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The Birth of Family

The winds sung a calming breeze and the sun edging over the horizon. It was finally the day; the day all the females came back to their male mates. There in the front of the crowd was Mumble. Mumble held a grin on his face as he held his egg between his feet. He was very excited! He couldn't wait for his little penguin to hatch. The sun seemed to rise quickly and before Mumble knew it, the sun was at the peak of its orbit. Mumble let the egg roll out of his feet and now he waited. Mumble's first worry was that his egg wasn't going to hatch, his second worry was if the little guy would have voice or not. Several minutes passed, Mumble has not heard a single word about of any male so far, which meant no egg had hatched so far. Then...


Mumble saw his egg thumping. The little penguin was starting to break out of his egg's shell.

"Woah there little guy; it's okay I'm right here" Mumble consoled the currently struggling baby penguin.


Another hole was made and then finally the little penguin had broken completely free of his shell. He immediately looked up at Mumble with familiar blue eyes and smiled.

"Pa?" The newly hatched penguin said and ran towards his daddy.

"Yes son that's me." Mumble replied. He was so excited his feet were tapping on the snow and he hadn't noticed.

"PA!" Erik said ecstatically. He ran to his daddy and hugged his leg.

"It's okay. Dad's here." Mumble said consolingly. Erik looked up at him with a happy smile on his face.

"Hey pa? What's my name?"

"Your name? Oh! Silly me. Your name will be...Erik" Mumble replied.

"Erik." The newly named penguin said slowly.

"I like it!"

"I'm glad you do Erik. Now come on we have to go meet your ma."

Erik looked to get in between his daddy's feet, but he quickly noticed something...interesting.

"Hey pa?"

"Yeah son?"

"What's that thing you're doing with your feet?" Erik asked.

"Oh! This is called tap dancing. You see what you do is you think of a song and then tap your feet. Like this!" Mumble said as he showed Erik how to dance.

Erik immediately started trying to dance and found that it was really fun. He would have ask his daddy to teach him more.

"Okay Erik come on. We'll have time for that later; trust me." Mumble explained.

Erik got in between his daddy's feet and felt warm. While Mumble was walking around, Erik was looking at other penguins. Out of the corner of Erik's eye, one chick caught his eye.

"Hey pa? Who is that?" Erik asked, pointing to another chick.

"Who? Bryan?" Mumble asked.

"Yeah and that other penguin that just came out of that thing I was in" Erik said. He really wanted to go over there.

"Well we have some time. You wanna go meet them?" Mumble asked.

"Yes! Please can we daddy?" Erik asked in a sweet little voice.

"Of course we can!" Mumble replied.

Mumble started walking over to Bryan. Erik felt something inside; he really wanted to see who this was. Erik so excited that he jumped out of Mumble's feet. Erik started running toward Bryan and his chick.

"Erik! Wait! Erik!" Mumble shouted as he went after his son. He already reminded Mumble of himself

Erik kept running as fast as his little legs could take him. He then looked back to see if his dad was behind him and bumped into a penguin in front of him. They both rolled down an icy slope and ended up on top one another.

"Ahhh!" The penguin on top of Eric moaned.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to" Erik stuttered out.

"It's okay." The penguin said in a feminine voice as she got off of Erik

When they both got up and shook the snow of their feathers and then they took a look at each other. Erik immediately noticed this penguin had beautiful brown eyes and, from her voice, he knew she was a girl penguin. Erik didn't regret bumping into her, even though he had apologized, he would do it again if he had the chance.

"Umm...Hi I'm Erik" The blue eyed penguin greeted.

"..." Erik noticed the girl penguin staring at him.

"Umm...hello! I'm sorry about what happened; I really didn't mean it!" Erik explained desperately, thinking she as mad at him.

"Huh? Oh! Sorry...It's just that you have pretty blue eyes." She answered. and giggled.

"T-Thanks U-Umm...What's your n-name?" Erik stuttered out. He was blushing so much it was noticeable through his feathers.

"I'm Boadicea, but you can call me Bo for short." Bo said.

"Bo... That's a pretty name" Erik said innocently. Bo immediately blushed at his compliment, however, Erik noticed it.

"Bo are you okay? Are you cold?" Erik asked, not knowing what a blush is and/or what it meant.

"N-No I-" Bo was cutoff as she felt flippers and feathers pressing against her. She noticed that Erik was hugging her. One thing was true though, she did feel warmer when Erik hugged her.

"It's okay I'm cold too. This way we'll both be warm." Erik said in pure innocence.

Bo didn't stop him from hugging her; in fact it felt kind of nice. She then put her flippers around him, returning the affectionate gesture. Bo was thinking about how nice this felt; Despite just having met each other being around Erik made Bo feel safe and comfortable.

- With Mumble and Bryan -

Mumble was running after Erik, worried that he would get lost among the crowd. He heard Erik giggling and then he saw Erik crash into another young penguin and there they went trolling rolling down a small hill. Mumble then noticed that Erik had bumped into Bryan's chick. Bryan was Mrs. Viola's mate.

"Bryan I am so sorry. It's just he wanted to come over here, but he got too excited and well...this happened." Mumble explained.

"Oh Mumble! It is quite alright. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?" Bryan said in a humorous tone.

"Hehe I guess not." Mumble said as they both shared a laugh.

"Well what a little chick you have Mumble. What's his name? Or is your chick a girl?" Bryan asked.

"His name's Erik, what is you chick's name?" Mumble answered and asked.

"Her name is Boadicea." Bryan answered.

"It's a beautiful name, but don't you think it's a little complicated?" Mumble asked with a little laugh.

"Yes that thought has crossed my mind, so her nickname will be probably be Bo."

Mumble and Bryan noticed that the sun was almost at the twelve mark, which meant it was time for their mates to come back.

"Well I better go get Erik. It's almost time." Mumble said

"Oh! Your right. Let's go see what those two are up to." Bryan said.

- Normal -

The two male penguins were walking toward their children, but they were not expecting what they saw. Just over the hill there was Erik and Bo at the bottom, hugging each other with red streak near their little beaks.. A single thought ran through Mumble's mind.

"Wow just like when I met Gloria."

Both males could not take find in their heart to tear them apart, so they looked at each other and agreed to just watch. Their plan was soon ruined, because both chicks noticed them just standing there looking at them.

"Pa?" Both chicks said as both of their blushes intensified. They immediately broke away and ran to their respective fathers.

"Aw it's okay Erik there nothing to be embarrassed about. I think you just made your first friend." Mumble told his son as he pointed to Bo. Both chicks were still blushing.

"Hey pa? I'm kind of cold." Erik said.

"Then wat'cha waiting for son?" Mumble asked playfully, earning a gleeful stare from his son.

Both chicks were getting between their father's feet. They both looked at each other and smiled. Now they were ready to go.

"Hey Erik, before you go don't you want to say goodbye to your friend?" Mumble asked.

"Oh right. Thanks pa" Erik said.

"Bye Bo." Erik said.

"See you later Erik." Bo answered back.

And with that both parents left with their chick safely in between their feet. While Mumble was walking, Erik was thinking about Bo. He couldn't get her out of his head for some reason and, in a way, he really didn't want to.


"Yes son?"

"Why can't I stop thinking about Bo and why do I feel so weird around her?" Erik asked.

"Well Erik how would you describe this feeling you have when your with her?" Mumble asked.

"Well its kind-" Erik was cut off by a booming voice.

"Wives Hoe!" Noah's voice made its way through to every single male in the colony.

A flurry of male penguins could be seen moving as fast as they can with their eggs in between their legs. You could also see the females running towards their mates and chicks. It was like seeing two massive armies of wives and husbands running at each other into an inevitable collision. The excitement was enticing! Mumble searched through the crowd for Gloria. Erik was a little scared, because of all the chaos going around; Mumble sensed this. Mumble then stopped in a clearing and looked down at his son.

"Erik, it's okay son. I'm here with you and as long as you're with me, nothing bad will happen to you. Okay son?" Mumble consoled. Erik immediately felt safe in Mumble's words.

"Thanks pa I really needed that." Erik said earnestly. He was glad to have a dad like Mumble.

"Mumble!" A voice called out.

"Gloria! I'm here! Gloria!." Mumble called.

"Hey pa? Is that ma?" Erik asked ecstatically.

"You bet it is." Mumble answered, while trying to spot Gloria.

Erik jumped out of Mumble's feet.

"Hey Erik?"

"Yeah pa?"

"Don't get too far from me okay? I just don't want to get hurt or lost." Mumble explained.

"Okay pa" Erik answered.

"Hey Mumble!" Gloria called.

Mumble turned around to see his beautiful mate, Gloria. His blue eyes met her golden brown eyes. Sparks flew and their love was re-ignited. Mumble and Gloria have missed each other every single day since they were separated. Mumble started tapping and got ready to sing yet again, but Gloria beat him to it.

Gloria: Lying here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings
When it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile

Mumble and Gloria began to dance. Erik was watching this display between his parents in awe. He thought this was the most beautiful he's seen so far. Erik saw penguins gather up in a circle to watch his parents sing and dance with each other.

Mumble: I never open up to anyone
So hard to hold back
When I'm holding you in my arms

Mumble and Gloria: We don't need to rush this
Let's just take it slow
Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight

I know that if we give this a little time
it'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find
It's never felt so real
No it's never felt so right

Mumble and Gloria: Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight

No I don't want to say goodnight
I know it's time to leave but you'll be in my dreams

Mumble knew his voice was at its limit but he kept pushing and suddenly it cracked on him. He almost fell coughing, because he pushed his voice to the very extremes. Mumble was ashamed and disappointed and was about to apologize, but then he noticed Gloria helping him up while continuing sing. Spectators were shocked that Gloria not only kept singing after Mumble's slip up, but she actually encouraged him to sing again.

Gloria: Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
I don't want to mess this thing up

Gloria slowed this part of the song down to give Mumble time to recover and start singing with her again. Mumble smiled and got back up again to sing with Gloria again.

Mumble and Gloria:
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright with just a kiss goodnight
Let's do this right with just a kiss goodnight
With a kiss goodnight
A kiss goodnight

The song ended as their beaks formed the shape of heart and came together. Erik was amazed at this sight. He was completely dazzled by this performance. Mumble and Gloria then looked back at Erik, who was just staring at them, and Mumble motioned him to come over there.

" that him?" Gloria said. She was beginning to tear up.

"Yes this is our son, Erik." Mumble answered.

"Oh Mumble he's gorgeous" Gloria said.

"Come here Erik!" Gloria called.

"Ma!" Erik said happily as she ran to Gloria and gave her a big hug.

"Ma that was amazing! What you and pa did was awesome!" Erik said excitedly.

"I'm glad you think so honey, because we'll being showing you how to do that too!" Gloria explained.

"I know Pa told me he would teach me how to dance!" Erik said.

"Oh he did?" Gloria asked giving Mumble a loving look.

"Well, let me tell you something Erik, your daddy is the best dancer out of every penguin in the nation, in fact he taught everyone how to dance. Did you know that?" Gloria asked.

"No way! Really?" Erik asked with shining eyes.

"Yes he is" Gloria confirmed.

"Well Erik there is one thing ma forgot to tell you." Mumble said.

"What's that pa?" Erik asked.

"Your ma is the best singer out of anyone. She graduated top of her class and everything. What did you think about her singing son?" Mumble said.

"I thought it was awesome! Ma's voice seems to go on forever's no end to it." Erik said as he beamed at Gloria.

The new family was having a great time talking and laughing together. Mumble and Gloria told their son more about themselves and the more they told him, the more Erik began to admire his parents. There was one question on his mind though.

"Hey pa? Why do you have feathers, while ma and the other penguins don't?" Erik asked.

"*sigh* Mumble knew this was coming, but did really have to be so soon?

"Well Erik I'm a little different from other penguins and this is just how I grew up." Mumble said, feeling a little depressed.

"Well I like it pa!" Erik said with a grin.

"R-Really?" Mumble asked.

"Yeah, you look like me!" Erik said.

"Oh Erik...Thanks son."

The families were now settling in their homes with their mates and chicks. During this time, the parents usually looked for a place to live in and the chicks are free to socialize with the other chicks. This was the perfect time for chicks to meet other chicks before school starts. Gloria noticed that there was a big group of chicks not too far away from them.

"Hey Erik, why don't you go play with the other chicks, while your daddy and I find somewhere we can settle." Gloria encouraged.

"Okay Ma" Erik said as he walked to the big group of penguins.

To be honest, Erik was nervous about meeting other penguins. He didn't want anybody to dislike him in any way. Erik silently joined the group without saying anything, but one certain penguin recognized him.

"Hey Erik!" Bo called.

"H-Hi Bo" Erik shyly replied.

It seemed as if every chick was in that group. While everyone else chatted with each other, Erik was quiet. Erik was really shy and resorted to just listening. It's not that Erik disliked anyone, but he didn't know what to talk about.

"Man what up with him. He so quiet" A rather big penguin said. Erik noticed the big penguin was referring to him. He flinched from that statement and started walking away from the group.

"Atticus be nice! He's my friend. Erik are you okay?" Bo asked catching up to him.

"Y-Yeah just nervous."

"Nervous about what?" Atticus asked catching up to both of them.

"About meeting other penguins."

"Oh! It's okay Erik, Atticus and I will be with you. Right Atticus?"

"Yeah that's right and sorry for what I said Erik. I didn't mean it like that." Atticus said.

"That's okay Atticus"

"Yeah yeah true that." Atticus said.

Erik and Bo giggled at Atticus' antics.

These three chicks quickly became friends. They ended up separating from the larger group of chicks and began to talk amongst themselves. Mumble and Gloria just found a place to live in and were coming back for Erik. They saw Erik had made some new friends. Mumble noticed one of them was Bo. He decided to tell Gloria about what happened.

"Gloria, you're not going to believe what happened to Erik when he hatched!" Mumble said excitedly.

"What happened?" Gloria asked.

"I think he found love Gloria." Mumble said.

"What? So young? Are you sure Mumble?" Gloria questioned.

"Well I'm not sure, but it just might be. Besides I remember when we first met. Someone fell into my egg and kissed me." Mumble teasingly said.

"W-Well that was just an accident" Gloria quickly said with a light blush.

"Oh is that why you stared at my eyes after you kissed me.". Mumble said with a grin.

"N-No I was just..." Gloria knew she had no way of getting out of this one, but then she got an idea.

Gloria went up to Mumble and softly put her neck on his and brought her beak to his ear.

"And you didn't enjoy it?" Gloria questioned in a hushed tone. She got what she wanted as Mumble's face lit up.

They both shared a laugh. Mumble then told Gloria of how Erik bumped into Bo and how he found Erik when he went to look for him. Gloria was surprised at the similarities.

"So do you think?" Mumble asked.

"I don't know Mumble, but it might be." Gloria said with a smile.

Erik noticed his parents walking towards them and decided to go and greet them. He ran up to mother first and hugged her leg.

"Hey Ma!" Erik said.

"Hi Erik, are you having honey?" Gloria asked.

"Sure am Ma." Erik then went up to his father and hugged him

"Hey pa, I found Bo!" Erik said.

"I can see that son and who might your new friend be?" Mumble asked.

"Oh! This is Atticus."

"Atticus? That's Seymour's son." Gloria said.

"Seymour? Haven't seen him in a while." Mumble said.

"Yep that's my daddy alright" Atticus said.

"Well it's nice to meet you Atticus" Gloria said.

"Nice to meet Mrs and Mr uhhhh."



"Oh I know who you are. Daddy told me about you guys." Atticus said.

"Yeah yeah. Uncle Mumble is the best dancer and Mrs. G is the best singer." Atticus recalled.

"Yes my mother has also told me about you two. She had both of you in her class,when you were like us!" Bo said.

"Boadicea!" A voice called out.

"Yo Atticus!" A much deeper voice called out.



Seymour and Mrs. Viola came to get their chicks, because they had also found places where they could stay. They both noticed Mumble and Gloria there.

"Hey Mumble! Gloria long time no see!" Seymour greeted.

"It's wonderful to see both of you again." Mrs. Viola said.

"And who is this little blue eyed penguin? Oh I can only imagine it would be the Erik Bryan told me about." Mrs. Viola said.

"Mumble this is your chick? Of course he is look at those blue eyes." Seymour asked.

"Yep. This is Erik."

Erik was a bit shy and hid behind his father's feet.

"Come on Erik. Say Hi."

"H-Hello" Erik stuttered out.

"Hey whats up Erik?" Seymour said.

"Oh my goodness such a sweet penguin." Mrs. Viola commented.

"Ma stop your embarrassing him!" Bo said.

"Oh I heard about the little incident you had with Erik when you hatched." Mrs. Viola said teasingly.

"Ma!" Bo whined, while blushing.

Erik was blushing at all this new attention he was getting. As if out of nowhere, the amigos made their appearance.

"Hey!" They all said together.

"Look all these little penguins. They're all so fluffy." Ramon commented. Raoul noticed a certain penguin with blue eyes hiding behind Mumble's legs.

"Hey look at that one, he has blue eyes. That can only mean he is Mumble's fluffy penguin." Raoul pointed out.

"Yeah, this is Erik." Mumble said.

"Aww come on fluffito say hi to Uncle Ramon." Erik giggled at Ramon's antics.

"And who is the big penguin?" Raoul asked.

"Who is the lovely lady?" Ramon asked.

"My name is Boadicea, but you can call me Bo for short." Bo said.

While everyone else was talking about the chicks and other things, Erik was thinking about his blue eyes. Everyone seemed to recognize him by the unique color of his eyes. Erik looked around to see if anyone else besides him and his dad had blue eyes. He had no such luck, everyone else had brown eyes.

"Hey pa?" Erik whispered, getting Mumble's attention.

"Yeah Erik?" Mumble asked.

"Why are we the only penguins with blue eyes?" Erik asked.

"Well that's a long story son and I'll have to tell you later, but you have blue eyes because I'm your dad." Mumble answered.

"Oh okay pa." Erik said. He was still curious at how his dad got blue eyes, but he willing to wait until his pa told him.

It was a joyous time, where everyone got together to talk about how things have been and about their chicks. It was getting late; the sun was descending in the horizon. The temperature was dropping and penguins got settled in their new homes. Mumble, Gloria, and Erik made their way to a cave with an abundance of space. They got settled in and sleep took them. Erik still wasn't sure about what happened with Bo, but he made it a priority to ask his parents about it tomorrow. He also had plenty of other questions, such as his blue eyes and his father's feathers. For now his eyes closed and the whole family was sleeping peacefully together.