A/N: Short chapter but I've started work on the next one and it'll be longer. Sorry I've sucked at updating my fics lately. My writing style has changed a lot since I last updated things so it's been hard for me to continue them.

Spike was busy helping himself to a drink while trying to hold back how amused he was. Her face had been hilarious. She'd had that needy expression when he had her back pressed against the wall and then was so pissed when he pointed out the obvious. He'd forgotten how fun she was to mess with. While he smiled to himself at the bar, he didn't notice that lizard demon that had been following Buffy all night slither on into the demon club. It made a bee-line towards the group of huge, bulky demons that always took the corner booth every night. At first the demons looked like they were going to beat the much smaller demon to a bloody pulp, but with a few hurried gestures and words, they allowed him to speak. It wasn't a quick conversation though. After a few minutes they let the demon sit with them and the conversation continued. Spike was blissfully unaware and was enjoying his whiskey. Back at the corner booth, the demons were all rather pissed off now. The best one at hiding that fact was sent to the bar.

Spike hardly glanced up as the demon sat down beside him. The only reason he paid any mind to it was the large hand it patted his back with. The demon chuckled and began talking to him.

"So, you're Spike right? You the one that kills Slayers?" The demon asked him. Spike nodded and puffed up proudly, ready to brag and fill the demon in, but before he got the chance to, he was grabbed by the collar of his duster and hauled out the back entrance of the bar. The rest of the group followed them out, dragging the little lizard demon with them. Spike struggled in the large demon's firm grip. "Oi! Watch the leather, mate! Gonna bruise it," he complained before getting tossed to the ground roughly.

"Not the only thing I'm gonna bruise. What? Thought you'd keep her all to yourself?" He asked and kicked Spike when he attempted to get to his feet. This of course brassed him off. Spike shot to his feet – fangs at the ready. His gaze shot over to the little lizard demon. He had been seeing that bloke around after encounters with the Slayer, must've been that little nark. Spike would deal with him later, and the look he shot him must've shown that because the smaller demon cowered behind the group of others. Spike snarled and began circling the much larger demon, looking for a hole in his defenses.

"Yeah, they call me the Slayer of Slayers for a reason you git. Why the hell would I tell you she's in town? That Slayer is mine," Spike wasn't about to tell them he might mean that in a way other than just killing her. He wasn't going to lie, fighting the Slayer made him want her in entirely different ways and he hated it. He was supposed to kill her, not have to wank off while thinking about her. It was becoming a habit and was starting to not be enough. He knew she felt the same lust towards him, but that stubborn bint would never admit it – even when he pointed it out to her!

Spike would have continued his inner tirade if at that particular moment the demon hadn't decided to attempt to deck him in the face. He ducked and came back with his own attack. His duster swirled with him as he sent a roundhouse kick into his legs to knock him off his feet. The demon fell back with a grunt and Spike would have gone for the kill if his groupies hadn't decided to drag him away from their leader and beat him to a bloody pulp. When they were done, they walked away, laughing and going on about how they were going to kill The Slayer. Spike groaned and sat up slowly. His ribs protested, a few were likely broken and cracked and he spit blood onto the pavement. Once on his feet, he started walking -more of limping - to where Buffy was staying as fast as he could. These demons were bad news and she didn't have her friends backing her up. Spike kept telling himself he just wanted to keep her alive so he could kill her, but it was more than that. He was starting to care about her. The thought made him growl, but there it was. That's why he was sticking around L.A, that's why he wasn't able to kill her the few days ago when he should have. Spike was a sorry sight when he made it to the parking lot of the motel and headed up towards her room. He hadn't been invited in before, so he knocked lightly and hoped Buffy was there to answer the door.