o'o xoxAmu's Povxox o'o

Hi! This is Hinamori Amu! I'm married to my husband, Tsukiyomi Ikuto! We have known each other for a long he's 3 years older than me but that doesn't mean I can't love loves me for me and not as someone I'm not.I will tell you how we met and the obstacles we had to it weren't for him I don't even want to know.


(Still Amu's Pov)

I was standing outside on my night was clear with no clouds in the sky.I could see every little star twinkling in the sky.I loved nights like this because they reminded me of was the person I really loved but I didn't know that until after he day would pass by and I would always wonder why I felt so I was a bit glad and sad when he that one night when I couldn't sleep was when I realized I loved him.I broke down into tears and that's how I fell asleep.

I looked up at the night sky and saw a shooting eyes glittered with sparkles and I quickly folded my hands,closed my eyes and made a wish.'I wish I would have the best birthday ever and get to see Ikuto...just one more time.' I opened my eyes and saw my Chara egg move then stop.I thought it was my imagination so I shrugged it off.

I wondered when my new Chara egg would hatch.I had her for 4 years ever since I realized I loved since then she only moved in her egg but she never once was a purple egg with white crosses on it just like my other charas.'Amu.' I quickly turned around towards a nearby tree but saw nothing or no one.I thought it was my mind playing with wind started blowing slighty making my pink hair move in the direction it was blowing. I put a strand behind my ear and looked at the sky before I went inside.

I went inside and closed the balcony door.I went towards my bed and sat on it.I looked at my charas eggs and smiled a bit. The eggs looked so peaceful and in reality the charas inside will make a rocus.I laid down on my bed and went to sleep without any blanket.I closed my eyes and waited for the next day.

m'm xoxUtau's Povxox m'm

"Where the hell is Amu?" I asked with my arms crossed over my chest and foot tapping impatiently.I was wearing a white tank top with a black vest.I had a purple mini skirt that ended below my mid thighs.I had black socks that reached my knees and white converse.I had a black fingerless glove on my right hand a white one on my left.I had my blonde hair in it's usual two pigtails.

"Hold me call her." said Rima as she took out her orange was wearing a black shirt with orange had pink skinny jeans on with white had a green leather half jacket on with a few orange teardrops and stars on had her hair in a high ponytail grabbed by a black ribbon.

"Yaya doesn't want to wait for Amu-chii!" Yaya had a white beanie on so her hair was let had a white shirt on that had 'candy addict' on it in red wore black jeans with green had a green bracelet on in her left had her orange-brown hair straightened and curled at the bottom.

"Amu says she's on her way here." Rima said.

"Good.I just hope the boys (Kukai) don't ruin this like last time.I groaned at the memory.

~*o*o*~Flashback 2 months ago~*o*o*~

"This is so much fun!" I yelled.

"I know right!" Amu said.

"We should do this again!" Rima said.

"I told you eating candy and being hyper is fun!" Yaya were running around Yaya's house like a bunch of we were having fun the doorbell rang.

"Awww!" everyone whined including went downstairs (I have no idea how we ended up upstairs) to answer the door.

"AHH!" we heard Yaya scream and rapid saw Yaya with Kukai, Nagihiko, Kairi, and Tadase behind all had waterguns already filled with water.

"Uh-oh." I pointed the water guns towards us.

"RUN!" Amu and Rima we got soaked it won't be good for were about to run but they shot the water at all got soaked but Yaya and me got soaked the they stopped there was blood.(Anime Nosebleed! XD) I looked at the guys and they had nosebleeds.I looked at everyone then me and saw our shirts became see through.I blushed so hard and so did everyone else.

"HENTAI!" we beat them up and literally kicked them out.I was still blushing with my arms covering my was in the 'emo' corner, Amu was sulking, and Yaya was probably unconscious on the floor.

~*o*o*~End of Flashback~*o*o*~

I hope they don't ruin our girls night out AGAIN.I looked at the side and saw Amu running towards she arrived she was panting with her hands on her knees.

"...Gomen...I...woke up...late." she she stood up I noticed what she was was wearing a white collar shirt with a black tie and a blue wore a purple choker that a gray wore a black mini skirt that reached mid wore black and white striped socks that reached above her knees along with blue had a white strap bracelet in her right hair was pulled into two low ponytails with black 'x' shaped hair clips.

"Well let's kept us waiting long enough." I nodded and walked with me,Yaya,and Rima.

"Wait!" Amu said.

"What now?" Rima said.

"Where are we going?"

"To else?" I asked.I saw Amu's face turn stark white and she backed away slowly.

"Oh no you don't and Yaya were forced so Amu-chii has to come too!"

"Let's go Amu." Rima held Amu's arms and dragged her.

"NO!THIS COUNTS AS A STATEMENT! I WILL SUE YOU GUYS IF YOU DON'T LET ME GO!NO!LET GO!HELP!" she screamed.I sighed in anger and I knew getting her to sing will take a long time.


Kaida:What do you think?

Ikuto:I liked the part where Amu got soaked

Amu:It was ok...but how could you Kaida?Why was I soaked

Kaida:Relax! Suck it in! Be glad the nekomimi didn't see you

Amu: T.T Thank you!But I still didn't like it!

Kaida:Oh well...I !

Kuroai: Hai!Plz R&R!

Amu and Ikuto:Who's chara?