Story discontinued.

I apologize to those of you who had been waiting so very, very patiently for the sequel to CDC, but I just... I don't have any inspiration for it at all. I've had an offer for someone to adopt it, though, so if that happens I'll be sure and mention who picked it up and where to find it, but for now I won't be continuing it.

I may come back to it some day, spontaneously and without warning (as I do all things in life), but that day won't be soon.

I'll still be posting things, other little stories most likely, but this one... I'm at a loss.

Again, I apologize most profusely. Several of you have sent me PMs asking about the sequel, and I've told the truth there, but I figured it was about time to put it up on the actual story for the newcomers.

Don't give up hope, though! There are lots of other stories out there to find and to read (a great deal of which are far, far better than mine), with more dependable authors who don't wind up losing inspiration in between books.

I love you all, and if it were possible I'd give you all big bear hugs because you're awesome and I'm an emotional person who likes to hug people.