Nine Months Pregnant and Trunks awakes

Goten's P.O.V

"Mom! Are there anything to eat?" I asked walking into the kitchen. While I'm nine months pregnant, Chichi wanted me to live with her. "Yes, I'm making chili." She said while pouring something into the pot. "Yum..." Is all I say while I walk over to her. "Sweetie, you can't be up right now. You're pregnant. Go and sit." She said shooing me away. "Okay, okay. I will." I said walking into the living room. I grabbed the remote and turned it to SpongeBob.

The babies instantly went wild with the kicking when SpongeBob started talking. I laughed when Squidward came out of the locker freaked out. "Sweetie, are you watching SpongeBob?" Mom asked from the kitchen. "Yep, Hey where is dad?" I asked looking around. "Oh he's with Vegeta training." She said. "Dinners ready!"Mom yelled. I walked into the kitchen.

"Ow!" I yelled clutching my stomach. "Sweetie, what's wrong?" Mom asked running over to me. "Nothing. My stomach just hurts." I said. As soon as I said that I yelled in pain again. "Sweetie, How long have you been in pain like that?" She asked worried. "About an hour." I said like nothing was wrong. "We're going to the hospital."

Trunks' P.O.V

'Man, can someone turn off that beeping?' I thought opening my eyes. "Where am I?" I asked. "Trunks! You're awake!" I looked over to see who said that. It was my mom. "Mother? Where am I? I asked. "You're in the hospital. You where in a comma for two month." She said. 'Wait last time I was awake Goten was Seven months.' I thought. "Did Goten have the babies yet?" I asked worried. "No. Not yet." She said with a secret smile.

Her phone started to ring. "Hello…What…Okay Trunks and I are on our way." She hanged up and looked at me. "Goten just went into labor." She said throwing some clothes at me. I got dressed as fast as I could. "Do you know where he is going to be?" I asked in a hurry. "He'll be in this hospital." She said. I ran out the door. Not caring if the doctor saw me. I mean, my husband is going into labor for crying out loud.

I ran to the front desk. I saw a blonde woman. "Oh, hi handsome." The woman said with a wink. "Um… Hi. I'm looking for Goten Briefs. Has he checked in yet?" I asked. "Yes, but why bother with him when you got me?" She asked giving me another wink. I smirked. "One) I don't know you. Two) I love Goten. And three I'm Gay!" I said. "Whatever. His room is 285 third floor." She said giving me a dirty look.

I ran to the elevator. When it finally opened I ran in and pushed the third button. It seemed as if it took forever, but was only thirty seconds. When the doors opened I ran to room 285. I didn't know what room it was but I wasn't going to stop and ask. Then I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I said getting up fast. "Trunks?" I looked down and saw my sister, Bra. "Bra! I need you to show me where Goten is." I said looking at her. "Okay, follow me." She said and ran down the hallway. I was right behind her.

When she stopped in front of a door I pushed her aside lightly, and ran in. "Goten?" I said looking around. I saw familiar faces. I heard my mom and Bra come in behind me. "Trunks!" Goten was the first to say anything. I ran over and hugged him. He hugged me back with all his might. "I missed you! I'm so glad you where able to wake up in time!" He said pulling away. He gave me a quick kiss. "I missed you too, Chibi. Even though to me it seems only an hour ago I saw you." I laughed. He laughed as well.

Goten's P.O.V

I can't believe Trunks is awake! I smiled up at him and kissed him long and hard. 'Kami, I missed his lips.' I thought. 'Let's see if he can still play with his tongue.' I thought shoving my tongue into his month. He moaned loudly. "Okay we will leave you two alone." I hear Bulma say. I hear more people leave. But right now I don't care.

Once I thought everyone left I pulled Trunks on top of me. I started to thrust up to him. I threw my head back moaning. "Jeez, two months without sex makes you this horny?" He asked chuckling. "Shut up and kiss me!" I growled and kissing him hard. I hear him laugh during the kiss. He started to kiss me back. Soon my hands were up his shirt playing with his nipples while his hands where rubbing me through my rob. "Will you two stop?" I broke away to see who said that.

I couldn't believe who I saw. It was Gohan. "Fuck, Gohan why don't you just leave!" I growled. "Um… No. I rather be right here and finish what I started." He said with an evil smile. I knew what he meant. "I swear if you touch Trunks I'll kill you!" I said with a glare. Trunks looked between us confused. "He was the one who put me into the comma?" Trunks asked. I nodded not taking my hatred filled eyes away from Gohan. "He also has something up his sleeve." I said with a glare. "You are right. But I'm not going to hurt Trunks." He said still smiling evilly. "Then what are you going to do?" Trunks asked with worry in his voice. "Oh I was thinking if I couldn't have Goten, no one can." He said walking closer with each word.

Trunks' P.O.V

As Gohan walked closer, I got in front of Goten. I growled as Gohan kept walking closer. "Take another step and you will never see the light of day ever again." I growled. "We both know if you do that people will think you're crazy." He said. "Plus you won't get to see your babies; they would take the babies away from you."Gohan continued with another step. "That's it!" I growled punching Gohan in the face. "Ow! Mother Fucker!" Gohan yelled.

Everyone must of heard Gohan scream because they came rushing in to see what was wrong. "What happened?" Chichi asked running up to Gohan. "Trunks punched me for no reason!" Gohan screamed in pain. "That's not true!" Goten screamed. "I believe Goten, Trunks wouldn't do that without a reason." Vidal said defending us. "Vidal! Gohan is your husband! How could you say that?" Chichi asked. "Because, it was Gohan who put Trunks in a comma!" Goten and Vidal yelled. "What?" Chichi and Bulma screeched. "You heard us. Gohan even kissed Goten on his wedding day. He told me himself." Vidal said. Gohan why would you do all that stuff?" Chichi asked looking at her son. "I was jealous because I love Goten." Gohan said gritting his teeth. "Mom, Gohan tried to kill me." Goten said looking down. "Oh my Denda! I don't care if you're my son, I'm calling the…" She was cut off with a scream of pain by Goten. "Shit! I think I'm having the babies now!"Goten said giving another shout of pain. "Get a doctor!" I yelled grabbing Goten's hand.

In no time the doctor was in here. "Alright this might hurt." The doctor said. "I'm going have to cut your stomach to get the babies." The doctor said. "Alright just get it over with!"Goten yelled. Soon she had two little boys out. "Okay Goten just one more." She said. My eyes widen.
"We're having Triplets?" I asked shock. The doctor nodded. In no the last baby was out. "It's a girl!" The doctor smiled. I smiled. I then kissed Goten on the forehead. "What are their names?" The nurse asked. "The one with violet hair is Truten, and the one with black hair is Gotenks." I said squeezing Goten's hand. "The girl's name is Izzy." Goten said smiling. Soon we were able to hold them. While holding them everyone came in to see them. "They're so cute." Pan said smiling. "And that's coming from me." She laughed. "Sweetie, I called the police and they arrest your brother." Chichi said, looking up from Izzy. "That's probably for the best." Goten said looking down at Truten.

(A Month Later)

Goten's P.O.V

I was putting Gotenks down to sleep. His eyes where light blue, and his hair is black. I smiled as he snored softly. I quietly went into the room where Trunks was putting Truten asleep. Truten had Brown eyes and violet hair. I hugged Trunks from behind. "Hi." I said giving him a kiss on the lips. "Hey… Is Izzy in her bed yet?" He asked. "No not yet." I said smiling up at him. "Do you want to put her to sleep or will I?" he asked returning my hug. "I will." I said going down stairs. At the bottom I saw little Izzy. She had light brown hair with natural violet streaks and green eyes. I picked her up and went back upstairs to her room.

Once she was in bed, I went to mine and Trunks' room. His eyes were close. I quietly walked over and climbed on top of him. He opened up his eyes once he felt me kiss his neck. "Well hi to you too." He laughed. "Do you have the condoms?" I asked rubbing him threw his pj's. "Yes."He said smiling. With that everything went out of control. I still can't believe this is our life together.

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