Screaming. That's all anyone could hear as they ran out of their tent. What they once thought was the excessive celebration of the Irish Quidditch fans was in reality a massive attack.

Harry quickly pulled out his wand in hopes of attacking one of the Death Eaters but found that it was missing. He quickly scanned the ground in hopes of finding it but it was to no avail. He immediately turned to go pack into the tent when a hand pulled at him.

"Harry, we have to go."

It was Hermione. The frantic way she pulled at his arm and desperate plea to her voice made him forget about his wand for the moment. Right now she was scared and he needed to make sure that she was safe.

The two of them soon caught up with Ron who had stayed behind when he noticed that Harry and Hermione had fallen back. He told Fred and George to go on with Ginny and they would meet them at the portkey. Once they were reunited, the trio started to make a run for it but an exploding tent forced to head into the nearby woods until it was safe to make a break for it.

While hiding, Harry couldn't help but notice that Hermione was clinging to arm, digging her nails into his shoulder. Harry turned to her and tried to calm her down.

"Hermione, you need to be calm. Everything is going to be okay. But we have to keep our heads."

"But what if they find us. We can't defend ourselves against them Harry. They'll kill us."

Harry saw the look and fear in her eyes did the only thing he could do.

"Or worse, they'll expel us," Harry said with a light chuckle at the end.

Hermione turned to look at him and gave him the tiniest smile. She was in no way relieved but the fact that he was trying made her feel a little less nervous.

"Well now that she is all calmed down, how the hell do you think we can make back to the portkey," Ron said, finally adding his two cents to the conversation.

Before Harry could respond, another voice rang out from the woods.

"You won't be able to escape."

Harry knew the sound of forced arrogancy without even turning his head.

"Shut it Malfoy."

"No, it's true. You won't make back to that shack that Weasley calls a home. Out of the three of you, only the mudblood has a chance of living through the night."

"And why is that Malfoy?" Hermione spat back him. "I thought purebloods were too good to be keep mudbloods alive?"

"Trust me Granger when I say you won't be alive for very long. But even mudbloods have their purpose in pureblood circles. On their knees. Their backs with their legs spread. Or even bent over takin..."

Malfoy never finished that sentence as Harry closed the distance between them and quickly brought his fist into contact with Draco's face. Harry had never felt as powerful as when he heard the crunching sound of Malfoy's nose.

Harry turned back around to see Ron and Hermione stared at him in shock. They had never seen lose his temper to that extent before. While Ron had a massive smile on his face, Hermione was sporting a more pensive look. Harry had just reacted in an extremely violent way about something in relation to her. Draco wasn't threatening Harry that caused Harry to react that way. It was a threat towards her that drove Harry to dropping Malfoy. A small part her, deep down inside, was thrilled about that. That Harry, her best friend in the world, would go to such lengths to protect her.

Harry, however, now noticed that Death Eaters were moving away from the woods so he motioned to his two friends that they needed to make a run for it now. The three bolted from the woods and towards the hill. While Ron and Hermione made it through the throngs of people still running around, Harry bumped into someone and fell. He looked at the man whom he had ran into and thought he looked familiar. He couldn't place his face but something was pounding into his memory that he had seen this man before and it wasn't a good thing. But what was even more recognizable was the object that lay in between them: Harry's wand.

Hermione had stopped running when she realized that Harry, once again, was no longer behind her and Ron.

"Ron wait!"

"Hermione, we need to hurry up and reach the portkey," Ron said breathing heavily. He was worried about his siblings and didn't think he could waste anymore time getting back to them. He wanted to go home.

"Ron, Harry not behind us. We have to go back and look for him."

"Harry's a big boy Hermione. He can get back by himself. He's not the Boy-Who-Lived for nothing."

Hermione stared back at her friend with a look of complete and utter disappointment. "Ronald Weasley, do you think Harry would leave you behind if the situation was reversed." Before Ron could even open his mouth, Hermione cut him off. "No! He would make sure you got back alright. We have to make sure he's safe."

Ron looked into the eyes of the girl he was starting to have feelings for and conceded. They turned back around and saw Harry wrestling on the ground with someone else looking to gain possession of a wand. Hermione screamed out Harry's name and the stranger looked up at her. Harry did the only thing he could do with the man's broken concentration. He thrust his knee up and nailed the guy right in the crotch.

Having regained possession of his wand, the trio started running for the hills. But the stranger would not be deterred. He grab a wand that laid near (hopefully) unconscious and started to chase after them. The trio were faster and was able to create a bit distance between them and their stalker. Running by exploding tents and watching random spells fly overhead proved easy for Harry due to his seeker reflexes. Ron and Hermione, however, had almost been caught several times in the crossfire.

Finally, the trio make to the hilltop where they Fred, George and Ginny. The six kids laid down next to the old boot and waited to be taken back to the Burrow. Harry was wondering why the portkey was taking so long when he looked behind him and saw the stranger behind them. He saw the man take aim and fire off a spell. What worried Harry the most was that the spell wasn't aimed at him; the spell was heading straight for Hermione. Harry did the only thing he could do.

Hermione was waiting for the portkey to activate when she noticed a strange look in Harry's eye. He wasn't looking at her but behind her. The look on his face said it all. A spell was heading straight for her. She closed her eyes and just prayed that it wasn't the killing curse. SHe then felt a something heavy fall on top her and a split second later she felt herself being pulled into the air. They had made it.

When they landed on the outskirts of the Burrow, Hermione felt whatever had landed on her roll off. She looked over to what it was and suddenly paled. It was Harry.