A/N: This is inspired by Q'Qrianka's videos on the rights of indigenous people. The character in this story is just supposed to be some random villager.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pocahontas.


Imagine this..

You're a proud native who has grown up in a beautiful land for as long as you can remember. When you were a young child you saw a land as open as the sky itself. You were able to run and play freely among other natives. You remember playing on the trees, seeing how fast you could climb up there. You remember playing tag with your brothers and sisters until your mother called you inside for supper. You remember staring at the flowers in awe, and searching for bugs. You had common chores, like helping with your relatives to dig water from the well. You remember hunting with your father for fish, and being excited every summer about watching who Chief Powhatan would choose to be the next promising warrior. Imagine you're sitting with your family, eating corn-mush and laughing at lame jokes. Then in your free time, you just watch the Earth in all of it's beauty, and pray to the Great Spirit as you braid your hair.

Now imagine this...

Suddenly all of that is taken away from you. The tepees and tents are some of the few things leaving a reminder of the life you used to have. You see less and less trees. The old tree that you saw the beautiful princess Pocahontas talk has lost it's magic touch and is now a building filled with furs. You watch as everything changes and you're hurting inside because there's nothing you can do about it, only watch in anger. Now you're sixteen years old and you feel as if you don't have a home.

You wonder why the white men have come to your land and changed everything when you have done nothing to them. More and more men and children come but they're not the ones that you've grown up with. More and more strangers invade your home. Strange people called missionaries come and try to teach you about this God. They talk about some thing called Christianity and they try to change your name and show you how to live their ways. But why would you want to learn their ways? They never tried to learn yours. And if this God they talk about has allowed them to do this to your people, why would you believe them?Your heart breaks when your mom tells you not to hate them and you wonder how you can't hate them when they took everything away from you.

Your way of life is being replaced this 'American' way. But yet the traditional ways still remain in your heart and you promise to the Great Spirit that you will never let go if it. But in the back of your mind lingers the same question over and over again: What if things were different?