I really like Johnny/OC stories. My only problem is, I can't find any I find satisfactory. So, I decided to write one myself.

The chapters will be roughly about 2000 words, often longer, but never more than 3000. This ensures that I can update more often because, well, that's just a really good length for me.

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was! It'd been raining cats and dogs constantly for days and lightning flicked across the sky with only seconds in between.

Teresa Von Doom walked at a swift pace down the long dark halls and corridors of the building, once owned by her brother. Once.

Victor had been killed less than a month ago, by the hands of the fantastic four. His company now belonged to Teresa.

She went down another hall, the furious lightning outside being her only means of light. Victor had given her one last mission. One last thing to do, something she was more than willing to go through with, in order to avenge her dead brother.

He had been planning this for months, even before he was captured by the Fantastic four the first time. A small chip had been placed in his body, so if he died, she would be informed immediately. If he died, she was to finish the job for him. Finish what he had started.

And so, the last words she ever heard from her brother was after his death, in the form of a small communication device, saying, "Activate Plan R."

'R' for 'revenge', she remembered. She had always thought it was an incredibly stupid name, but Victor had always been so dramatic.

She opened a door continuing down the stairs, leading to the underground labs, just as the overwhelming sound of the roaring thunder reached its absolute highest peak.

She stopped in front of a heavy metal door, which had a sign that said "DO NOT ENTER. DANGER OF RADIATION"

This was, of course, a lie, invented to keep people out of there. She tapped in the password on the panel next to the door and it opened soundlessly.

Inside it was completely black and smell terribly of sweat and dirty human.

She heard the whimpers of a young woman and lacily flicked on the lights.

Inside was a young woman, no older than twenty five, lying on the ground, behind bars. A half eaten meal, consisting of bread and dry meat was next to her, as well as a pitcher, half filled with water. She looked positively miserable as she lay there, on the ground, greasy haired and dirty.

"I have a job for you, my little pawn."

"Terrible weather we're having." Sue wrapped her arms around herself, as she looked out over New York. Ben grunted in agreement.

She turned around as sat down at the table again, sipping distractedly at her morning coffee. Reed was not paying any attention to his breakfast, as he was looking at the documents that filled half of the table. Johnny was wolfing down several pancakes at once and Ben was drinking orange juice from a metal bowl. A typical morning at the Baxter Building.

This was, however spoiled, when someone barged through the front door.

The four super humans jumped from their seats, all wondering why someone would barge in with no appointment, warning or even knocking before entering.

Around the corner came a woman. She was in terrible condition, what with her tangled and greasy hair hanging in her eyes and her dirty skin, worn clothes and slumped, skinny figure. She was breathing heavily and angrily, a crazed look in her eyes, which made her look possessed.

She opened her mouth and croaked out a single word.

"You." She pointed weakly at Reed, her arm shaking from the effort.

"You!" she said again, this time louder and more shrilly. The four people, all standing around the table looked at her in confusion and shock.

"YOU!" she shrieked, her voice high pitched, and she lounged at Reed.

Everyone set in motion immediately.

Reed took a step back in shock, Sue created a force field between him and the crazed girl, Johnny prepared himself for throwing flame balls at her, if necessary, and Ben grabbed hold of her arms, careful not to break anything, but still firmly holding her in place.

She cried and screamed, as she tried to get out if his grip.

"You ruined me! This is ALL your fault! YOU turned ME into a monster!" She breathed so hard, she looked like she was going to faint and soon she went limp in Bens arms. Before this, Reed had noticed that she was completely dry, even though she obviously came from outside. Actually, she looked like she hadn't had a bath or touched water for years. As she trashed in Bens grip, something strange happened. At first it looked like she was simply sweating from the effort of freeing herself, but within seconds, water was dripping from her, soaking the ground beneath her and sending the water everywhere, as she trashed her arms and legs around. Soon it was very clear that the water came from within her.

She started sobbing and crying miserably and the tears gathered in her eyes. But as soon as they hit her cheeks, her skin simply absorbed them again, leaving no trace, of there ever being any tears.

This did not go unnoticed by Reed or Sue.

She let out a weak whimper and went still in Bens arms.

He put her on the floor and for several minutes, nobody said anything, all processing what had just happened.

"What... the.. hell?" Johnny broke the silence.

Nobody answered. While everybody else had been starring dumbly at the girl, Reed had been thinking about the strange way water acted around her. He grabbed a glass of water from their forgotten breakfast table and went over to the unconscious girl.

"Reed!" Sue hissed, "What are you doing!"

"I just want to check something." He reassured her as her crouched down next to the girl. He removed the hair from her face and tipped the glass, pouring water on her.

Everyone gasped. As soon as the water made contact with her skin it disappeared, as if her skin was absorbing it.

"That's freaky." Johnny concluded, tentatively shuffling closer to see what happened to the water.

"Guys, I don't want to draw any conclusions," Reed began, "But it looks like we aren't the only people in the city who has special abilities.."

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