Okay, Paradise 2.0. Let's try this again. So this is the development of Fayana after Faye's grandfather dies. Will be references to other episodes, once I get around to rewatching them. Enjoy.


It was an accident, really.

You hadn't meant to go looking for her at all, but somehow you had found her like a deer caught in the headlights at the end of your driveway. You had barely gotten to the brake in time, as you skidded on the wet pavement. It was late and it had been raining on and off all night. You had just stormed out of the house after an argument with your father about being responsible.

"Faye!" you yelled, getting out of your car and effectively blocking your father in. You barely got to her in time before she could walk into the darkness and impending storm. "Faye!"

You barely got through to her, and in the dim light streaming from your porch lets you see the redness around her eyes. You're pretty sure that she's going to get sick after walking around in the rain and from the stress of finding her grandfather dead in the lake behind his house.

It takes a minute but the rain begins to drop and within seconds your hair is plastered to your face. She doesn't put up a fight when you stop a measly attempt of walking away, and there is even less resistance when you pull her towards the porch. You don't want to go inside, but you really need some towels to dry both of you off and her lips were turning blue.

You sit her down on the front porch swing and when you're convinced that she isn't going anywhere, you run inside, grab a couple towels from the downstairs linen closet and wrap three around her shoulders and one around your own.

"Diana, what are you-," came through the suddenly open door from your father as he took in the two of you sitting there on the swing. He swallowed hesitantly and said to you quietly, "I'll let her mother know that she's here."

"Don't make me leave," were the first words you had heard from her since you saw her mother tuck her into the car and drive off. You had been sitting on the swing for nearly fifteen minutes when a silver sedan pulls up.

"What?" you ask curiously.

"Please don't make me go with her." You tuck some damp hair behind her ear and realise that she's practically begging you. The one thing that you never thought you would see was Faye Chamberlain begging you, Diana Meade, for anything. Her bottom lip slips out and starts to shake. "We got into a fight about ... my... Please don't make me go."

"Okay," you agree instantly, your eyes connecting at the same time as your hands. It's only broken when the front door snaps shut behind you and her head snaps down. "She can stay in my room."

You don't even realise that you've said it, or that you've stood up from your seat next to her to face a rather stressed looking school principle. The look you give you father makes him agree with you without argument and ushers the two of you inside to have a talk with his 'girlfriend'. Just as you close the door behind you, you hear Dawn thanking your father and what sounded like a rather hushed reminder coming back in return.

You ignore them and the thoughts in your head, coaxing the brunette towards you room so she can have a hot shower.