We'll stay forever this way. You are safe in my heart, and My Heart Will Go On. . .

I've been using FanFiction for a while now, a number of years in fact, and I've written quite a few stories, mostly for Titanic. Some either have no reviews, and some have maybe 7 reviews to about 18 reviews at most... but this story took off in a way i could have never expected!

Believe it or not, i wrote the first chapter of this story to be a one shot, just kinda showing the flirtyness of the lunch scene with Thomas and rose. I honestly did not intend for the story to become 25 chapters long! 25 CHAPTERS! Aaaaaaaaah! To some of you that may not seem like much, but to me it's a lot! I've never actually completed a story, so writing and completing this one meant a lot to me.

When I saw the sudden jump in reviews after the first night of it being up, i realized how in love with the rose/Thomas pairing the Titanic community is. I love them as a couple, and the more i thought about it, the more i thought, "well, why don't i just write a full fic?" ... and im so glad i did!

I have had some of the most loyal and kind and helpful reviewers that any writer could ever ask for, and they kept me going. During the middle of this story, some personal issues in my life occurred, but this story and focussing on pleasing my fans and readers honestly kept me going, and for that i thank you all.

The story itself has had some HIGHS, including a French writer asking my permission to translate the story into French to show his French friends and classmates in his writing class, and the link to my story being shared on COUNTLESS Tumblr pages and Thomas/Rose blogs! I couldn't believe there were people reading it who didn't even use fanfiction, so really, i don't have any idea how many readers it has had exactly!

And then the LOWS, the reviews saying that my story was sounding "rushed" at points, and personally i never thought it felt rushed, but summing up 2 hours and 40 minutes and sinking ship scenes PLUS dialogue to help drive the action and plot forward isn't the easiest task. Also, there was a small incident involving some possible plagiarism... the theft of my story's content... but we wont dwell on that.

In the end, i took every criticism on board (hahaha, on board, d'ya get it?) and i tried to improve my next chapter. At the end of the day, what you guys said meant a lot to me, and i always listened to you guys and tried my best to follow your advice, and your compliments always warmed my heart and made me feel confident about my writing skills.

I always used to just write for a hobby, scribbling plot ideas and stories down on paper... but no one could read them if they lay under my bed and gathered dust, so discovering ' ' was a big step for me! I didn't know my writing could be loved and admired by so many people. I'm only 16, SOON TO BE 17 ON THE 16TH OF JULY! :D ... but yeah, The amount of reviews is ridiculous... and not to brag, but it's one of the most reviewed TITANIC stories on FF, and it's THE MOST reviewed Thomas/Rose story on FF... so yeah, #proud! :D

I never knew my story would snowball into something so huge, but it did, and its thanks to all of you that it did! My friends are so proud of me for being this well known titanic author, and my family think its brilliant that im doing what i love for fun and for free, and to please my fans and fellow writers and readers!

I was quite emotional when finishing this story, because it had taken up quite a chunk of my year, and i grew attached to the characters and the plot... but like Rose had to let go of Thomas, I must let go of this story and finally press the "COMPLETE" button, for this story is no longer a work in progress... The End.

Although... don't think that this is the last Thomas/Rose story from me... because i dunno... the general vibe i feel is that i should do another... we'll see ;)

There will be MANY more stories to come, and hopefully my fans will stay as loyal. But for now, im gonna actually READ some fanfics, because ive not done that in a while... bye guys, take care, thank you, and with all my love i leave you with this story, "The Irishman's Young Rose."

Just because it's finished, it doesn't mean it's over. Feel free to drop by and read it any time! 3


Patrick Verona's Cougar - You helped me get used to the site and its people when i was the newbie. You were always there for a chat, and you told me about the linking of my story on Tumblr and the potential plagiarism. Thank you for being my guide, my mentor, my fellow Scot, but also... my friend.

CatalynMJ88 – Thank you for giving the most in depth and complimentary reviews. You boosted my confidence when i needed a boost most. You always made me feel that i was doing something right, and seeing that you had reviewed always put a smile on my face. Its for people like you that i write.

Nofal – Thank you for translating my story. It means a lot to me that someone from another country liked it enough to want to share it with his fellow French friends. I've looked at it and it is looking brilliant. Well done with the translation, and thank you for crediting me! Feel free to message me anytime!

And thanks to everyone else! 3