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Chapter 1: Introducing the Mission

Line Break


A boy with pure white hair and radioactive green eyes in a black jumpsuit with a white belt, white boots, white collar, and white gloves with an insignia of a P in a D phased through his room wall and plopped down on his bed. His bed was a simple twin with a light blue comforter that had a NASA rocket on it. The icy blue rooms were covered in spaceship blueprints and posters.

Two blue-white rings formed around his waist turning his raven black, his eyes to an icy blue, his jumpsuit into normal teen clothing: blue jeans and a red and white tee-shirt. Danny had just gotten back from a run-in with Klemper. God he was annoying! And, it was past curfew.

Groaning, and still as Fenton, Danny phased through the second floor, invisibly, flew to the front door, solidified, and entered. His parents stood there. His mom was in her usual, teal jumpsuit with red googles, which were currently covering her eyes; and his dad was in his normal orange and black jumpsuit. Both had there arms crossed.

"Danny, your late again!" His mother, Maddie, pointed out. Danny closed the door behind him and walked to stand in front of his parents. He hung his head in fake shame.

"I know, and I'm sorry. Can I go upstairs, now?" The Halfa gave pleading eyes to his parents. "Please?"

His father glared at him. "No, son. You may not. You have chores to do!" Danny's eyes went back into his head. Were they really making him do chores? It was a freakin' school night!

"But it's, like, ten-thirty!" He complained. His mom pointed a finger at him.

"And it's your fault you're late. Now, the dishes need to be cleaned!" Maddie ordered.

"But–" He tried to say, but then stopped. He couldn't tell them he was a ghost boy. Heck, he couldn't even tell them he knew the ghost boy. After all, his parents were the best ghost hunters of all time. Eh… some people might not agree with that, but, still!

Realizing he couldn't protest, an angry Danny stomped off towards the kitchen. He had dishes to do.

Grabbing the first dish, Danny turned it intangible. The icky stuff fell into the garbage disposal, almost making it down.

The room suddenly got a blueish hugh, making it all seem time-less.

Danny reached a hand up to the time medallion on his neck and smiled. "Clockwork!" He said, turning around to face the robed ghost.

His guardian grinned, knowing Daniel would do what he. "Hello, Danny," he greeted.

"What are you– It's another mission, ain't it?"

Clockwork nodded.

Without a second thought, Danny said, "I'm in."


Eyes wide, Danny watched the scene before him. Clockwork was letting him watch in another universe's past…

A young boy in horrid, unrecognizable colored clothes was riding a mammoth-like animal with arrow markings. His eyes grew more fear-ridden when he saw the two fall into the black water of the storm and not rise out…

"What is this?" He asked.

"The place I am sending you, only 100 years in the future of this event. The boy, Aang, is an elemental master; he just needs training. I'm sending you to help him. Think you can handle that?"

"You bet!"

"Then, I'm setting you on a ship they…explore. Be ready, young Phantom, for more then just his destiny is what you must assist with."

"What the hell does that mean?" Danny asked, very confused.

Clockwork just smirked and pressed a button on his time staff. "You ready?"


"Get set…" Clockwork rarely got to have fun, this was a golden opportunity!

"Don't, Clockwork…"

"Go," and he sent the boy off to the fire nation's ship.


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