Very original title, I know. Just as the description says, it is my continuation of Danny Phantom starting after D-stabilized; that is why the first chapter is called Episode 52. Since Phantom Planet was a totally botched ending just so fans wouldn't be completely pissed at an incomplete series, I am completely disregarding it. Now for a few notes on the story:

It was kind of confusing looking over the episodes leading up to D-Stabilized to determine a timeline on them. For Season 1 and 2 Danny is supposed to be 14, and 15 in Season 3. Reality Trip (episode 37-38) is set during summer, Double Cross My Heart and Kindred Spirits (episodes 39 and 40) both have school scenes, but then Claw of the Wild (episode 50) is back during summer, at a summer camp. So I had to sift through all that mess. I decided to ignore that small mess. This chapter starts right after the summer, on the first day of school. Danny, Sam, and Tucker are all 15.

I am trying to write this in a similar style to the series itself, so in a way each chapter (or episode, actually) is its own story, that in some way, either loosely or majorly, ties into the main plot, with the occasional simply funny episode. I also have three "movie" episodes planned, which take up two, two, and three chapters repectively in the synopsis. They will be posted in parts. My main worry is that I put too much detail into it (using descriptions instead of names). If possibly, I would like any feedback you have for me on that, and anything else that might catch your attention. Just send me a PM or review :)

Anything in Mr. Lancer's speech that is italicized is the title of a book.

I do not own Danny Phantom :'(

Episode 52: Alter Ego

The hallway was filled with sleepy teenagers, half-dead zombies with huge, dark circles under their eyes and hair that looked like they just crawled out of bed, and some of them had. Paulina's perfect make-up did little to hide the tiredness in her face and Dash's usual enthusiasm for beating up nerds was drowned out in his groggy yawns. A couple people looked near to falling over from sleep deprivation and others had actually fallen asleep on their first period desks. It seemed everyone was totally out of it, but that wasn't entirely true. "What's wrong with everyone?" the strangely vibrant girl with purple eyes and lipstick asked, looking curiously at her completely lackluster classmates.

"I don't know, Sam," the dark-haired boy with blue eyes beside her replied sarcastically. He was equally as awake as his companion, showing only the smallest signs of tiredness, though it didn't seem from lack of sleep. "They probably aren't used to getting up at five in the morning to fight ghosts," he added in a much quieter tone so only the two people beside could hear.

"Am I hearing a bit of contempt in your tone?" the third teenager in the group asked, tossing his PDA in the air and deftly catching it.

Letting out an exasperated sigh and opening his locker, Danny stated, "You know I don't hate ghost fighting, although it can get annoying at times." An image of the Box Ghost popped into his head, the very non-threatening ghost trying to frighten him with several decaying boxes in a long-since-forgotten storage shed. "I just don't care much for school. It's like fighting ghosts, except I can't use my powers to fight back."

Just as he closed his locker and took a step back someone ran into him. "Watch where you're going, Fentino!" Dash growled before continuing on his way.

"See what I mean?" Danny asked, sighing as they started down the hallway, stopping at Sam's locker. "I can beat up Technus or Skulker when they attack me, but all I can do with Dash is run away! It's kind of infuriating."

"At least Dash isn't trying to kill you though," Sam pointed out, grabbing a book and closing the locker door.

Shaking his head, Danny said, "There are times when sure seems like he wants to."

"He's not trying to skin you and rest your pelt at the foot of his bed," Tucker added, the three friends continuing on to their class.

Chuckling, the ghost-boy's spirits seemed to lift a little. "I'll have to give you that one," he said, stopping in his tracks as a small trail of icy breath escaped his mouth. "Here?" he asked no one in particular, looking around to try and find the ghost. Through a small classroom door window on the opposite wall of the hallway the cause of Danny's ghost sense trigger could see the silver coat and hair of a very familiar ghost.

"Technus," the three said simultaneously, a small hint of exasperation in their voices.

"They can't even leave me alone on the first day of school," Danny grumbled, more than a little annoyance in his voice as he ran down the more crowded hallway and around a corner to a deserted one. One quick glance to make sure no one could see him, Danny shouted, "Going ghost!" Twin rings appeared around the fifteen-year-old's waist, one rising and the other falling, changing his white and red shirt and blue jeans into a black Hazmat suit with a stylized D with a P inside it on his chest, white Hazmat boots and gloves, and changing his black hair and blue eyes white and green respectively. Standing where Danny Fenton had just been was Danny Phantom, Amity Park's own superhero.

A door next to the ghost child opened suddenly, startling him. "Fentonouski?" Dash asked, looking out into the hallway. "Danny Phantom!" he shouted once he saw Danny, suddenly wide away. "Wow, I can't believe I thought I heard Fentoenail out here. I'm one of your biggest fans, Danny Phantom!"

"Great, just what I need…" Danny sighed to himself, his voice holding that faint echo all ghosts seemed to have. "Look, there is an evil ghost that I have to go fight so… be sure to get to class on time!" Without giving Dash time to react, he quickly flew back around the corner and towards the computer lab.

"What took you so long, Danny?" Tucker asked, slightly frantic as he watched through the computer lab window. Technus was currently laughing maniacally, several computers floating around the room.

"Dash nearly saw me," Danny said, eyes narrowing and turning intangible, Danny grabbed hit two friends' shoulders and fazed them through the door. "He heard me say 'going ghost,' but luckily I had already changed so he didn't see it, but he did 'think' he heard me."

Shaking her head as her friend set her down, Sam replied, "You really need to be more careful, Danny. What if he actually did see you?"

"I know, I know," the white-haired teen sighed, turning his attention to the other ghost in the room.

Their conversation alerted Technus to their presence, the ghost turning around and laughing at them. "Hello there, ghost-child," his voice sounded, that typical drawl lengthening the syllables. "I am Technus, ghost master of all electronics, and I will soon be pummeling you with my newest creation! Just watch as all this groovy technology becomes—ah, ah, aaaahhh!" A blue beam had grabbed onto his green ghost tail, pulling him towards the small cylinder in the half-ghost's hands. The computers flying around suddenly lost their green glow, also losing their ability to fly and falling straight towards the ground. The loud crashes made the three teens flinch.

Placing the top back on the Fenton Thermos and shaking it a little, Danny asked, "Is he ever going to learn? I mean, if he paid a little more attention then he would have realized he was going to get sucked into the Fenton Thermos." Laughing and stepping to the side so he was no longer visible from the door window, Danny changed back into his human form.

Opening her backpack so her friend could put the ghost containment device in it, Sam asked, "Kind of like how if you paid more attention then Dash wouldn't have almost figured out your secret?"

Glaring as Tucker started laughing, he shoved the thermos into the spider-shaped bag and snapped, "Shut up, Sam."

"Hey, don't be hating," she said coolly, holding her hands up defensively. "I'm just pointing it out."

Opening the door and quickly getting away from the mess, Danny replied, "It doesn't mean you have to say it, though. It was nerve-wracking enough when it happened."

"So I will continue to remind you so it doesn't happen again," Sam replied smugly, the three teens rounding the corner at the end of the hall.

Mr. Lancer curiously came around the corner at the other end of the hall, looking up and down the empty corridor for whatever loud crashing had caught his attention. He then saw the open computer lab door and cautiously approached it, peering around it carefully just in case something was in there. "Pride and Prejudice! What has happened here?" he shouted, looking in on over a dozen busted computer monitors.

"Did you hear about what happened in computer lab B?" Paulina's asked as she sat her tray down and took a seat next to her best friend, Star.

"Yeah, I heard someone completely trashed it," the aforementioned girl stated, that icy undertone freezing her words.

Danny had the poor luck of walking by the popular table right at that time and he soon found himself acquainted with the floor. "I don't know who did it," the owner of the foot who tripped Danny started, "but I bet that Fenturd and his geeky friends had something to do with it."

Biting his tongue and trying to keep his anger from making his eyes glow green, Danny slowly rose to his hands and knees, grabbing his spilled tray and then rising to his feet. Gritting his teeth with ghost green creeping into his blue eyes, Danny put the now empty tray in the appropriate bin and continued to his table. "Here Danny," Sam said as he sat down, sliding her tray, and subsequently the veggie wrap on it, over to the half-ghost.

Taking a few deep breaths, Danny forced himself to calm down before thanking Sam, not wanting any of his displeasure towards Dash to come out at the goth girl. "Thanks for sharing Sam," he said a second time after taking a gracious bite.

"Oh, no problem," she replied, stabbing some lettuce and a tomato from her salad. "I had extra and Dash kind of ruined your lunch. Of course I'd give you some of mine."

"Well, thanks again, Sam," the fifteen-year-old repeated, starting to sound like a broken record. He was about to take another bite when his ghost sense went off. Sighing and sitting it down on the tray, he frustratedly asked, "Again?"

Glancing around the room and out the large windows, he saw nothing, but his ghost sense had told him something was there, somewhere. "And that is why you don't bully other kids, Bully," a voice came from under the table.

Jumping slightly at the unexpected voice, Danny leaned back a little to see the nerdy 50s ghost with glasses, sitting and hugging his knees under their table. "Poindexter," he said quietly, a small edge of surprise in his voice. "How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a bully? And what are you doing here anyway? Last I knew you were living it up in Casper High of '55."

"You're not a bully but you use your powers to pick on other kids," Poindexter retorted, pointing one finger at the ghost-boy.

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, Danny replied, "It was payback for all the times he picked on me, and I stopped doing that anyway. If I was really a bully wouldn't I have just used my powers to blast him back there?" The bullied ghost could not find a response for that, and after a moment of silence Danny asked again, "What are you doing here Poindexter?"

Chuckling nervously and pressing his forefingers together, he was about to answer when all of a sudden the whole room lost some of its color, as if it was halfway transported onto black and white film.

A trail of icy was exhaled with the dark-haired teenager's breath, and the source of it wasn't that hard to find this time. Floating six feet above the ground was a monochrome jock that seemed to have come from the same place Poindexter had, and Danny was pretty sure he probably had. Screams rang out from the other tables as the students innocently eating their lunch spotted the ghost, the terrified teenagers jumping up out of their seats and running around the cafeteria in a mass of confusion. "That makes things easier," the young ghost hunter commented, slipping under the table. "Going ghost!" Danny called, accompanied by the flash of his transformation.

Dash stopped and looked over at Sam and Tucker, but couldn't find the outlet he used to release his anger. "I could have sworn I just heard Fentony yell something," he said, to which the other two smiled nervously.

"Nope, Danny isn't here," Sam said quickly, trying to hide her unease.

"Yeah. I, uh, think he went to the bathroom to get the… uh… green… surprise… off of his hands," Tucker added, looking equally as awkward.

Turning and grabbing Poindexter by the shirt, point a finger right in his face, the ghost-boy said, "I'm not through with you yet. We will talk after I get rid of this guy." Gulping down the lump in his throat, Poindexter quickly nodded so Danny would release him. Fazing up through the table, and having to keep himself from 'accidentally' knocking the tray his wrap was on into Dash if for no other reason than to keep Poindexter from being right, Danny came to a scene where the other ghost was giving Lester a horrid wedgy, pulling the poor kid's underwear up over his head. "Geez, whether you're a jock or a ghost jock you just have to pick on someone, don't you?" he asked, attracting the ghost's attention, as well as about everyone else in the room.

"I'm just having a little harmless fun," the colorless 1955 version of Dash replied lightheartedly.

"Yeah, stringing people up by their underwear is harmless fun," Danny scoffed, crossing his arms unapprovingly. "Now, why you try picking on someone who can fight back." At the insinuation of the start of a fight the last of the students cleared out of the mess hall, though many stopped at the doors to watch. The only exceptions were Sam and Tucker, who instead slipped under the table with their lunches to wait for their friend.

The ghost jock seemed to think about it for a moment, if that was possible, before grinning and saying, "Fighting you, huh? Well, if Poindexter could do it you can't be that tough!"

The ghost started flying right at him, fist out in front of him and ready for a punch. Danny couldn't help but roll his eyes at the feeble attempt. The spectral football player was moving at a slug's speed compared to how fast Danny could fly, and he wasn't even putting any ghost energy into his fist. Lazily pointing a finger at the ghost, he shot the guy with a ghost ray that sent him flying back into wall above the opening to the kitchen. "Pathetic," he yawned, pulling out the Fenton Thermos and removing the top. "Good news, Technus, I'm giving you a friend," he said to the ghost already trapped inside, capturing the knocked out jock ghost and replacing the top on the thermos.

"Curse you, Ghost-Boy!" could vaguely be heard through the metal container, to which it was rewarded with a quick shake.

Flying back under the table, he heard the sound of doors opening and feet approaching so he quickly grabbed his two friends and Poindexter and fazed all of them through the floor and into the basement. Changing back and taking his wrap form Sam, he turned his gaze directly to the only other ghost in the room (well, outside of the Fenton Thermos), and demanded, "Now tell me what's going on Poindexter."

"So, let me get this straight," Sam cut in as Poindexter was about to finish his story. "You kept going around bragging about how you had defeated Danny Phantom, so after a while all the tough guys in your 1955 ghost zone school thing decided they wanted to test their strength by fighting you. So you ran here to ask Danny to let you defeat him again so that the other ghosts would see how strong you are and leave you alone?"

Sighing and hanging his head, the nerdy ghost replied, "Yeah, pretty much."

The bell could faintly be heard, even in the basement. "That's the first bell," Danny said, getting up off of the wooden crate he was sitting on. Pointing a finger at their troublesome guest, he said, "We will continue this discussion later, after class."

"Does that mean you'll help me?" Poindexter asked, looking quite excited.

"No," the half-ghost deadpanned, grabbing his two friends and making all three of them intangible. "It means we will try to figure something out after class." Fazing up through the ceiling and back into the cafeteria under the table they had been sitting at, the three quickly headed to class before the tardy bell rang.

Sitting in Mr. Lancer's boring English class, hear him drone on and on with his boring speech about how great it was to be back at school after a boring lecture on not breaking school property, which his gaze seemed to hover a bit longer on a particular black-haired teen during, the last thing Danny wanted was his ghost sense going off. "It's only me," an invisible Poindexter stated, quiet enough that no one besides the boy next to him could hear.

"What are you doing here?" Danny asked sharply, but equally quiet, lowering his head a little so Mr. Lancer wouldn't be able to see his mouth moving.

"When one of those guys come after me again I want to be near you so you can protect me," Poindexter replied as if it was obvious.

"I'm not your shield," the half-ghost shot back, glaring at the invisible person to his right.

"No, but you always help those in need, right?" the full-ghost retorted, looking quite smug in his invisible-ness. Danny's non-response was all the response he needed. Doing all he could to keep himself from laughing, Poindexter started floating around the room, looking at what the other students were using to drown out their teacher. Danny sighed, it was going to be a long day.

"Danny, what's wrong?" Sam asked when she met up with the clearly grouchy teenager. Without saying a word, he walked to his locker, opened it, and waited for the hallway to clear before pointing to the empty air above his left shoulder. Poindexter suddenly appeared, making the other two teenager's jump. "Oh, that's what's wrong."

"I never knew there was something duller than Mr. Lancer speaking, but Poindexter sure proved me wrong," Danny complained, slamming his locker door closed. "If I have to hear one more lame story of life back in 1955 I swear I am going to scream." A small stream of icy breath didn't make his mood any better. The ghost that floated through the wall looked like another black-and-white football player, there for Poindexter, no doubt. Sam and Tucker nodded to signal the coast was clear, Danny shouted, "Going ghost!" twin rings sliding up and down his body, changing it from ghost to human.

With a somewhat excited look on his face, the ghost said, "I come looking for Poindexter and find the Halfa. Beating you up will really increase my reputation."

Easily dodging the slowly thrown punch, Danny reached into Sam's bag to retrieve the Fenton Thermos and grabbed the bully by the pack of his letter jacket, fazing through the walls and going out to the outside commons. "Do all you football players have brain damage?" he asked snidely, throwing the ghost into one of the trees. "Because the last one of you who came thought they could beat me, too."

"If that wimpy Poindexter can defeat you then you can't be that tough," this one said, too, just like the last one that was still resting in the Fenton Thermos alongside Technus.

Flying through the wall and up towards the fight, stopping just behind the white-haired half-ghost. "Give him a nice ghost ray!" he told Danny enthusiastically, holding his fists out in front of him and punching the air. More than a little annoyed, Danny glared back at cowardly nerd. "What?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders and looking a little sheepish.

Before Danny could answer the ghost he had taken his attention from connected a fist to his cheek, sending him back a couple feet. The ghost-boy turned his glare onto his attacker, who had a smug look on his face. "A cheap shot, huh?" he asked quietly, watching as the jock grabbed Poindexter by the front of his shirt. "Let me repay the favor." Too annoyed to hold back, he extended his hand towards the two, a ball of green energy forming in his palm. The green beam of ghost energy shot from his outstretched hand, hitting the monochrome jock in the chest, sending him flying back and causing him to release the poor nerd ghost in the process. Taking out the Thermos, he pointed it to the recovering football player ghost and mocked, "Let me introduce you to my little friends." The blue beam pulling him into the thermos, Danny closed it once again, shaking it for good measure. "Actually, I think you already know one of them."

"Hot diggidy dog! You're amazing!" Poindexter cheered, floating down to Danny, who had landed on the ground. The half-ghost wasn't quite as pleased to see him, though.

Grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling the smaller ghost up so their noses here just a couple inches apart, green eyes narrowed in anger, and said with more than just an ounce of annoyance, "I can't keep protecting you from theses creeps."

"But you keep defending them, don't you? Why can't you help me, too?" he asked, gesturing towards the school and the people inside.

"I protect them from ghosts because they don't have the ability to fight back," Danny countered, releasing Poindexter and taking a few steps back towards the building.

"I don't have the ability to fight those ghost bullies either," Poindexter retorted, waving his arm in the direction the last enemy ghost had appeared from.

Sighing in exasperation, Danny turned back around, taking the few steps back towards the other ghost and pointing an accusatory finger at him. "You're a ghost," he said sharply. "You can turn invisible, turn intangible enough to go through walls, you can manipulate items using ghost energy, and you can overshadow people. So far the only thing I see them doing is throwing their weight around. Find some way to defend yourself." Stalking back off towards the school, he made it quite clear the conversation was over. And the tardy bell ringing didn't help his mood any.

The release bell was a welcome sound to Danny Fenton's ears. Meeting up with Sam and Tucker in the hallway it was obvious he was in a much better mood. "Good to see I'm back to being the most sour person in the group," Sam joked, getting a laugh out of her two friends.

"I've had absolutely no ghost encounters since fifth period ended," Danny said, grinning quite happily. "Also, there's been no sign of—" the pallid ghost screaming and flying by in front of them as if it had been thrown or hit "—Poindexter…" The cheer was completely stolen from his voice with that one word. Sighing defeatedly as another ghost jock followed the ghost nerd, he said, "I guess I'd better go help him." Taking the thermos out of his locker, he started running down the hall towards the front doors to the school, running towards a normally deserted hallway. "Going gh—oof!" he started, running right into Dash.

"Going what, Fenturd?" the non-ghost jock asked, picking up the partially-alive smaller kid up by the shirt. "Going to get a pummeling?"

"Oh, great," Danny said under his breath, watching Poindexter getting attacked just outside the front doors. "Just what I need."

Poindexter looked back and forth between Danny and the bully that had followed him from his school. The former, of whom he had been counting on keeping him safe, was now in the clutches of his own bully, and since most people didn't know about his secret he couldn't change. That meant, and he gulped loudly at the thought, that he'd have to do something about it. Obviously fearful, Poindexter floated up until he was the same distance above the ground as his opponent. Holding a hand out in front of him in the gesture to 'stop,' he said with a shaky voice, "N-now you have b-better leave, a-and go b-back to where y-you came from!"

"Oh, and who's gonna make me, Poindork?" the floating jock asked, folding his arms across his chest and giving a full throated laughter.

"I was afraid you'd ask that," Poindexter whispered to himself. Starting to sweat as the other ghost got closer, he threw both hands out in front of him and looked away, closing his eyes as he shouted, "G-get away!"

The small explosion startled Dash into seeing the battle outside. Not liking what he was seeing, he said, "Today's your lucky day, Fenton." Dropping the smaller teen to the cold, tiled floor, he shouted, "I'm out of here!"

Breathing a sigh of relief, Danny looked around to make sure no one was watching and he activated his transformation. Fazing through the wall, he was pleasantly surprised to the green afterglow of a ghost ray on Poindexter's hands. Laughing wholeheartedly, he floated up and patted Poindexter on the back. "See, I told you you could do it," Danny said, capturing the latest 1995 ghost school ghost.

"You're right, I did do it!" Poindexter cheered.

"Now just don't go exaggerating the story or bragging about it and you should be able to avoid creating a situation like this again," Danny stated, floating down until he landed on the grass below. "Now, do I have to put you in the thermos or will you go back to the ghost zone on your own?"

Chuckling, Poindexter started flying off. "I'm going," he said, waving as he headed back towards the Fenton Portal.

Going around the side of the school to change back, he came back to the front and met up with Sam and Tucker again, the former of which had the stuff he wanted from his locker. "I'd have to say that went pretty good," he said to his two friends. "Four ghosts captured, Poindexter able to defend himself, and no one found out my secret."

"Not for lack of chances," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, I know," Danny replied, looking down a bit. Sam, who had been expecting some sort of sharp refute, was quite shocked. "Always shouting 'going ghost' right before changing… it's like Technus shouting out his battle plan as I'm kicking his butt."

"Hey, I can hear you!" Shaky shaky thermos.

"Not to mention if they don't see you immediately that crying out like that will just give you away," Sam added as they started down the sidewalk. "That and the fact that Dash, who we all know is stupider than a decaying piece of drift wood, almost found out three times today."

Chuckling a bit, Danny said, "Yeah, seriously. Now who wants to find something non-ghost-related to do for the rest of the afternoon?"

"Me!" the other two teenager shouted in unison, all three laughing as they continued down the street.

"That is after you empty the thermos," Sam added. "You have four ghosts crammed in that thing."

A quick note, this is the only Episode I'm writing where Danny uses his "Going ghost!" battle cry.

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