Artemis quickly walks toward the next room to confront his friend. Once he got to the jail cell and saw that his Holly looked as miserable as she possibly could.

"Holly, what did they do to you?" Artemis said with a look of concern across his face. Holly had a surprised facial expression. "Artemis, is that you?" She had a look of disbelief in her eyes. It was like she had seen a missing pet for years and finding it one day on her yard waiting for her to give it a treat.

"I have no time to explain," Artemis said quickly. "We must get out of here before it's too…" but before he could finish the sentence, a flash passed by his head. He looked behind him to see a pixie with a neutrino 9000. As quick as a flash, another shot came from the gun and numbed him to the point to where he was asleep.

A few hours later, Artemis awakened tied to a chair. How stereotypic. A villain would tie a victim to a chair to question him.

"Welcome," a familiar voice said. Artemis opened his eyes to find the same black haired girl from earlier.

"Remember me?" the girl asked with smile across her face. "Yes, I remember you. You're that girl that contacted me that day," Artemis said.

"Yes, well you tried save your dear friend over there," the girl with a harsher attitude. "But you know you failed so I will tell you that. Instead I will tell you that I captured your friend in the pipes."

"Minerva!" Artemis broke out.

"Yes, well I have her in custody," the girl said with a look a victory. "I have you all figured out Artemis Fowl. I have Foaly blocked out of this area. He can't get in or out here with his technology and I have a frequency that would destroy any bugs that came in here."

"Well then you know that any frequency that can destroy bugs would also render any electronic device useless," Artemis said.

"I do know that however, I don't have any electronic devices and I don't need any," the girl said.

"Why am I here?" Artemis asked. He was wondering what this girl would want with him. He spent the fairy gold a long time ago and the bank account could not be hacked. He implanted a bug to infiltrate the hacker and shuts the person out.

"Why are you here?" the girl lashed at him as if he knew what was happening. "You're Artemis Fowl. You have never been beaten by anyone! I want the glory of defeating the mastermind that has defeated the fairies and that girl in the pipes."

"I have one more question," Artemis asked with a relatively calm voice.

"What is it?" that girl starting to calm down.

"What is your name," Artemis asked.

"My name is …" the girl started to say until she was interrupted by walls crashing down.

"Put your hands up," said the batch of elves that happened to be a LEP retrieval team. They busted down the walls with sledgehammers.

"Hello LEP," the girl said calmly. Artemis didn't expect any panicked movement from this girl because if she wanted to defeat him, she would have to plan for every priority. The LEP arriving wasn't very low on the list of planning for.

At that moment, a net tied from the ceiling capture the LEP team. "Hah, everybody never anticipates these old fashioned traps. It seems that everyone relies on technology now," the girl said in a disgraceful tone.

Then there was a loud thump from the room next to him. Some struggling and grunts were heard as well. Before he knew it, he saw Holly Short come out from the room looking rejuvenated and in a LEPrecon suit. On the other side, the same can be heard. Minerva came out from that room with a Neutrino 3000 in here hands.

But before Artemis could get a clearer look at the two girls coming out of their rooms, the dark haired girl said, "Don't forget me Artemis Fowl. I'll be back," and hurried to the control panel and opened a latch to reveal a bright red button. She pressed the button and a countdown started.

"Five minutes until self-destruct," a voice over the intercoms said.

"Artemis!" Minerva ran to Artemis and pulled out a knife. "Where did you get that knife?" Artemis asked trying to lighten the deadly situation. "The LEP gave me this knife with a Neutrino 3000," while she was cutting the rope on the chair.

"Four minutes until self-destruct," the intercom said.

Minerva cut the rope off of Artemis's chair. He broke loose and quickly went into command.

"Holly, you stay at the rear of us to defend us from any infantry behind us. Minerva, you go in front to clear out any other infantry in front of us," Artemis commanded. The girls went into the formation and started moving.

"Where are we going?" Holly asked. "I have to blueprint memorized. Turn left," Minerva said. The group hurried left.

"Three minutes left until self-destruct."

The team ran faster to outrun the timer. Occasionally, Minerva or Holly would fire a shot at soldiers.

"Two minutes until self-destruct."

"One minute until self-destruct."

"How big is this place?" Holly asked. "It's 1,159,345 square acres," Minerva replied.

"30 seconds until self-destruct."

"Are we able to get out of here in less than 30 seconds?" Holly asked with panic in here voice.

"Just run!" Minerva shouted to be heard over the gargantuan noise of a building collapsing.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5," the intercom counted down. The team was at the entrance of the building.

"3, 2, 1," the intercom said until it exploded. Artemis started to feel a jolt of pain in his back. Then his feet flew off the ground and then he fell to the floor. The last thing he remembered was Holly crying and trying to heal him.