soon," he muttered, shaking his head at how wrong everything had turned out. "I'm sorry."

"Do not apologize," Spade barely heard Mencheres's low whisper, but the faint words made him smile in relief.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I have been run over by a buss," Mencheres almost smiled at the choice of words. "Too bad Cat was not here to hear that modern analogy."

"Who said I wasn't?"

Spade's smile grew wider as he spotted Cat and Bones on their way up to them.

"Glad to hear you're alive Mencheres," she went on, and actually meant it.

"Patra?" Mencheres asked, moving to sit up. It surprised him to realize that after everything that had happened, she was still the one he thought of. Was she dead? Shouldn't he have somehow felt it if she was? But then again, he had been distracted, to say the least.

Bones shot him a pointed look, and Mencheres realized how he must have interpreted his question.

"Still alive. Bloody sod got away."

Mencheres couldn't stop the feeling of relief that filled him, but then he sighed as he realized the stupidity of the emotion. He met his co-ruler's eyes. "I did not plan for this to happen. I honestly had no idea of what she had planned."

Bones nodded. "I believe you, grandsire," he paused shaking his head. "But I can feel your relief. And it makes me want to shove that knife right back into your heart," he said not even trying to hide the annoyance in his voice.

Mencheres closed his eyes, taking a moment to pull himself together before once again meeting Bones's now cold gaze. "What I feel does not matter, as long as I do not act upon it. And I did not."

"Okay guys, now is not the right time to fight over this," Cat cut Bones off before he could say anything more. "Mencheres, I can't believe you'd still feel for that… bitch, but I guess even you can't be perfect. Bones, come on it's time to get the hell out of here."

"Cat is right," Spade agreed. "We should go."

"Alright, Kitten lets go. Charles, Ian." Bones and Cat started to leave, along with the rest of the team, not even bothering to check and see if Mencheres followed.

Spade lingered, giving the Egyptian vampire a look of empathy as he finally got back up on his feet. "You do realize that Patra's survival will only cause us more trouble."

"I do know that."

"She won't stop now; I believe this will only give her more reasons to plot against us. It's just a matter of time before she strikes again."


To be continued