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The next morning, Buffy woke up as sore as ever. Might have to do with sobbing her eyes out, but it was most likely due to all the fighting she'd done with Spike. Oh. Ohh no. So not thinking about him. Ever. She shook her head and glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table. "8am? Darn. My shift starts in like an hour," she complained as she forced herself out of bed and into the shower. Most of her wounds, except for a few new ones from last night, were completely healed. Gotta love that Slayer healing mojo. The only evidence of her getting the utter crap beaten out of her was the large scab on the back of her head. Gross. I hope that doesn't like fall out at work.

After her morning routine, Buffy couldn't help but feel safe when she felt the sun bathe her in light. No vampires were going to bother her now, especially not stupid, leather wearing, bleached, vampires with a smirk that just needs to be wiped off one way or another. "Ugh!" She was so irritated with him. He was so annoying! Shaking her head, she shoved the thoughts of him aside, she needed to focus and just pretend he didn't exist. Buffy was so focused that she didn't notice the slightly older guy in front of her until she practically plowed him down.

"Oh gosh! I'm a totally space-ace! Sorry!" Buffy exclaimed as they both grabbed each other to keep from falling. The person she ran into was a muscular, dark-skinned guy who was probably only a few years older than her. Maybe 20 or so? He seemed like a decently easy going person if the grin on his face despite being almost knocked over said anything about him.

"Dang girl, you just about knocked me right over. You must be in a hurry. Mind if I walk you to wherever you're going? This isn't exactly the right area for a lil white girl like you," he told her and she had to hold back a laugh. She was The Slayer, she could probably handle a few thugs, but she decided what the heck, she hadn't talked to anyone besides Spike since arriving in L.A. and she was lonely.

"Oh, I'm just walking to work uh…?" she trailed off, not knowing his name. He obviously knew what her hesitation was about because he stuck his hand out and introduced himself.

"The name's Gunn. And you?"

"I'm Buffy," she replied with a smile. He gave her a strange look. "What?" She asked, hoping she didn't have food in her teeth or something.

"Buffy? That's a weird name," he told her while they continued walking down the street. The place Buffy worked was just across the street from where they were, so their meeting was going to be rather short.

"Gunn's not that normal either. That's a weapon – not a name," she replied matter-of-factly, it always annoyed her when people made fun of her name.

"Who's to say it can't be both?" He asked when they were just arriving at the diner Buffy found a job at.

"Well – uh this is my stop, so thanks. Sorry for trying to run you over earlier," she apologized sheepishly. He waved it off though, not really much for holding grudges.

"It's fine. I'll see you around then, Buffy," he told her before walking off. Shrugging, Buffy turned around and started her first day at work.

It was just as terrible as she imagined it would be. First they stuck her on dishes duty. She scrubbed and scrubbed for at least two hours of her shift. Her hands were all wrinkly by the end of it and her pretty pink nail polish was all chipped to hell. It was awful. It just ended up becoming worse as her shift wore on. She signed up to work a 12 hour shift because she desperately needed money, and she was starting to regret that decision. The customers were all total creeps or losers and kept trying to flirt with her or grab her ass, and no matter how badly she wanted to, she couldn't beat them up. It was weird having people she wasn't allowed to use her Slayer strength on. God when she got back to her motel room she was going to go out and find a whole nest of vamps to take out. She was miserable the whole 12 hours, but she got plenty of tips just for being blonde and cute. The tips you got during the day, you were able to pocket, so Buffy walked out at 9pm with a wad of cash – if she counted it – it added up to around one hundred dollars. It was a nice, comforting feeling having that in her jacket pocket - almost as comforting as the stake in her other pocket. She wasn't going to even bother with going back to the motel. She needed to kill something, and now would be preferable.

As if on cue, she heard a scream ring out nearby and felt the tingles that meant a vamp was nearby. Thankfully it didn't feel like Spike tingles. As she ran towards where the scream came from, she noticed that the tingles were more than usual, that usually meant more than one vamp, but that was fine by her. She was irritated and needed a punching bag. When she rounded the corner, she spotted three vamps that were surrounding two girls who looked like they were just on their way to a fun night out in the city. When she approached, the vampires turned towards her and hissed. These guys were older than fledges though, so this might be a bit more challenging than she originally thought, but she was the Slayer, she could handle it.

"Slayer!" They all yelled and abandoned their meal. Buffy didn't even have to tell them to get out of there, the girls just bolted as soon as the attention left them. Buffy smiled as the vamps drew closer and prepared to attack.

"Ooh! I'm famous," she grinned as she dodged a punch to her face and then sent a roundhouse kick to the vamp that failed to hit her. The three quickly surrounded her, but she still felt like the odds were pretty decent. While she was busy staking the first vampire that attacked her, one of the others grabbed her hair and pulled, yanking her back against him while he tried to bite her. She lashed out with her fist and busted his nose. He roared in pain and grabbed at his nose. While he was busy being a baby and wailing about his nose, Buffy started on the last vampire. He was more cautious than the other two and obviously the leader of the little pack they had.

"I've always wanted to kill a Slayer," he told her with a cocky grin that reminded her way too much of Spike. Rolling her eyes, Buffy shifted slightly so her back wasn't turned to him completely and staked the other vamp that she'd punched. Now it was just the two of them in the alley.

"Yeah? Well today's not your lucky day," she replied with a grin before advancing on him. It seemed like the world stopped around her and it was just her and this nameless vampire. He attacked first, charging at her while vamping out. She wasn't expected the suddenness of the attack and was thrown across the alley by him, slamming into the brick wall. She felt the back of her head when she shot to her feet and it came back bloody. Great, that was just getting better. It was time to finish this.

With an irritated sigh, Buffy shook hair out of her eyes that came undone from her ponytail and she and the vamp started trading blows. It was a pretty equal fight and in the end, she almost wasn't able to stake him. That was a scary thought. When the dust settled, Buffy leaned back against the wall from her spot on the ground and tried not to cry. God, I'm losing it. I'm off my game. Thank God Spike is the only one that knows I'm here now. Using her hand to pull her up the wall to stand, Buffy shuffled off and wandered down the street, looking for more people who needed saving, even if she wasn't exactly in top shape. She didn't notice the lizard-like creature that had been watching her the whole time and started to follow her.

Buffy ended up near that alley she'd first fought Spike in. It was like her feet unconsciously led her there and she rolled her eyes. She wandered down the alley and smiled at the broken glass bottle that was still there. Now that had been satisfying, even more so than it had been at the time when she thought she was just dealing with another run of the mill vamp.

"Returning to the scene of the crime, eh, luv?" A familiar British voice asked from the darkness behind her. She whirled around just in time to see the door to the demon club closing. So that's where he was spending all his time. She stored that little piece of info away for later. Buffy felt a little bit of panic considering she'd failed to even notice his approach. It was scary being around him when she was off her game, he was the one vampire, besides the Master, that would have killed her had it not been for her family and friends . . . that she didn't have around right now.

"Spike, what do you want?" She asked him; resigned to having to talk to the very guy she'd been trying to avoid thinking about all day.

"Why do you always assume I want something? I was just coming outside to have a smoke and you're here. The better question is what do you want, Slayer?" He turned the whole statement around on her as he lit up and took a puff of his cigarette. Buffy coughed as he blew the smoke out into her face.

"I don't want anything from you," she said, trying to get as much disgust into her words as possible. Spike saw right through it though. He just tilted his head at her and then before she knew it, he had her back pressed against the wall behind her, his cigarette long forgotten. His face was so close that if Buffy tilted her head slightly, their lips would touch. She didn't, even though she really wanted to despite everything. This close and his scent invaded her nostrils. Leather, smoke, the faintest hint of cologne, and a smell that was purely Spike. There was no describing it any other way, and it was affecting her in ways it really, really shouldn't.

"Really?" He asked and made a show of sniffing her, which was beyond weird, but his next words shot a jolt of panic and something a little more surprising through her. A feeling that even Angel hadn't been able to bring out in her that often. The last time was when he was Angelus and they were under that spell at the high school. "Because it sure smells like it," he told her with a smirk. That smirk that she hated so much. The one that meant that he was a step ahead and he knew it. The one he always wore when he got to her, and god did it piss her off.

"You pig!" She yelled and shoved him off of her. He let her and was laughing while she fumed. She never once got the urge to stake him though. She was at the point where she was so angry her arms and legs were shaking, but the thought hadn't even crossed her mind just to stake him. It was totally because he was a familiar sight in an unfamiliar city, not because she was attracted to him. Nope.

"You know you love it, Summers," he said with a wink. He started walking back into the demon bar, but seemed to think of something, so he turned back around towards her. "And Buffy? . . . Oink." He threw his head back and laughed at the expression on her face before heading back inside. Swiping tears from her face, Buffy turned around and started heading home. The lizard-like demon that had been hiding behind a dumpster during the exchange between Spike and her poked its head out of its hiding place and scurried to follow the vampire back inside the bar.