Chapter eight

The ghouls grinned at how helpless Mencheres was and the shouts and groans coming from him only made them cut deeper into his flesh. They were wrong of course. Mencheres was holding back, wanting the ghouls to kill him as an excuse for leaving this world. Thoughts drifted to Patra. Would she still hate him, even in their afterlife? Or did the visions hint of something different awaiting him once he was gone? Something he had wanted for his entire existence?

"Are you inexperienced, or is this simply the best you can do?" Mencheres wanted the ghouls to hurry up, to stop the torture and just get it over with. The ghoul growled in anger, digging the knife deep into Mencheres's thigh as a response to his taunt. Mencheres screamed, both for effect, and with true agony.

"Stop! Get away from him!"

Mencheres's head snapped up to stare at a human of all things, standing in the doorway of the warehouse with a gun pointed at the ghoul.

"I'll shoot," she warned again.

The ghoul moved away from Mencheres and the human girl gasped out loud at seeing him covered in blood and deep gaping wounds that hadn't had time to heal.

"Leave at once, you do not remember seeing any of this," his eyes flashed green at the woman, but she didn't obey as he'd thought she would.

The ghoul grinned as he moved in on the girl. Mencheres knew she was about to get killed. He shouldn't care, all he wanted was for the ghouls to finish him, the girl was just another human that meant nothing to him. But she had tried to save him, he couldn't let her die because of that. Against his better judgment, he made a quick decision.

Mencheres's power blasted from him in strong waves, the ropes he had been tied with whipped around like snakes, the ghoul's heads torn off of their bodies with only a flicker of the vampire's mind.

Before the human could even begin to scream, Mencheres was in front of her, green blazing from his eyes as he tried mesmerizing her a second time. "You do not remember being here, you will go home and…"

He was cut off.

"But you were… you're bleeding, you have to…" she gasped as Mencheres grabbed her.

"You are immune to my powers." He stated to no one in particular.

"What?" She shook her head as if to clear it. Then she stared up at Mencheres's face. Her eyes met his and for a moment as Mencheres looked into her eyes it felt like the time had stopped. A trembling hand reached out to touch his chest where one of the cuts had been. Now all that remained was blood, and there was a lot of it.

"I don't understand," she whispered. "You were hurt and now…"

Mencheres took her hand to move it away from his body. He didn't like feeling it there, it brought back too many, too painful memories.

But as her hand came in contact with his, a feeling of clarity shot through him like a bolt of electricity and he knew it without a doubt. He didn't need to see the face in the visions he'd had repeatedly to know that this human was the woman he had loved. The woman who had loved him.

As if burned Mencheres dropped her hand and almost shoved her away. The woman stumbled backward from the sudden movement but managed to regain her balance before she fell.

"It is not possible. It can not be her," Mencheres thought out loud, staring at girl as if seeing her for the first time.

"I'm…" she stared. "I uh… shouldn't have come, I'll leave and don't worry I won't say anything to anyone, I promise," she started to back away from him. Mencheres didn't blame her. With the way he was acting, the poor girl must be terrified.

"I can not let you go," he said before even giving himself time to think it through. But as he said it, he knew it was true. She had seen too much to be allowed to tell anyone about it. She would have to come with him, until he could find a way to make her forget everything about vampires and… him.

Mencheres heard the screeching sound of a car braking too hard followed by footsteps running in their direction. The police, he realized. Before the human could even begin to run, Mencheres had her gripped in his arms and right before the police entered the warehouse they were shooting through the morning sky like a bullet fired from a gun.

"Do not fear," Mencheres tried to soothe her while zipping through the air high above the rooftops. "Everything is going to be alright." For a brief moment he wondered if it was really her he tried to reassure, or himself. For once he didn't know what the future would bring, and it made him uncomfortable. Except from the strange vision of a human he now had gripped tightly in his arms, there had been nothing else.

He had been so close to leaving this world when his plans had been interrupted, and maybe he would get a second chance once he had deleted the human's memories.

But the question was, would he want that other chance if it came?

The End

A/N: So that's it! As I promised, a little bit of Kira in the end. Hope you've enjoyed this story, and thank you all for the revives!