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Episode 54: Seeing is Believing

The night air rushed through his snowy hair. A large full moon and bright stars illuminated the streets far below him, the natural sky still visible because of the lack of neon signs and late night businesses in Amity Park. Everything was closed and most people were asleep in bed already, the only signs of life being the two teenagers on motor scooters and the young boy flying through the sky. Wait; did he say signs of life? Ironic, since both him and his prospective targets were not technically alive.

"Looks like things are going to be quiet tonight," the dark-haired girl said, one hand reaching up to press the com button on the green hands-free device in her ear. The Fenton Phones really were a good way for the three friends to communicate when they were on different sides of the city, allowing them to cover more ground faster and thus get home in time to get a decent amount of sleep before the next day of school.

"Nothing over here either, Danny," the red beret-wearing boy stated, struggling slightly to press his own com button while not dropping the PDA in his hand. "I've been to family reunions more exciting than this, and most of my family is over sixty-years-old."

Coming to a stop, his translucent tail forming into two legs, Danny replied back to them, "I think we might be able to get home before midnight tonight. So long as nothing shows up in the next five minutes—" he exhaled a stream of icy breath, his heavy sigh echoing in his Fenton Phone. "Spoke too soon…" he groaned, looking around for what had set off his ghost sense. Drifting down to street level, he glared unamusedly at the three, slightly-glowing figures he could see through the large windows. Green skin, red cape, black spiked hair, tattoos, he knew her well enough for his liking. Lydia was flanked by three other ghosts, a female ghost dressed in red as well with an eye patch on one side and a really short ghost next to a really tall, muscular ghost on the other side. The last time he had seen them all together was when Freakshow had them, and him, under his control. His power orb was broken, though, so that meant these ghosts were working of their own accord, and he had no regrets doing this…

Fazing through the locked front door, he said confidently, "I'm sorry to tell you guys, but the bank is closed for the night. If you wish to make a withdrawal I must ask you to please return during normal business hours and only take from your own account, thank you." He was rewarded with a heavy bag of coins being thrown at him and hitting him in the chest, sending him flying backwards into a waiting room couch. "Geez, throwing money away when we're in a recession," he grumbled, rubbing the back of his head as he pulled himself out of broken wood and cloth furniture. Note to self, pay more attention to the battle than the witty banter, he thought, walking back so he was between the four ghosts and the normal entrance, not that ghosts needed to use a door. Besides, it wasn't like they said much. "So, are you going to drop the bags and get in the thermos or do I need to start kicking your butts?"

The four, green-skinned ghosts looked at each other then dropped the bags, quickly turning intangible and flying up through the ceiling. Sighing, Danny couldn't help but wonder if anyone—other than the Box Ghost—could ever make this easy before going intangible himself and following them into the sky.

Either they were flying slow or he was simply faster than them, for the white-haired half ghost was in front of them before they had even gotten one hundred yards above the building. Smiling confidently, Danny extended on hand out towards them and shot a ghost ray right into the red clad ghost's chest, sending her back down into the roof of the bank. Lydia and the other two ghost stupidly turned to watch her fall, leaving their backs open for the next two ghost rays, which his Tally and Shorty in turn and sent them on a similar path as their companion. Lydia seemed to gain some sense at that point and 'threw' a bat tattoo at Amity Park's hero. As he frustratedly swatted at the annoying thing, the rest of her tattoos swirled around her in a green and black tornado. Clearing after a few seconds, she was gone.

Exhaling in frustration, Danny floated down to the bank roof just as the first ghost was starting to recover from the hit. Taking the Fenton Thermos off of his belt, he sucked the three ghosts into the blue beam and replaced the top before flying off again, leaving the three, human shaped craters behind.

"You okay, Danny?" Sam's voice asked in his ear.

Smiling despite himself, the half-ghost replied, "Yeah, it was just Lydia and her crew. Got three out of four in the thermos, but tattoo girl herself got away. I don't think I'll have to worry about her for a while, though. She was pretty eager to escape."

"That's good," Tucker replied, followed by what sounded like a yawn. "Unless you think there will be any more fun tonight we should be getting home. I was up way too late last night messing around with my PDA and could use some sleep."

Chuckling at his best friend's love of technology, Danny said, "I don't think there will be anything else tonight. Let's go home guys." There was the soft affirmation from the other two teenagers, then Danny took off towards his home.

Stepping out from behind a billboard, the only things that could be made out on the dark figure were the bright, glowing, yellow eyes, and the creepily calm smile.

The bell rang signaling the end of the school day, the three friends casually walked down the few steps leading to the school and continued down the street in the direction of the Nasty Burger. "I still can't believe that Mr. Lancer wants us to do a seven page paper on the Holocaust," Sam complained, shifting the overly heavy spider backpack on her shoulder. It was bad enough that they had a stupidly long report to finish in two weeks, but all the research material needed for it was insane. And no one could do a paper on the same aspect of the Holocaust, either.

Sighing at the mere thought of all the work that would entail, and how difficult it would be to squeeze that in with all of the ghost fighting he had to do, Danny groaned, "We shouldn't have to write a novel for an assignment until we are in college, but apparently Mr. Lancer didn't get that memo. Does he think we have nothing better to do than spend hours and hours in a library, does he?"

"Well, some kids don't," Tucker replied, already looking up information on the persecution of the Gypsies on his PDA. "But it's not like we can tell Mr. Lancer that we spend our nights patrolling for ghosts and protecting Amity Park, right?"

"Yeah, if only," Danny agreed, sighing again. "It would make things a lot easier if we didn't have this secret." A few people had passed them while they were talking about top secret information, but none of them were particularly worried about being overheard. One good thing about being unpopular, people didn't butt in on your conversations.

Sam was about to say something when she noticed the icy trail coming from her blue-eyed friend's mouth. "Is it Lydia?" she asked in place of what she had been about to say.

"I'll find out," Danny said, looking around for somewhere to hide and change. Just across the street was a dark alley, and first making sure no cars were coming he ran across the street and disappeared into the shadows. A quick flash of light emanated from behind a dumpster, and then the half-ghost hero flew out from behind it and back over the two teenagers who were whistling innocently on the empty street. Handing the girl his school, Danny said with that slight ghostly echo, "I'll go see if I can find what set off my ghost sense. Save me a seat and a Nasty Burger, okay?" At her nod, he flew up to the tops of the buildings for a better view.

The white-haired teenager had figured he'd be able to spot the disturbance as soon as he had a bird's eye view, but no matter what direction he looked he say nothing. There was no Lydia, quickly looking behind him there was no Vlad, there wasn't even the Box Ghost popping up with his annoying beware. He was almost expecting Dani to suddenly blink into existence and scare him, since she seemed to be the only one who he couldn't see when invisible, but even that became less and less likely as he just floated there and the seconds ticked away. There were no screams, no alarms, no shattering glass, no anything that indicated a ghost was tormenting some random citizen or terrorizing the city.

Shaking his head and thinking that maybe whoever it was had continued on their way, Danny Phantom turned back to head towards the back alley behind the Nasty Burger to change back but found someone in his path instead. Startled, he shot back a couple feet and stiffened in preparation for a fight. "Who are you? What do you want?" he asked, looking over the strange new ghost. Her entire body was translucent and shifting in a manner similar to smoke in the wind. Fair skin was hidden underneath the long cloak that hung from her thin shoulders down to completely hide her feet, and glowing yellow eyes peered at him, one of them covered slightly by her dark hair.

A smirk on her perfectly sculpted face, she spread her arms as if saying 'this is me,' revealing a floral pattern silk dress of some kind. It looked similar to a kimono or some other oriental clothing, but Danny wasn't entirely sure. "My name is Mirage," she stated, voice soft and airy like the wind. "And what I want is for you to disappear." Twin rays of green energy shot from her open palms, their half-ghost target easily able to dodge them since he had been ready for such a cheap shot.

Firing off his own ghost ray, Danny shot back, "Nice try, but I'm used to sneak… attacks?" To say he was a little confused would be an understatement. His attack had hit, she hadn't moved at all, but instead of actually hitting her it went through her body and made a nice hole in the street below them.

Tsking and waving a finger at him as if he was a bad boy, Mirage said in a very hurt tone, "Did you seriously just try to hit a lady? Where are your manners?"

Growling and gritting his teeth, Danny shot off three more beams, each one creating another crater in the ground below them. "You're not a lady," he replied harshly, legs turning into a wispy tail as he quickly avoided a couple counter shots. "And even if you were, trying to kill me makes you forfeit your right to gentlemanly treatment."

Shaking her head and turning so that the boy was no longer behind her, the illusionary ghost said in what could only be described as a baby talk, "Someone doesn't listen very well. I never said I was trying to kill you. I just said I wanted you to disappear. And there are better, less messy ways to do that." A very ominous smile on her face, Mirage suddenly started to dissipate, truly acting like smoke in the wind. Before even had time to react she was gone, the only evidence there had ever been another ghost there the four holes below him in the sidewalk.

Sighing in frustration, the teenager-turned-ghost-hero was about to descend into the alleyway when a girl's voice rang in his ear. "Danny, what the hell do you think you're doing?" she asked irately, sounding none-too-pleased with him for some reason.

Landing before placing a hand on the com button for his Fenton Phone, he asked confusedly, "What am I doing Sam?" He figured it would probably be better to make sure his ghost half wasn't needed before he changed back into Danny Fenton.

"What do you mean 'what am I doing'?" her annoyed voice came through, a little scratchy from the fact it was through a microphone and speaker. "You are trying to take out the Nasty Burger kitchen! Stop it before you make the Nasty Sauce explode or something!"

He was attacking the Nasty Burger? Going both invisible and intangible, he quickly fazed into the back of the kitchen where the huge cylinder of Nasty Sauce was being brewed. There was no damage to the container and cooling system, but there was a perfect copy of him in the doorway leading to the main lobby that was sending green beams of ghost energy in every direction possible. "I don't remember making you," he started, hovering a foot above the ground and becoming visible again, "but I will certainly take you out of this world."

The Danny-duplicate easily dodged the ghost ray, smiling at the nice indentation it made in the wall above the door. It seemed to laugh, but no sound came out of its mouth, and all it did was dodge the next ghost ray and cryokinesis beam he threw at it, the latter of which Danny had to laugh at because the edge of it hit Dash's hand and froze it and the burger it was holding.

"Not much for conversation, are you?" Danny asked, trying a second time to freeze his look-alike. It once again dodged, but the window behind it looked it had just been struck by the strong blast of a winter storm. Looking around at the small amount of destruction their battle had caused, the doppelganger smirked and vanished, possibly going invisible and fleeing but it seemed more like it disintegrated into smoke or steam. "Goodbye?"

Seeing the patrons of the Nasty Burger recovering and knowing that soon he would be mobbed, he fazed back into the alley and shifted back into Danny Fenton, the dual white rings vanishing just as the door opened and Dash (with his hand still frozen) burst from it. "Fentoenail? What are you doing here?" he asked, eyes narrowed in that customary glare he gave the smaller teen. "Oh, forget that, I'm looking for Danny Phantom. Did you see him?"

Pointing towards the open street, Danny said, "He went that way," sounding a little unsure of it. In an instant around twenty people started stampeding down the alley, leaving the very unpopular kid behind. Slipping in through the back, he made his way through to some of the only people left in the building.

"So what was all that about?" Sam asked as he took a seat, taking his bag and stuffing the Fenton Thermos back in it before picking up the burger his two friends had gotten him.

"I'm not sure," he admitted, taking a small bite and swallowing it. "But I do know that we have a new ghost to add to our files. She called herself Mirage. The strange thing is, none of my attacks seemed to hit her. They just kind of… went through without touching her at all…"

"We'll figure it out later," Tucker said, waving his PDA at the ghost-child. "For now we should finish up and then hit the books. Those stupid reports aren't going to do themselves and we devote whatever extra time we have to doing them." Letting out a groan and taking a gracious bite so he wouldn't have to speak, Danny had to agree with his best guy friend.

"Any leads on that other Danny yet?" Sam asked her beret-wearing companion.

"Nope, nothing," the fifteen-year-old answered, scrolling through some notes on his PDA. "No sightings of any Danny except our own since that one attack the Nasty Burger two days ago."

Almost two whole days had passed with no signs of Mirage or the other Danny, which was both refreshing and unnerving. He knew both had to still be out there, but going two days without having to fight ghosts in any way had freed him up to start on Mr. Lancer's assignment. He had already written one page of it! Still, spending every minute of free time on that instead of out with Sam and Tucker or flying leisurely through the sky was kind of depressing.

A scream was what drew his attention towards the library, the door flying open and Star running out in a panic, followed by the librarian. Peaking through the circular window, Danny once again saw himself terrorizing innocent people and, this time, books. Diving into an empty classroom across the hall, the white rings appeared around his waist and changed his t-shirt and jeans into a black and white jumpsuit, hair turning white and eyes glowing green. Determination in those emerald pools, he flew through the walls passed Tucker, snatching the thermos as he went through the library door, and stopped just behind the fake Danny. It looked back over its shoulder and smiled evilly again, the wickedness portrayed in the simple gesture nearly sending chills down the half-ghost's spine, which was kind of ironic since cold hadn't affected him since he had gained control of his cryokinetic powers.

"Well, at least you got one thing right," Danny jested, his posture tall and confident and his arms folded across his chest. Bending his wrist backwards just enough that he could point one finger at his opponent, he whispered as a small ghost ray fired from his finger, "Keep your voice down in the library."

Again using its silent laugh, it avoided the simple beam and watched a book sitting on the table get turned into dust. Clapping its hands, which oddly enough also didn't make any noise, Danny's double gave an attack of its own this time. A green beam shooting from its eyes, the feeble thing was easily absorbed by the small, square shield erected by a swipe of Danny's hand. A second and third attempt had the exact same results, and Danny was starting to grow a little bored of the game.

Extending one hand towards the other Danny, he shot a ghost ray at the boy that hit a bookshelf instead. Glaring when he was once again dodged and the other ghost took off between rows of tall shelves. Quickly following, two more ectoplasmic blasts hit two more completely full shelves, the supports for the second one snapping and falling over onto the one next to it, knocking it over as well. "Geez, can't you hold still?" he growled, fazing through the falling books and then a wall to keep up. Watching from the doorway, Sam and Tucker saw their friend leave the building and quickly rushed down the hall to the front doors to help if needed.

Just as the goth girl and techno geek were around the corner Star appeared at the opposite end with her bald teacher in tow. Pointing to the library doors, she said, "It was in there! I can't believe Danny Phantom would do something like that!"

Pushing the doors open dramatically, Mr. Lancer came face to face with a few destroyed bookshelves, plenty of singed books, and general mess and discord. "A Study in Scarlet!" he exclaimed, grabbing his head because he lacked the hair to hold onto. "Why do people keep destroying out school?"

At the commons area outside, an ecto-blast hit and splintered one of the picnic tables as it once again missed its target. "I swear, you are harder to catch than an eel!" Two more rays and two more missed, although the second one almost hit Sam as she came barreling around the corner. Squeaking and falling back on her butt, she was about to yell something unpleasant at the fake Danny when the real one hollered, "Sorry about that!"

A couple more missed blasts and Sam could tell that Danny would need some help with this opponent. He was simply too fast for her friend and crush. Swinging her purple spider bag off her shoulder, she unzipped the pouch and pulled out the second thermos, figuring that if he was so focused on Amity Park's hero then he wouldn't see what she was doing. Taking the lid off of her Fenton Thermos, Sam couldn't deny how grateful she was that the real Danny had one attached to his hip to help tell them apart.

The blue beam fired at it was all the distraction the half-ghost needed. As his duplicate was looking down at the violet-eyed teen and keeping out of the thermos' beam, Danny shot a blast right into its chest. The green energy went right through his clone and hit a tree close to the base, the poor thing taking too much damage to stay upright and falling with a loud thud. His intended target just smiled sardonically at him, once again turning into nothing. Something made it easier for Danny to see that he dissipated into a fine smoke, though, making the teenager question a possible conclusion he had come to earlier.

"Thanks, Sam," he said kindly as his feet touched the ground. "I have a guess as to what is going on, though. Want to skip school to figure it out?"

"And possibly miss Mr. Lancer's class if we don't make it back before lunch is over?" the girl asked incredulously. "Of course! Did you even need to ask?" The third member of the trio chuckling and nodding as well, holding out a hand for the ghost to take. The tingly, cold sensation of intangibility and invisibility permeated through the two human's body, along with the weightlessness of flight. Closing her eyes and feeling the wind through her hair, which oddly enough seemed immune to the affects of intangibility, the gothic teenager could honestly say she understood why Danny found it so relaxing.

About a minute into their flight, Danny spoke up. "The last time I was attacked by ghosts that looked anything like me, it was because Vlad was trying to clone me to create the 'perfect half-ghost son,'" he explained, the multi-billionaire's mansion coming into view. "These clones—I think the first one dissolved into smoke, too—are completely void of sound, and thus may be seen as defects. If Vlad still is trying his cloning experiments it will be in the basement."

"This is Lance Thunder with some breaking news. It appears that the Danny Phantom attack on the Nasty Burger is not an isolated event," the television that was on in the living room said as the three flew through the wall, the blonde-haired reporter standing in front of their school. "I am here in front of Casper High School, where we have just learned that the library was completely turned upside down by our local ghost hero. The question is, is Danny Phantom going back to his old, evil ways, or is there some meaning behind this? Back to you Tiffany Snow."

His eyes seeming a little brighter green than normal, Danny quickly fazed through the floor before Vlad returned to watch his show; the man could see him while intangible, even in his human form after all. "I stopped those fakes both time," he seethed as soon as they landed in the basement lab, letting go of his two friends and releasing his hold on his invisibility and intangibility. "Why are they trying to blame this on me again?"

"Why don't we just split up and look for what Vlad is doing instead," Sam suggested, already heading off around some huge computer to see what she could find.

"I have to agree with Sam, Danny," Tucker replied, heading in a different direction. "I mean, there is nothing you can do about it until you find the source, right?" Unable to refute their logic, Danny started searching in the way his two human friends couldn't. Going intangible again, he flew through each wall at different places and angles, looking for any hidden room in the secret lab. He even tried going through the ground but found nothing. Not twenty minutes after infiltrating their archenemy's lair the three regrouped to see what the others had found.

"We all have nothing?" Danny asked, finding it very doubtful that the fruitloop wasn't up to something sinister.

"There is no sign anywhere that he is trying to clone you again," Sam replied, scratching the back of her neck. "Maybe that last failed attempt with Dani discouraged him enough that he'll just give up."

"Doubtful," the white-haired hero replied, grabbing their wrist and flying back up through the ceiling and out of the mansion. "But now we are back to square one. Well, almost," he said, dropping the two off in the deserted hallway before fazing into the janitor's closet and changing back. The door was locked so he had to faze back through it. "When I was fighting Mirage my ghost rays went right through her, too. I don't know, maybe they are connected in some way."

"It sounds like we need to find this Mirage, then," Sam said with finality, opening the door to their next class. "Now let's get to class before the late bell—" a shrill sound echoed over the speakers "—rings…"

Buzzing down the streets on their scooters, the two teenagers that couldn't fly looked down every alley and in every store in search of the mysterious, smoke-like ghost that Danny had explained to them. Said boy was flying just above the tops of the buildings, mostly checking the sky and hoping his ghost sense would go off and tell him the annoying ghost was somewhere close by. So far he had come up with nothing, though. "We've been at this for an hour," he said into the Fenton Phone. "There has to be a better way to find her. Let's regroup by the TV store on Commerce." The quick affirmations of his two friends sounded cleanly in his ear.

Landing on the concrete sidewalk just in front of the dark-haired girl as her scooter came to a halt, they didn't need to wait more than thirty seconds for the technological aspect of their group to show up. "Running in circles like this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack," she said, sounding a little frustrated with the search.

"And it is very possible that she sees every move we make and is staying away from me since I can find her," Danny added, folding his arms across his chest. "Unfortunately our only ghost tracking devices are locked onto my ecto-signature, so they won't be any help." Gods the Fenton Boooo-merang sure got annoying after it hit him in the back of the head for the fifth time. Sometimes Tucker would throw it just to be a pain in the butt.

Opening her mouth to say something, probably along the lines of an agreement the with uselessness of the Fenton ghost trackers if they were trying to find a ghost other than her friend, but what came out instead was, "Danny, look out!"

Looking over his shoulder and seeing the green energy blast headed right for him, Danny launched forwards and snatched his best friends off their scooters as he dodged the attack. It landed silently behind him, and turning to see what he had been expecting to be a nice sized hole where they had just been, he instead saw the two scooters, completely unharmed. Floating ten feet above the ground was another Danny clone, this one looking quite smug at his sneak attack. "Great, more of them," the real ghost-child groaned, a ghost ray going right through its head and making it disappear. "That was surprisingly easy… It didn't even try to dodge. And did any of you notice how my ghost sense didn't go off when it showed up?"

"This is Tiffany Snow with more breaking news!" the TVs in the store they were by said in unison. "It appears that a whole army of Danny Phantoms are attacking Amity Park. Currently we have gotten news of nine of them, attacking anything from a 25K Jewelers to a cat up a tree. This event seems to be connected to the Nasty Burger and Casper High Library attacks."

"Tucker, check and see where all those there Dannys are," Danny said, tone a little commanding. "If Mirage is making these things then she will need to be so close to all of them, right? Come tell me once you figure it out. I'm going to head over to the jewelry store and take out as many of these things as I can." Receiving a nod from his hat-wearing friend, Danny took off.

Coming up even with his latest doppelganger, he watched the beams of ghost energy break glass and crumble walls, but no rubble spilled onto the ground. It was as if they simply destroyed it, or it was all part of the illusion as well. "I would say none of these are your size, but everything just goes through you so technically nothing fits you," he stated evenly, the clone looking up at him and stopping its assault on the store. It floated up higher, higher, and a little higher until it accidentally got between Danny and the setting sun. he had to squint and look away slightly, but something caught his attention a second later. With the rays of light hitting the false image, it seemed to ripple and distort, just reinforcing his belief that these things weren't real. Another quick blast and that fake faded as well. "Do you have those coordinates triangulated yet?" he asked into the microphone.

"Almost Danny, just give me another… there!" Tucker's voice said. "It looks like the most probable location is above 1st and Commerce."

"Thanks Tuck," Danny said, smiling. "I think I found a way to find her. All these Dannys are just illusions, but they aren't in any way perfect. When the sun is put behind them it completely warps the image. I'm guessing that will work on whatever she is using to cloak herself as well."

"That makes sense," Sam cut in. "The definition of Mirage is something illusionary, without substance or reality. The mirages you see in the desert are made by heat and light, so if you change the angle of the light then it will change the image. She keeps sending dummies out to keep you busy while she makes it look like you are attacking Amity Park."

"Yeah," he replied, flying off to the place Tucker had mentioned.

A smoky woman appeared in front of him, startling him into stopping and almost falling out of the sky. "And where do you think you are going?" she asked pleasantly.

Smirking, he flew right through her, making her gasp in outrage. "You are not real," he said simply, checking the sun for the obvious ripple. There was none so he started to fly sideways in hopes of spotting it. More Mirages started appearing out of thin air, trying to contain him in a circle. Had he still thought that they were real it would have worked, but instead all it told him was that she didn't want him going that way, and since when was he one to follow the rules? Flying straight through another one, he completely ignored the ecto-blasts coming towards him until one actually hit. It sent him end over end for a few short yards, then he stopped his spiraling and looked up at the ring of ten Mirages, one of which was real.

"Not as easy as you thought it would be, is it?" they all asked in unison, making their voice echo.

"But still not hard," he shot back, along with a ghost ray that hit one of the them before they could scatter. Once the blast dissipated they reformed the ring and a tenth image forming out of nothing.

"Destroy as many as you want," they started, laughing at what they saw was the futility of this battle, "I can always create more to replace them." Two more ghost rays and all they did was laugh, but with the third they scattered for a moment again. "Try, try, try, as many times as can be," they sang in unison. Seven, eight, maybe ten ghost rays came at him at once. "You cannot hit what you cannot see."

Cannot see, that struck a cord with the half-ghost, and as he dodged the blasts since he didn't know which one was real he maneuvered so the glare of the sun was behind them. All ten Mirage's twisted to the point where they were barely recognizable, but they weren't the only things. There in the center of the circle the blue sky and clouds contorted into a weird spiral, revealing the illusion that kept the real Mirage invisible. Aiming towards the outer edges of the circle so as to not make her move, he started charging the ecto-energies in his palms. Then at the last possible second he redirected it all to his eyes and changed into the freezing cold of his cryokinesis. Caught off guard, a block of ice formed around the masked form of Mirage just as Tucker and Sam arrived on the scene. The duplicates of herself vanished as she fell, as well as the one cloaking her and the ones of Danny and the destroyed shops; even the cat in the tree Danny was tormenting was fake. Landing with a crash that shattered the ice, Mirage simply laid in the small crater and waited for the three ghost hunters to come and capture her.

Standing right next to her, the bottom of his thermos already starting to glow blue with the energy build up, Danny said, "There is one thing I want to know. I have never met you before, and as far as I know I have never done anything to you, so why did you want to get rid of me?"

She couldn't help but smile at him, finding the rumors she had heard about the half-ghost half-human to pretty much all be true. "I have no desire to be rid of you," she stated. "I was merely doing as I was asked."

Frowning at her answer, Danny decided to push it with one more question. "Why is it that the illusions of you can speak but the ones of me couldn't?"

"The more I observe something the better I can imitate it," she replied. "That is why your illusions were more realistic than the damaged buildings. But the one thing I can't make is sound, which is why I could only make my own illusions speak." Q and A was over at that point, for the blue beam of the Fenton Thermos pulled her into the ghost containment device.

"What was all that about?" Sam asked as Danny shifted back into human form.

"It's just… every other ghost I have fought has either said why they want to attack me or I've gotten in the way of their plans," he began, starting to walk down the street in the direction of the very obvious metal monstrosity he called the top of his house. "But when I met her all she said was she wanted me to disappear. No reason why, and I found it kind of strange. I would like to thank that I don't make people—er, ghosts—hate me for no reason. That would make things a lot more complex."

"I'd say," Tucker replied, leaning his scooter up again the steps leading to Danny's house before locking it to the handrail and going inside. "We have enough enemies that hate your for a reason."

"Exactly," he said, grateful his parents weren't in the living room as he walked through it.

"It appears that all the damage being caused by Danny Phantom was fake," the television said. Damn news traveled fact. "All of the fake Dannys and fake damage is gone and it most likely that the real Danny Phantom is to thank for it. This is Tiffany Snow, and I never doubted our hero." The three friends laughed at little at the last line, recognizing it as an attempt to maintain her reputation.

Heading into the lab, they checked really quickly to make sure Jack and Maddie weren't there before quickly going over and emptying Mirage into the ghost zone. "Now, who's up for icecream?"

On the other side of that glowing green portal, Mirage pulled a small box out from the folds of her cloak. The words 'Property of Axion Labs' was printed in easy to read font along the top. She couldn't help up hope this little thing was worth the trouble she was going to as she put it back in its hiding place and waited for her exit to appear.

Chalk tapping agitatedly on the blackboard at the front of the room, Mr. Lancer did his best to not slam it down into the tray once he finished writing the day's assignment. "Due to circumstances beyond my control," he started, holding his hands behind his back, "the topic of your paper has changed. Two days ago the library was trashed by Danny Phantom, and subsequently so was most of the information we had on the Holocaust. Since it will take about a month to replace it all, I have decided that instead of pushing the assignment back you will get to choose a topic yourself—" The whole class cheered wildly at that announcement, but was quickly silenced by the sharp snap! of a ruler hitting Mr. Lancer's desk, "—so long as it has something to do with history. The paper will still be due next Friday, so I suggest you hurry up."

Stifling his sigh as much as possible, Danny waited for his teacher to get distracted by something else before leaning over and asking his goth friend, "He couldn't have given us the four days that already passed back again?"

Also wanting to sigh at the time they had lost, Sam replied, "Apparently not."

My first OC ghost. :P I have one other OC ghost that will appear later, and so far, that is it. Not sure if I will come up with any others. Just know there is more to Mirage than meets the eye. :P

I figured I should explain the seven page paper for students in their Sophomore year. I actually had an eighth-grade social studies teacher who did this to us. I can't remember if the paper had to be five, seven, or ten pages, though, so I decided to be safe and go with seven. I could see Mr. Lancer doing this to them, too, since he made them take the CAT test Freshman year.