Hi! This is my new story. Further context should be explained throughout the chapters but the year is 1978 and it is kind of based on the Grease the next generation idea. Hope you enjoy!

ding ding dong.

"Good morning boys and girls and welcome to what we're sure will be our greatest year at Rydell. A Pep Rally will be held this Friday night and we expect all of you to turn up to support our Rydell Rangers. Our final announcement for this morning is one from me. I have been the head teacher here at Rydell for thirty years now and I feel that once this year ends, it is time to pass the Rydell baton onto another teacher, whilst I take my long awaited retirement. Therefore, this will be my final year teaching at Rydell, so let's make it the best year ever!"

ding ding dong.

"Great, so when we finally leave this place, the old lady decides to quit" muttered Nicky' Rizzo to his best friend Tommy, as both puffed away on their cigarettes. The boys sat wearing black leather jackets in the corner of their homeroom class on the first day of school. They were surrounded by their three other close friends; Carl, Martin and Gary. Together, these five boys formed a gang known as the 'T-Birds'.

The 'T-Birds' were one of the groups at Rydell that were older than time. They were first formed by another group of five when they started Rydell in the 1950s, and the tradition of a new group taking the honor in their junior year had continued on and on, at least until 1978.

These new 'T-Birds' were now in their senior year of high school, and planned to take the honor of the T-birds through with them till their year was over and they had to hang up their leather jackets for good.

"So, how much action did you guys get over the summer?" Carl asked eagerly.

"More than you three idiots put together" Nicky replied, his deep voice filling the air. Nicky was a tough, sarcastic and rude 17 (nearly 18) year old, with bright blue eyes and light brown hair. He was tall, nearly 6 ft 2, with a muscular body.

"Can I have your attention please class!" Miss. Stewart called out to the class in her home room. "Can I please have your attention!" she begged.

"No!" Tommy turned around to shout at Miss Stewart.

"May I introduce to you Miss..." She began, indicating for the new student to continue.

"Zuko. Lori Zuko." She announced. Lori had blonde hair that was kept in a stylish perm, what one would expect from a fashionable girl in the '70s. Her piercing blue eyes were familiar to Nicky', as if he'd seen them somewhere before. The grin that was plastered on her face was just as familiar. She wore a tight leather skirt with a leather jacket covering her shoulders.

Nicky pulled a cigarette out from behind his ear. "Now she is hot" he told his group. They all mumbled their agreements, unable to take their eyes off of the new girl whilst she walked towards the clique known as the 'Pink Ladies', who gladly welcomed the confident girl.

The bell rang through the halls, indicating that the first class was about to start.

"Right, time to get up. What you got first?" Tommy asked as he strolled out of the hallways, winking at the various girls that caught his eye.

"Gym" Nicky spoke.

"You going to go?" Tommy asked, looking his best friend in the eye. Both burst out laughing at the stupidity of this suggestion: Why would they attend Gym? What a waste of time.

"Might as well, showed up to homeroom might as well show up to first lesson. Especially if she's going to be there." He motioned his head towards Lori.

"Right man, see you later" He said as he strutted sideways to his next class.

Nicky followed Lori down towards the Gym, unable to take his eyes off of her.

"Hi Nicky!" A voice called to him. He turned around to find a girl with dark brown hair that was held in a perm like Lori's was. Somehow, the style looked better on Lori.

"Hi Georgie" He smiled at the girl, but really he wanted to see Lori again. Georgina Jackson was the leader of the pink ladies, however if you called her Georgina, she would attack you, so it was always best to call her Georgie. She was pretty and flirty, but a little too desperate. After a brief fling with Nicky over a year ago, Georgie had become almost obsessed with him. Nicky on the other hand didn't care. He was young, he enjoyed being free. Whilst Georgie was pretty good in bed, he liked that it wasn't her he always had to sleep with. He just didn't care for her, and nor did his mother. Not that he actually cared what she thought.

"So, you do anything fun this summer?" She asked, running her fingers over hisn chest in a flirtatious manner.

"Not really, got myself a car though" He smirked, his eyes leaving Lori as she turned the corner.

"Oh? Well what you got now?" She asked.

"Gym" He told her.

"Shame, I've got Calculus. But I think I could skip it if you want me to"

"I've got to go, Georgie" He said, pushing her off of her and walking towards the Gym.

Lori was in there, sitting oh so comfortably in her outfit. She sat with confidence, a stroke of pride, however she sat alone not knowing anyone. Josie McGuiness, head cheerleader and possibly the most irritating girl in the entire world skipped up to her.

"Hi! I'm Josie, you must be knew and hardly know anyone! Oh, don't worry I'm sure we'll be such good friends! I hope you come to the pep rally this friday night. We need to up our school spirit. Oh and you should definitely come to cheerleader tryouts! Oh it will be great fun! All you need is a positive attitude and your on board" She squeaked.

"No thanks, I have plans for this friday evening" She told her, the thick Australian accent filling the air. Nicky went and took a seat next to the stunning blonde.

"Oh, what a shame. The next Pep Rally however we definitely need your presence for!" She smiled before bombarding her with questions. "So where are you from? Do you like it here at Rydell? What are you doing on Friday night?"

"I'm from Sydney, Australia, Rydell's alright and on Friday night I'm..." She began, but her tone of voice suggested she was unable to think of a lie to make this girl shut up.

"She's going out with me" Nicky interrupted.

"Really? Where are you two going?" the too cheery girl asked.

"He's surprising me" Lori played along.

"Oh, well have fun! But try to come along to the Pep Rally if you get a chance! We always need more support!" She said skipping off to her group of cheerleaders.

"Thanks" Lori smiled flicking her hair.

"No problem, I'm Nicky" He smiled smugly.

"Lori" She told him.

"Attention seniors, Boys changing rooms over there, girls are over there. Get changed and start on the track. NOW!" Coach Canyon shouted.

"So, what time you picking me up on Friday? Lori asked, standing preparing to head to the changing room.

"What do you mean?" Nicky asked confused.

"You said you were taking me out"

"Oh. Well, seven then?" He offered.

"Sounds good to me" Lori said, going to the changing room and disappearing from view.

The rest of the day passed quickly, and soon enough Nicky and Tommy were climbing in to Nicky's car.

"This is the car you spent most of the summer saving for? Nick, it is a piece of crap!" Martin told him.

"It's not done yet!" Nicky said, whilst the car pulled out of the parking lot.

"I'd hope it's not! But when this thing is done, it is going to be a real babe magnet!" Carl exclaimed.

"Yeah, well it looks like this and I already got a girl for friday night" Nicky informed him.

"Who? What girl would go out with a guy with a car like this?" Gary asked, earning a punch in the arm from Tommy.

"Now come on, none of you even got anything to drive in. So, who's the girl?" Tommy asked.

"umm, Lori" Nicky told them.

"Lori?" Carl asked astonished.

"Yeah, the new girl. Whats it to you?" Nicky asked.

"Nothing, just surprised you got her so quickly."

"She seems fun" Nicky replied.

"Bet she'll be great in bed" Gary's voice trailed out.

"We're here losers" Nicky announced, pulling the keys out of the engine as the gang pulled up to the Burger Palace.

"And look who else is" Tommy said motioning his head over to a group of girls in pink and one in black.

"Don't say or do anything stupid" Nicky warned his friends, except Tommy who was far too cool to do anything stupid like the rest.

"Whatever you say man, whatever you say..."

"I'm home" Nicky called as he entered his house.

"Nick? Is that you? Come in here a minute, there is some one I would like you to meet" His mother shouted calmly back.

Nicky walked into the room, to be greeted by a familiar looking blonde woman. She looked to be about his mother's age, so nearly forty and had soft blue eyes.

"This is Sandy Zuko, Sandy, this is my son Nicholas Rizzo" she introduced him, though Nicky winced at the name.

"It's nice to meet you Nicholas" Sandy smiled, giving out her hand.

"It's Nicky please, It's nice to meet you too Mrs. Zuko" He told her.

"So I hear you're a senior in Rydell? My daughter, Lori just started there today"

"Really?" Nicky asked,suddenly remembering where Sandy was so familiar from. "I've met her she seems nice"

"Can you give us a minuet" His mother suddenly turned to him, the look in her eye showing a mix of joy, nervousness and sadness.

"Of course" He told her, walking into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Once his toast and glass of coke where both finally made, he strolled out of the kitchen walking past the lounge on his way up the stairs.

"Does he know his father?" Mrs. Olsen asked his mother.

"No" His mother quietly stated.

"Does his father know of him?"

"No, Sandy and I really don't appreciate this. We're fine as we are. He is a good kid and with or without his father that won't change!" His mother shouted, tears nearly streaming down her face.

"Well, I am just saying that it is obvious who his father is. No question about it" Sandy replied.

"Fine. But let's just keep this between you and me for now okay?" Rizzo offered.

"Of course. But eventually, Danny will find out and word will get back to him" She reminded.

"It's been nearly eighteen years. No one can do anything about it anymore"

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry if it seems really badly written. Will try to update as frequently as possible but until July (exams) updates will be less frequent than hoped, maybe one a monthish, but will try for a couple.


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