Hey guys, this is my first Happy Feet Fanfic and I hope you guys enjoy. The first chapter will be kind of short, since it is meant for the readers to get into rhythm of the story. This will be another version of both movies, where I show how things should have gone down, but it is still my first fanfiction, so haters please go easy on me. The story starts around Gloria's mate ceremony. I do not own Happy Feet.

Happy Feet?

Amongst the icy waters of the Antarctic and white powdery snow, four small penguins and a rather tall and fluffy penguin could be made out in the deep white. In the crystal like and glistening ice, Mumble was walking, lost in the whiteness that lay before him; his blue eyes fixed upon one point as if trying to focus on the sound of his footsteps. As always he was thinking about Gloria. His thoughts went all the way back to the first day he saw her, which was literally the first person he saw when he was born. From his birth Mumble knew he found his love, but he was not quite sure how she felt about him. Even though they have always been close friends, she was the most wanted female in a colony full penguins who could actually sing, unlike him. This thought troubled him quite a bit, so he started tapping his feet; focusing on the unique, raspy yet solid thump his feet made when he they hit the blue ice. His thoughts were interrupted, when he heard music in the distance so he instinctively picked up the pace, but the closer he got to the beautiful source of music the faster his heart would break. He had a single thought in his head.


When reached the ceremony, he found himself letting out huge breath in relief as he saw many penguins fail to get Gloria's attention. His breaths became short and desperate and his stomach became tight as he readied himself to face the crowd of penguins but most important of all he got ready to impress Gloria. He saw Gloria walking towards him, still singing with her beautiful voice and moving as if wanting to dance, so Mumble took this chance and made his appearance.

"Yo sé, se terminó
Nuestro amor
Divino "

As Mumble approached Gloria, he heard Gloria mention his name and it suddenly felt like it was only the two of them there in the deep blue ice. He quickly realized that it wasn't him singing; it was Ramon and picked his act up.

"Mis amigos, les declaré
Les diré
Que estoy seguro"

"Mumble is that really you?" Gloria questioned

"Sure it's me! You like?" Mumble answered

"Well I would if it were really you" Gloria answered in a saddened tone. In that moment Mumble know he has been caught, but dragged it out in an expression of self-denial. He really wanted to believe that Gloria had not noticed, but on the inside he knew he would not hold this act.

"Es un hombre
Sin nada más
Si no un Señor
Con lágrimas"

"Turn around Mumble"


"Just turn around"

"But, why?"

"Well why not?" Answered Gloria

Mumble had no answer so he just spun her around until she pushed him out of the way. Behind his back was Mumble's best friend singing his heart out in an attempt to help his best friend. Gloria had many emotions running through her at once; disappointment, depression, and strangely relief.

"Debe decir
(debe decir)
Debe gritar
(debe gritar)
Debe sentir
(debe sentir)
En la verdad
(en la verdad)

Luché, gané
Lo hice Myyy Waaaay!"

"Mumble how could you?" Gloria said bewildered that Mumble would do something so dirty.

"I just didn't know what else to do" Answered with his head down in shame. Gloria turned away from him and started singing or rather tried to sing as for the first time in her life, Gloria found that her voice was failing her as if telling her not to sing.

"No Gloria no" Mumble said desperately and then suddenly an idea popped in his head.

"Gloria dance to this!" Mumble then started tapping a rhythm.

"Mumble you're embarrassing me" Gloria plainly stated, but immediately regretted it when she saw the hurt in those deep blue eyes, which only Mumble seems to possess.

"Mumble I didn't mean it that wa-"

"Yes you did." Mumble whispered

"I'm sorry for embarrassing you, I don't know what I was thinking when I thought someone like me could have someone like you" Mumble's voice crackled as he held back the tears

"I guess this is goodbye, I'm sure you will find a great penguin to take care of you" At this point Gloria was at a loss for words. One thing the two had in common at that moment is that both of their hearts were reaching their limit.

"I know I've never said this before, but Gloria I love you and I'll never forget you"

He then sped away from Gloria.

"No Mumble! Wait I'm Sorry" Gloria tried to run after him, but fell in the process.

Spectator penguins then started to sing to Gloria to again try and seduce her.