Title: Background Noise
Pairing/Characters: Mentions of Romano/Fem!Romano/Spain/Fem!Spain (we all know it's there), OCs
Rating: PG
Note: This and the next one are the random old couple from Tunnel Vision. They make me giggle.

Marshall and Linda Collins-Shaw were a simple couple, with simple, traditional views on life. They'd spent most of their married life doing normal, married couple things back home in England, and now they had retired to sunny Spain for a change of pace and an easy, relaxing life, free from the hustle and bustle of working and raising children. They'd quickly settled into a routine, one that involved going to a recently opened, adorable little café run by a hard-working, if… boisterous, young couple.

A young couple that appeared to be having problems, even if nobody but the Collins-Shaws seemed to be noticing it.

"I don't like the way that employee of theirs is always flirting with her." Linda cast a glare in the employee's, Antonio or something like that, direction, turning her nose up when he met her eye and smiled. The nerve of some people. "Doesn't he know she's married?"

"Doesn't she?" her husband added, both turning to watch as Antonio kissed Lovina on the cheek and she did nothing about it, aside from tell him to hurry up and get her more coffee filters from the back.
And then slap his behind when he apparently didn't move fast enough for her liking.


"And in public, how obscene. Do they think they won't get caught?"

"Poor Romano."

When Lovina rolled her eyes in their direction, they felt that was definitely a confirmation of their suspicions.