Death carefully lowered the sleeping woman into the River; the River of The Forgotten. The expression on his face was one of sadness, anger, and resignation. He had truly loved this woman, but Fate had ordered she be taken to the River to be reincarnated. No one questioned Fate.

When Death had received the news, his face turned into a glower. Fate had chuckled. "I know how you feel… but you must be patient. This soul is not at Peace. I understand your feelings, but you must consider the soul above all else. That is your duty after all; to help souls reach peace. Perhaps you shall see her in her next life. Who knows; she might be your Fated!" the sexless voice of Fate had a tone of superiority about it.

"yes, master." Death had said, ashamed. It was true; this woman had distracted him from his calling, and he, in his weakness, had damaged her soul to the point where it needed to be shed of its own identity and take on a new life.

Death stroked the woman's cheek, earning an unconscious smile. He smiled ruefully. Already, her form was falling away from her, much like paper in water. The memories, perceptions, emotions from her old life where washed away, leaving a beautiful round orb of light; the True Soul.

Death had expected his attachment to this soul to melt away with her old persona, but it didn't. If anything, he felt more attached to this new soul than before.

Death wandered out of the cavern the river flowed through, to a clearing of sorts. The moon shone brightly in the midnight sky, the stars twinkling at him. He carefully walked to the center of the clearing, to a small alter, where he would realize to soul into her new life.

He had done this many times; he shouldn't have felt sadness over this particular soul. Everything was as it should be. And, clinging to that thought, he threw the light into the air. In the sky, the sphere of light took on the form of a small infant, with light blonde hair, a buttoned nose, and pale skin.

Then, in an instant, the soul was gone, born into her new body. Death sighed, looked into the direction the soul had vanished to, and followed. I am getting myself into such trouble.

Meanwhile in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the year 1995, a woman named Margot James gave birth to a girl. A girl with white-blonde and a buttoned nose. As the young mother nursed her daughter, she thought to herself, what shall I name this angel? Suddenly, a voice filled her ears, quiet as a whisper, and said softly,