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It was early in the morning and the investigation was, in lack of a better term,


Once they got to a turning point in the case they would end up doing a round bout and would end up back at square one. And It was starting to anoy a certin raven haired detective.

"I can't stand this," L shouted gripping his messy midnight locks. Not only was the case putting L in a bad mood, but Bee distracting Light from his work was as well. She never did much work to begin with, and L could easaly tune her random wandering and talking out, but when she went to talk to Light he would imidiately drop what he's doing just to talk to her. She didn't seem to grasp the fact that Light, besides Aero and himself, were the only ones with an IQ large enough to find over looked things by the task force.

And the strawberry on the top of the Chesecake was that Misa was coming back from a modeling shoot in America. Just what L needs, another distraction for Light-kun, but this one uncontrolably anoying. L sighed and tryed to go back to his work. They were investigating recent deaths who happen to be CEO's of big time companies. Of cours this isn't like the original Kira's doing, and it isn't the second kira's work either. They had another Kira on their hands. Great. Just then the front doors of the investigation building burtsed open and a flash of yellow passed by everyone to Light.

"Light-kun! Misa-Misa has missed her Light so much, has Misa-Misa's Light missed her?" Misa Screached as she held on to Light for dear life. Light nearly fell over when Misa rushed up to him for a bone crushing hug. He looked over to Bee from over Misa's shoulder awkwardly, and patted the blond girl's back. Bee just stared from her desk seat confused. 'Misa-Misa's Light? What the hell does she mean Misa-Misa's Light?!' Bee yelled in her head. She shot up from her seat, and roughly pulled Light away from the blond-headed anoyance just as she was about to give him a kiss on the cheek. She held Light tightly and gave Misa a heated glare over her shoulder.

"How dare you take Misa-Misa's Light awayfrom her. Who are you anyway," Misa said after the shock of having Light ripped from her arms wore off, and she glared at Bee iritated. Light was torn, he didn't know weither to be upset with Misa just coming in to the room, or nervous because of Misa and Bee being in the same room. Bee was enraged. 'Who did this girl think she is' During this time all of the task force, including L, had stoped what they were doing to wach the ordel. They all new Light never told Misa they were over so this was going to be interesting.

"I'm Light's girlfriend, Bee. Who are you?" Bee replied still clutching the aburn haired teen to her chest. "HA! That's not true because I'm Light's girlfriend. Light and I are in love, right Light?" Light struggled to pull his arm out of Bee's vise grip, and get as much distance between all three of them as posable, but was unsecsessful. He sighed giving up trying to escape and turned to Misa with a fake sympathetic smile saying "Misa I meant to tell you this earlyer that I wanted us to break up. I'm going out with Bee now." He tryed to let the girl down easy, and gave her a fake smile. He didn't care if he hurt her feelings as much as he probably should, but still.

Misa looked at Light then to Bee then back to Light with a heartbroken expression. Tears streamed down her face as she looked down and clenched her fists at her side. "I woun't believe it, I don't believe it you love Misa-Misa," Misa proclaimed, her blond pig-tails bounced as her head shot up to look Light in the stared back at the blond headed girl and sighed. "No Misa you were the one who suddenly started calling me your boyfriend and saying we were in love." Light ran thin delicate fringers through his aburn locks slightly agitated remembering the time he meet Misa after his confinement. Bee had taken her seat again after Light had rejected Misa and was enjoying the show of this 'Misa-Misa' girl being turned down by Light. Her boyfriend.

Misa couldn't believe what she was hearing Light was breaking up with her and infront of his new girlfriend and the entire task force. She looked around to see most everyone watching the break up with intense vigor, except Aizawa who continued to work and Mogi who was working as well. Light's father stood there with papers in his hands wondering what would happen next, Matsuda sat at the edge of his seat more interested in this than he should be, and L just sat in his seat staring at them thumb in the croner of his mouth curious as well, but not letting it show on his features. She turned to glare at Bee and Said, "Alright Light-kun if thats how you feel, I understand." Light's eyes widened slightly at his surprise. He wasn't expecting Misa to back down so easily after the many times she's tryed to seduce him. "But don't think your off the hook just yet Light-kun. I'll make you love if it's the last thing I do." She continued to lights displeasure and walked toward the elevator to go back to her room. 'I should have known it was to good to be ture,' Light thought.

Light rubbed the back of his neck and spoke under his breath "Not how I planed it but that could have gone worse." He retook his seat next to Bee and started to go back to work until he was stopped by a question from Bee. "So that was your old girlfriend huh, Light?"

"Yes, well no, the relationship was completely one-sided lets leave it at that," Light replied. Bee looked at he computer and hmmed before going back to work. 'I'll get more out of him later.' she thought. Matsuda and soichiro looked to each other thinking that there would be fireworks and a catfight but it was surprisingly civil. They just shruged and went back to work. L had been expecting a fight as well and was extreamly surprised Bee wasnt't the first to throw a fist or throw a fist in the first place. 'There's no need to think this over anymore. As Light-kun has said Kira won't catch himself, though he's sitting a few seats away next to a beautiful 5 '3' girl, with long soft black hair, redish-brown eyes that shined in the light, and WHAT AM I THINKING!' L scolded himself. He looked at his empty cookie plate and tea cup and requested Watari bring him more tea and cookies and a slice of strwberry chesecake if they had any. L sighed 'I do not need to go down that road again.' He thought to himself. 'As if things weren't complicated enough.'

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