Voldemort wins the First war. Hermione grows up in a slave training camp after she turns eleven. She is sold at 17 years of age.

She is the one a prophecy speaks of, but there is only a piece of it. Where is the rest?

Can she and her 4 masters defeat Voldemort before magic and the world is entirely destroyed?

Harry is not the hero in this universe.

WARNINGS: BDSM, Violence (not sure how intense), Limes. Not sure what else shall be added.


All characters and canon plots are the sole property of JK Rowling. If only I had some polyjuice potion, then they could be mine, but I don't, so they aren't.

Plus she's much better at writing a prophecy than I am, as you can tell.

Slave to the Phoenix

A piece of the lost prophecy:

She shall come as a humble young lioness, loyal and true.

A lion and three snakes shall over her rule.

Mighty war against evil once more shall rage

Joined together all magic they shall save.


Voldemort had won the war. He was a prideful and puffed up man. Evil seeped through his very bones. He had many followers, but didn't realize how many were conspiring against him. They were willing to lose their lives to be free from his fear, from the darkness that he cast over the magical world. He thought the fear they had kept them in line, kept them loyal. These conspirators, spies for the Order of the Phoenix were Lucius Malfoy, and Severus Snape.

Muggles were now considered slaves. Once it was known that a muggle child had magical capabilities, they were taken from their homes at eleven years of age and placed in a slave training prison. They were trained up to the age of 17, which was considered to be of age in the wizarding world.

Hermione Granger was one of these slaves. A girl with bushy brown hair and bright eyes. She was intelligent, loyal and stubborn. She was a survivor, never wanting to give up hope that one day she would be free.

As time went on, she became more quiet, more withdrawn. Living the life of a slave was horrid. The teachers could be cruel and malicious. Punishments were merciless if commands were not obeyed.

The only thing good she thought of was that training did not include anything sexual, but as she matured she realized that would change. The day she was sold, everything would change. She wished it would change for the better, but didn't hold out hope for it.

In that training prison she became known as the little lioness. She was quick to stand up for others, and to stand up for herself. A fighter, and a loyal friend. Some thought this was foolish bravery and she suffered the most for it.

The time was almost upon her. Six more months and she would be someone's property. Papers were already being sent out. The auction date being prepared. Six months of grooming to be done, to make her look as desirable as possible. Bids were coming in, though none would be accepted until that day came.

Little did she know that the hands of fate had begun working in her favor, all due to a prophecy. It started with a visit to the prison by the Minister of Magic, Lucius Malfoy.