Things continue to change but you remain the same. Chief Powhatan makes peace treaties with them and you can't help but feel like they will only turn on your kind. You walk in a small forest, one of the few that haven't been used for some building. You touch the leaves and breathe in the remains of seemingly fresh air. You eat the fruits of the land and try to think of good things. As hours pass you think about you and your brother playing in the forest.

"Hahahaha you can't catch me!" he teases and I you sprint over to him so quickly that he's surprised.

"Oh yeah! I really can't catch you brother." .

He sticks his tongue out at you, "Bet you can't catch me a second time!"

"Bet you I can!" you say, up for the challenge.

"Quintes! Quintes! Children were are you?"

"It's mom we have to go!" you say, grabbing your brother's arm as you run through the forest, picking some berries up on the way.

Once you get to her she gives you both a smack on the arm.


"You guys are all dirty and we have to go see your older brother for the rite of passage. Come on you guys," She sighs but you both just laugh, causing her to smile.

You miss the old ways so much that it's crazy. But change continues to come and you feel weak. Fed up, you get down on your knees and you pray to the Great Spirit to show wrath on these people. You ask the Great Spirit to praise the natives, and destroy the others. But of course the answer to your prayer isn't one that you expect.

Sometimes change can be a good thing. Maybe instead of living in the past, you have to look at the future. Sure they may be some bad things, but try and find the good in all of this.

You hear the Great Spirits as clear as day and you start to meditate on the spirits words. You find it hard to listen to what the Great Spirit has told you because of all the pain they caused, but somehow you get up with this new-found strength and set out to do just what the Great Spirits have told you.

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