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Episode 56: Crying Wulf

The black form slinked down the darkened hall. Bright green eyes peered around a corner to make sure it was clear before the rest of the shadowed body followed. Moving with such stealth that the dust on the half-rotted floorboards had only light prints to mark his passing, the figure quickly drew ever closer to its target. There was only one last obstacle in its way, and it stopped just out of the light streaming in through the open doorway. It peeked in to make sure the occupant wasn't aware of its presence, head shooting back into the darkness as the songstress ghost stood up from the couch and moved over to her guitar before sitting back down, then shot through the light in an instant. Had Ember Mclain been watching she would have seen the dark muzzle streak by, followed by a black furred body clothed in bright green cloth frayed at the edges, and a short, wolf tail and paws.

Now passed the last thing standing in its way, the werewolf ghost stuck its nose into the air and sniffed. The smell of food was just a few more feet ahead of it, in the next door. Leaning on the side of caution, he made sure to check that the room was clear before slipping inside and closing the door behind himself.

The first bell rang as the three friends started climbing the stairs, the youngest of the trio seeming to watch the ground with great interest. They had only five minutes to get to class, but it was quite obvious that something else was on the half-ghost's mind.

"Still thinking about what Frostbite said?" the goth girl asked, spinning the dial to her locker.

"Just thinking of how lucky I am," Danny replied, looking up as Sam closed her locker and they headed off towards their class.

"I know, man," the third member of their group added. "If you had tried to release all that power at once too many times then, boom! That's what Frostbite said, at least. That would have seriously been the end of it."

"Hey, I face danger every day," the young hero remarked confidently. They had reached the door by that point and made their over to their seats before speaking up again. "And now that I have this—" he patted his chest where the pendant was hiding under his shirt "—I don't have to worry about it. So long as I give my body time to slowly adjust to the increased power then there is no problem. Like once a week I'll slightly decrease the amount of energy it regulates and in a year and a half or so I'll be able to take it off."

"Your mom and dad haven't noticed it's missing?" Sam asked, pulling out the assignment for that day. "Danny, can you look over this for me?"

Taking the paper offered to him and scanning it quickly, he replied, "They get so involved in other projects that they don't even realize when I take things. Just think of all of the equipment I have shoved under my bed that they haven't even asked about once. And you got question three wrong," he added, handing it back to her. He really did like the fact that he could actually understand Math now. In the last two weeks it had gone from his worst class to his best one. The teacher had also gotten used to Danny's performance in his class and had stopped drilling him to make sure he wasn't cheating.

He wasn't so lucky with other people, though. A wadded up piece of paper hit him in the back of the head, and without turning around he knew exactly who threw it, and not because of the very specific chuckles he heard behind him. He also knew what would happen if he igno—another crumpled up paper connected with his head. To prevent more projectiles from being thrown at him, for he had received a pencil or two on the occasions he had refused to humor the other party, he turned around. "Oops, sorry Fentarget," Dash said extremely unapologetically. "Its just with a head that big it's hard to miss."

Replying would only entertain the jock more, so Danny just turned back to face the front of the classroom. "Dash has been even more persistent lately," Tucker noted quietly enough that said party couldn't hear but his two best friends could. "It's almost like he is trying to punish you for being smarter than him or something."

"Not that that is hard to accomplish," Sam quipped, the three sharing a good chuckle before the tardy bell rang and class started. Dash at least had the decency to stop his pestering during class, although that could also be because he really needed to pay attention; Since Danny had already been chased down twelve times because the athlete had gotten an F on his assignments he could accurately guess that his grades were worse this year than last.

The bell dismissing fourth period rang through the empty hallways. One student, then two entered the hollow passageway lined with those convenient nerd jail cells called lockers, followed a few seconds later by a flood of bodies in need of accessing their specific prison before heading off to either lunch or their next class, depending on if they were in junior or senior high respectively. Some loitered around the entrance to their next destination, chatting away aimlessly with friends with the few minutes between class, while others, and others meaning Dash and his pose, were once again picking on a kid that was physically smaller and weaker than them.

"How many times has he pushed Mikey into one of those?" Tucker asked quietly as they slinked by behind the group. "I mean, you'd think he'd learn by now that sometimes that doesn't end up too well. It was just over a week ago the last time Desiree showed up and gave Mikey the power to bear him up. And that isn't even the first or second time that has happened."

"Yeah, but you have to remember that Dash's brain is about as advanced as a goldfish's," their female member replied equally quiet, drawing a laugh from all three of them.

"I wish someone would show you how this feels!" Mikey shouted as Dash was about to close the door. This happened often, but rarely was it accompanied by an icy exhale from the blue-eyed hero.

The three outcasts stopped dead in their tracks, turning to face the nerd and bully in unison. "She can't seriously be back already," the ghost boy groaned, scanning the area not only for the wish-granting ghost but also for a convenient place to hide and change when she appeared. There was an open door to a janitor's closet just to his left on the opposite wall of the hallway, and without a second's hesitation, he leapt across the distance and vanished inside the dark room. A flash of light issued from the closed door's only window, then Amity Park's resident super hero flew through the door to come to a stop a foot above the floor right next to his two friends.

And as the seconds ticked by nothing happened. No Desiree, no Skulker, not even the Box Ghost's annoying 'Beware!' greeted him. Thirty seconds passed and Dash finally noticed his idol, suddenly forgetting about the nerd he was tormenting, although he did slam the locker door closed, and rushing over to the ghost. "Danny Phantom, I'm such a fan of yours!" he shouted, successfully getting the attention of everyone else in the hall on the boy. "Oh, what are you two doing here? Where's Fen-too-smart-for-his-own-good?"

"Danny has stuff to do," Sam replied, emphasizing her friend's real name and all but spitting venom at the jock. "And so do we," she added, grabbing Tucker's hand and dragging him off.

"Hey, does your boyfriend know you're holding another boy's hand?" the blonde shouted at the backs of the departing fifteen-year-olds.

"He's not my boyfriend!" came the characteristic reply, but she also immediately released Tucker's hand. What no one was expecting was for Danny Phantom to say something, too.

"She's not m…" he started, quickly catching himself when the popular kids watching him gave him confusing looks. "Um… I mean… should… You should not pick on people like that," he stuttered out, hoping it was convincing enough that the less-intelligent half of the school wouldn't notice his slip. And then he heard Paulina's overly loud and drawn out use of his name. "I gotta go!" he said immediately.

"Danny, wait!" the accented girl called, waving her arms over her head with what looked like a pink heart card in her hand. "I wanted to give this to you!" she shouted, and by obligation he had to stop and take if from her.

"Thanks," he said kindly, still floating a foot off the ground. "I gotta go now, so don't be late to class and do your homework," Danny said as he flew off through the ceiling only to come down in the closet to grab his backpack before heading off to find Sam and Tucker.

He found them leaning on the lockers next to his own, and turning invisible as well he slipped inside the metal container to shift back. Opening it from the inside by phasing his hand through the lock, he stepped out with an exaggerated sigh. "What's that?" Sam asked, pointing to the pink paper in his hand.

Looking down and just then realizing he still had it, Danny replied, "Paulina gave it to me, well, Phantom me. It's some sort of love note."

"Well, aren't you lucky," the goth stated sarcastically. "Aren't you going to read it?" she asked as he dropped it into a trash can.

"No, I'm not interested," he replied, not only acting but sounding indifferent to the note.

"Which is strange because just a year ago you would have been ecstatic," his other friend remarked.

Turning the corner, Danny shrugged his shoulders. "Naw, I'm over it," he stated. Passing by the door leading outside the school, the trio once again stopped as Danny's Ghost Sense went off again. Since the hall was empty they all pulled out the Fenton Thermos they carried, looking around their surrounding and expecting an attack to come at some odd angle at any minute.

Something caught Tucker's eye, and he quickly pointed out the front double doors, saying, "There!" Pushing through the barrier, they came out on a small concrete sidewalk with fresh, healthy grass on either side. What he had seen was just to their right, leaning against the wall with only one black glove visible from inside the building.

"Walker," they said in unison, no less stunned by the fact that one of Danny's less frequent visitors had shown up than the condition he was currently in. There were several claw-like rips in his usually pristine white suit and one boot looked like it had been chewed on, to the point where his pasty white toes were visible. Dirt and dust clung to his shirt and face and knees. There was a large chunk taken out of the brim of his hat, and his green glowing eyes were closed in unconsciousness. "He must have run into some trouble while coming to bother you," Sam remarked, nudging her friend with her elbow.

Groaning as he stirred into wakedness, it was obvious by his slow, jerky movements and one closed eye that he was in pain. Squinting up at the one ghost he never seemed able to catch, Walker groaned, "Danny… I—Wait! Wait!" The boy had popped the top off his thermos and it was already emitting that blue glow that would pull him into the small container. "I need your help."

"Every time you see me you try to throw me in jail," Danny stated, glaring at the prison ghost. "Give me one good reason why I should trust you."

Struggling to sit up a little straighter, Walker replied, "Don't you think that if this was a trap I would have sprung it by now?" Danny eased up a little, his glare lessening but the Fenton Thermos not wavering even an inch. "It is in your best interest to hear me out."

"Danny, just capture him already so we can get to class," Sam growled, arms crossed over her chest.

Eyes softening a bit, Danny shook his head and turned to face his friend. "I think we should hear him out," he said, turning back to Walker with a slight frown on his face. "But not now. I'm not going to be late for another of Mr. Lancer's classes…" A beam of blue energy shot from the open Thermos in his hand and engulfed the white-clad ghost. Replacing the cap and dropping it in his bag, Danny and his friends quickly scurried back into the building. The bell rang just as the three took their seats.

The girl slowed as they started up the steps, worrying her bottom lip. "Is something wrong, Sam?" the techno-geek asked, stopping with one foot on the top step.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" she asked, looking up at the front of her mansion.

"Well, we can't exactly do this at my place," Danny replied. "Tucker's parents are home, so his place is a no. We can't bring him to our secret training ground because it's too open and not even Johnny knows exactly where it is since we always transported him in a Fenton Thermos as well. And we can't risk the chance of being ambushed or him getting away if we bring him back to the Ghost Zone. Your parents are gone for the week so your place is the only one we can be sure no one will come in and interrupt us at."

Sighing and shaking her head, the girl gently pushed passed them and unlocked the door. Opening the portal and taking a step inside, she said, "We might as well do this in my mom's beauty parlor. I don't care if that gets destroyed."

"And then we can threaten Walker with her lipstick," Tucker added, marching in all confident as if he owned the place and not Sam while humming a mischievous tune. Staring at each other almost dumbfounded for a couple seconds, the other two let out an amused chuckle and followed him inside. One door closed, the one behind the two friends, and another one opened, the one on the opposite side of almost room-like hallway that Tucker just appeared from. "Now which way is it to this parlor?" he asked, having obviously tried to go ahead but gotten lost just inside the front door of his friend's mansion.

Chuckling slightly, the goth girl walked past her computer geek friend, combat boots stomping on the hard tile floor, and said, "It's… this way." She turned left just before the door Tucker had come through then turned right a few yards down that hall to come into a huge open room with a crystal chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. A grand staircase rose along the back wall in an arch, a door located underneath the center, and continued up from there to the right and left. She led them up that staircase and to the right, through a door into another long hallway. They passed by three doors on the right, then went into the fourth one, the walls of which were lined with brightly colored dresses, skirts, and dress-like outfits. The walk in closet was at least five yards long, packed wall to wall with expensive clothing, with a spiral staircase at the far end leading up to a second level with just as many outfits in just as many different and bright colors. They went through one last door on the far side, and came into a large, white-tile-floor room with about a dozen full length mirrors and about half of that of half mirrors. Eight double cabinets with glass doors had every shelf filled with various products; two seemed to contain only skin care products, another was exclusively for seventy-two different shades of red and pink lipstick, three were filled with nail polish of every color except black, and the last two contained other miscellaneous make-up products such as blush or eyeliner. A barber's chair was set up just a couple feet from one of the long counters set up under the cabinets, the counter's surface cluttered with various types of mousse and conditioner as well as several different pairs of scissors used to cut hair. The counter along the opposite wall was also mostly covered, although this one had more shades of lipstick (several of which were not red or pink such as green, blue, or purple) and eye shadow and liner and nail polish. Cases of fake eyelashes sat beside blushes and powders, as well as polish and make-up remover near the sink. And to finish off the room, at the very back of the room was a large tub with various brands and scents of bubble bath in a bin at its base.

"We'll put him there," Danny stated, pointing to the barber's chair as he entered the very scary (for all of them) room. From the look on Sam's face and the way she shivered, he asked, "Bad memories?"

"You have no idea," she replied, walking over to the chair and spinning it to face the door. This would allow them to question Walker while standing between him and the only exit; well, the only normal exit.

Chuckling and pulling out the Fenton Thermos, he said, "I can imagine." Unscrewing the cap, he pointed it at the chair and pressed the release button on the side. A blue beam shot out of the cylinder, engulfing the seat for a few seconds before it retracted, leaving behind a much better looking Walker in what had once been an empty chair. The scratches that had covered him before were pretty much completely healed and the tearing and dirt on his white suit were all but gone, his eyes were no longer half-closed from exhaustion and pain, and he seemed to be in a much fouler mood. "Okay, we're here. So talk," Danny growled out with a lot more anger than he meant to. Just seeing the jailer was enough to bring back bad memories and start his blood at a low boil.

"And why should I talk to you, ghost boy," he drawled out in his typical, arrogant tone, arms folded across his chest. Green eyes narrowed at the three teenagers as he stood from his seat, taking a second to glance around the room.

Ghost green creeping into his ocean blue orbs, Danny spat back as kindly as he could, "You are the one who wanted to talk to us. You should be thankful I didn't just toss you back into the Ghost Zone, because that is what Sam and Tucker wanted to do."

Gaze returning to the youngest of the trio, Walker replied, "If you wanted to hear what I had to say then you shouldn't have confined me in that." With the end of his statement he unfolded one arm and pointed to the thermos, then clasped both hands behind his back in a mightier-than-thou stance.

"My world, my rules," the half-ghost replied in just as arrogant a fashion, arms folded across his much more slender chest. "Now you have two options, you can either tell us what you wanted to tell us or I can put you back in the Fenton Thermos."

"Yeah, so speak up!" Tucker shouted whipping around and grabbing one of the tubes of lipstick and uncapping it, holding it like a sword and waving it just six inches from the ghost's face.

"Get that real world contraband away from me," he glared, but refusing to move from where he stood. At a wave of Danny's hand the techno geek stood down, but he was more than ready to start up again if Walker tried to pull anything. Mulling his options over for a short moment, he finally turned back to his nemesis and asked, "What do you want to know?"

"You tell me," Danny shot back, not appreciating this game. "You told me it was in my best interest to hear you out, so here I am. What is it that I should know? Who did that to you?"

Gaining a distant look in his eyes, the strict warden said ominously, "Wulf. He—"

"Wait, let me stop you right there," Tucker cut in, holding both hands up to accentuate his words. "You want us—" both hands directed inwards "—to help you—" he pointed at Walker "—capture out friend?" both hands pointed to the side, open palms facing each other.

"Let me finish before you interrupt," Walker growled, bending down so that his face was just a few inches from the boy's when he said it.

"Just hear him out for now, Tuck," the other boy added, watching cautiously as his enemy stood back up straight. "If he says anything we don't want to hear I'll just kick his butt back into the Ghost Zone." Turning back to the ghost in question, he said, "Please, continue."

Gaze going distant again, the white-clad ghost fell inside himself as he recalled in vivid detail what had happened to him. Closing his eyes as he spoke, he could see every action as if it was happening right then. "We finally caught up to Wulf again," he started, the scene unfolding before his eyes. He was in the eerie green glow of the ghost zone, landing on one of the deserted floating islands similar in size and vegetation to the one Skulker had once trapped Valerie and Danny on. "After chasing him down for almost three months, and catching up to him twice in that time only to lose him again, we felt like we had him cornered. Over two dozen of my guards had the island surrounded, and another ten accompanied Bullet and me. He was backed into a dense, wooded area, with nowhere to run.

"And then…" he paused for a moment as the scene played before his eyes. He took several steps forward, Bullet floating along right at his side with their men in two horizontal lines at their back, keeping a wary eye on the trees ahead while also scanning the surrounding area; wounded or cornered animals could be very dangerous, after all. Nothing was moving, not even the leaves or grass since the slight wind that sometimes rolled through the Ghost Zone had mysteriously stopped completely. He took one more step, and something snapped loudly under his foot. And in the next second, it was pretty much a blur… The jail warden looked down out of reflex, two sticks in the shape of an X snapped under his foot. At the very same instant three of his men yelled as blue ropes shot out of nearby bushes and tangled them up. Their weapons went off in the confusion, hitting two more and giving them minor injuries. Something black and green also streaked out of the woods in that second, barreling right into his partner and the two forms vanished into the brush on the other side… "We managed to corner him on a small island. I had most of my men surround it to make sure he didn't slip away again, and Bullet and I led the party to capture him. We landed and were walking towards the only place he could be hiding when we fell into an ambush. Half of them were taken out in the initial few seconds, and Bullet was knocked into the bushes."

The plants rustled as the black werewolf leapt through them, running on all fours. Throwing a shoulder the warden's knee, he managed to topple him forward, dirt and dust staining the meticulously clean white of his suit. Claws digging into the hard ground the wolf used its momentum to slide into a turn, coming back around to face the seven guards still able and the two leaders that were finally re-gathering their wits. "The rest of my men, minus my first officer, were incapacitated with his next attack," he continued. Opening his mouth slight, head angled down and chest expanding as he sucked in more and more air… "He howled, using an attack that is very similar to your Ghostly Wail, ghost boy." The sound wave slightly distorted the view of the environment, the force of it sending two of the guards flying backwards. The rest slapped their hands over their ears, unconsciously curling into balls against the pain. "After it ended the only ones left conscious were Bullet and me, and we were both disoriented." The wolf launched at them, front paws connecting with the second-in-command's shoulders while the back feet shot out the scratch Walker's side and knock him backwards. "He took out Bullet before I could recover, and last I knew before you shoved me in that infernal device—" he opened his glowing green eyes and glared at the teen "—he's in the infirmary to heal from major wounds. Your friend didn't hold back anything on him, and I'll be surprised if he is back to work in a week. I was the one who got off the easiest, and you saw the condition I was in."

A small smile on his face, Danny said, "So what I'm hearing is that your finally got your butt handed to you, and now you're here crying to me for help since I'm the 'hero.'"

"I also didn't mention that Wulf has attacked five other ghosts in the last two months," Walker added, the look in Danny's eyes going from amused to slightly concerned. "The latest attack was just two days ago. Amber walked in on him raiding her fridge and he knocked her unconscious. It is one thing for him to attack us to get away, but he has never been this aggressive before. And it was no coincidence we found that island; he led us there. And tell me, ghost boy, is this Wulf you are so friendly with the type to set up an ambush?"

Both of the friends could see the wheels turning in their leader's head. The situation didn't sound right to them, either, but they couldn't let Danny jump to conclusions. "We don't even know if he is telling the truth, Danny," Sam stated, placing a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I can take you to where he attacked us," Walker provided, finally deciding to sit back down the chair they had so generously provided for him.

"Are you going to go with him based just on his word?" she questioned to the determined look in his eyes.

"And what if he is telling the truth, Sam?" Danny asked simply, voice even and calm. "Can we really turn away from this and risk something really being wrong with our friend?" When no reply was given, except the girl looking down and away from him, he walked the few feet to his adversary and extended a hand. "Alright, lead us," he stated, snapping his hand up and just out of reach when Walker reached for it. "But we are doing this my way," he added, getting an even deeper frown from the strict ghost in front of him. Still, Walker slowly grasped the half-ghost's hand as he lowered it back in line.

They peered into the living room before tippy-toeing their way down the stairs and through the room, peeking through the opening to the kitchen. Once again determining the coast was clear, they crept to the stairway and down to the last step, listening intently for what would be the self-confident cheering of Danny's father if he happened to be in the lab. When they didn't hear anything they chanced a look and once again found a deserted room. Breathing a sigh of relief, the trio relaxed and calmly strolled over to the Specter Speeder. Sam and Tucker strapped on their Wrist Rays and Specter Deflectors, the latter of which also doubled as a utility belt for the rest of their ghost fighting weapons, clambering on up into the passengers' seats. Slamming a fist into his palm and changing into his ghost form, Danny quickly followed. Sitting down in the driver's seat, he took the Fenton Thermos off of his back and removed the top, the blue beam once again leaving behind a very disgruntled Walker. "Why did you put me in that again?" he asked, arrogance mixed with anger. "And you are not taking this into the Ghost Zone," he added as he realized he was in a real world vehicle.

"Uh, because the easiest way to transport you is in the Fenton Thermos and yes I am," Danny replied cockily, turning the key and starting the engine.

"But that's against the rules," Walker stated, as if that would stop the ghost boy, eyes narrowing.

"And if you want my help you won't complain," said hero retorted, the Fenton Portal opening to the swirling green vortex and the Specter Speeder heading right into it at increasing speed. In a split second they went from metal walls and beaker and unnamed projects to floating doors and islands on a green space backdrop. The three friends didn't even need a map for a good part of it anymore since they had been in there enough times to know where plenty of important places were. Danny could pretty much fly to the Lair of the Far Frozen with his eyes closed, and all of them knew where Skulker's Lair and the Ghost King's Castle were, as well as Walker's prison since it was easier to just avoid that place than risk a fight. They pretty much knew where all of their enemies stayed by heart by now. What they didn't know was where Walker had encountered their seemingly rabid friend, so Danny said, "Lead the way," and motioned out the window with one hand.

Grumbling under his breath, he turned his attention from the offending child to the offending glass separating him from the absolution of his home world. The clear barrier did not distract him from the task at hand, though, and he quickly pointed off in the direction just to the right of the Ghost King's Palace. "It will be a small island to your right after we get about three-fourths of the say to the Ghost King's Palace," he stated, folding his arms and standing defiantly.

"You know, it's a lot more comfortable to sit," Danny stated, steering their vehicle in the direction specified. "And it isn't like there's no space for you." He was trying to be nice, trying to improve his relations with the denizens of the Ghost Zone, but starting with the strictest member might not be the best way to go about that.

"That's against the rules," he reiterated, not looking away from the direction they were headed. "I am making an exception as it is. Don't push your luck, ghost boy."

Leaning back into the seat a little farther so he could see around the large ghost easier, Tucker asked, "Friendly fellow, isn't he?" a large smile on his face. He wasn't sure just how much longer they'd have the upper hand in this situation, so he had to makes jokes about it while he could.

"Since this is just a temporary alliance, you should probably not piss him off," Sam jested back, head leaned back, arms folded on her chest, and legs crossed. Her free hanging boot was tapping the air to some beat, no doubt a song she was listening to through the Fenton Phones.

"No, Sam," Tucker replied, turning around to face the girl. "That is exactly why I should. When am I going to get another chance like this?"

"It's that island," the warden said, voice betraying the thankfulness of their arrival. "Go around to the other side, that's where my men are."

"And here I was starting to think this wasn't a trap," Sam remarked sarcastically, sighing and leaning back a little farther into the cushy seat.

Sending a glare in the girl's direction, Walker asked, "If it was a trap out I have told you about it?" Sam did not believe that deserved a reply, so she just closed her eyes and wiggled back a little farther into the cushions. "Since it didn't look like Wulf lived on the island I had some of my men keep an eye on him. If he has moved they should know."

Giving a slight nod and turned the wheel sharply to the right so the Specter Speeder banked hard around the grove of trees. As the oddly vibrant looking foliage (considering they were in the realm of the dead) disappeared to their left, the three friends and one disgruntled passenger could start to make out the floating figures still a ways ahead of them. As they got closer they could make out five different ghosts, although all were green with spectral tails instead of feet and the same dark prison guard uniform. All held ecto-guns and as soon as the Specter Speed drew every closer they leveled those weapons and fired off a volley of warning shots. "Friends of yours?" Danny quipped, only altering course enough to dodge the next, non-warning volley.

"It doesn't seem they like you," Walker replied sardonically, phasing through the front window and flying over to his soldiers. Sam was opening her mouth to say something, most likely "I told you so," when the five guards suddenly looked at each other skeptically but lowered their weapons anyway.

"And you were saying?" the young hero asked, bringing their vehicle level with the ghosts.

"I wasn't saying anything," she replied simply, although still eyed the half dozen enemies outside suspiciously as they pulled up.

Rolling down his window, Danny was about to say something when Walker beat him to it. "They say that Wulf went inside that cave," he started, pointing one finger at a floating cave close enough to be in sight from where they were, "since I left to get you. They have checked the parameter and there is no other exit, so he should still be inside."

"Good, you guys stay here, c'mon Tucker an—" Danny began, but was cut off by the black gloved hand on his shoulder and the skull-like white face shoved into his.

"And why should I listen to you, ghost boy?" the ghost asked, green eyes narrowing.

Grabbing one of the fingers gripping his shoulder between his thumb and forefinger, almost if he didn't want to touch it, and peeling it off along with the rest of the hand, Danny replied, "Wulf doesn't like you. And frankly, neither do I. I'm not here to help you, I'm here to help my friend. So, if I can get him to stop his rampage then mission accomplished. And he is a lot less likely to talk to us if you are there." With no further complaints, the boy parked the Specter Speeder over near the entrance to the cave and the three friends got out on floating solid ground, the two full humans placing a hand on the shoulder of the friend in front of them to keep from getting separated. Taking the first two steps into the dark interior, the boy whispered back, "Be careful. I have a bad feeling about this." Although by this time they were far enough in the cave that it was difficult to make out more than silhouettes, the two nodded back.

Sam flinched with almost every step she took, her large boots making small echoes despite how quiet she tried to step. Neither of her friends complained about it, knowing full well that she could not help it, but none of them doubted that the resounding noise had alerted the other occupant to their presence.

"There's a large cavern just ahead," the half-ghost whispered, gazing up and around as well to the large collection of stalactites. "I don't see him above us, but stay close while I peek into the next room."

"Wait, you can see?" Sam whispered back, nearly losing Tucker when she jerked forward and almost out of his hand in order to get closer to her friend so she didn't have to speak so loud. "Since when did that happen?"

Stopping, he replied, "Uuuh… now? I didn't know I could see in the dark either. Kind of makes sense that a ghost can, though, since they haunt places at night. It's just Amity Park's ghosts that like to come out in the middle of the—" he cut off as quick movement in the next chamber caught his eye. "I see something," he added for his friends, moving forward cautiously again.

The cavern was large enough that it could easily fit all of his enemies, if they decided to congress there, and the ceiling was over five yards high and littered with stalactites, sloping to maybe five feet as it met up with the cave wall. Several columns had been formed along those edges where stalactites and stalagmites at met up, but luckily none were large enough to be able to hide a seven foot tall werewolf. There were no other rooms that he could see coming off of the chamber, either, which meant that Wulf either wasn't there or he was hiding elsewhere.

Danny looked back up at the ceiling, studying the deep shadows between the spike-like stalactites. The dark furred ghost could easily hide away in one of those, but the problem was there was so many that he couldn't just watch one and hope it would move. Then he saw the glint of green. "Get down!" he yelled, pushing his two friends back and bringing his hands up in the same motion. The wolf man's green eyes focused on him in that instant, large body coiling up. With the swirling green energy of a ghost ray collecting in the palm of the half-ghost's hands, the figure hiding on the cave ceiling launched at him. The large, furry body hit him just as the energy released, flying harmlessly over its shoulder. Sam and Tucker found themselves horridly useless as they heard their friend wrestling with the beast since they could barely see their hands two inches in front of their face, and didn't' dare bringing out any of the weaponry they had brought. Then a loud crack! echoed in the chamber, and all other noise stopped. It cracked again, and then a large stalactite and several chunks of ceiling came crashing down, bathing the room in green light. The light momentarily blinded the four, whose eyes had gotten used to the deep gloom, but it was the two humans who recovered first.

Seeing her friend a good three feet from the werewolf, Sam quickly unhooked a small gun from her belt. "Taste the Fenton Grappler 2.0!" she shouted, a blue-glowing net shooting out the end and connecting with the ghost. The weighted ends tangled around each other on the other side, successfully containing the werewolf. "Not only smaller but also effective against ghosts now." Blowing imaginary smoke from the barrel of the gun, she then turned to face Danny. "Are you okay, Danny?" she asked. "And nice shot."

Chuckling and patting the dust from his hazmat suit, the boy replied, "Thanks. I… wasn't aiming. Why would Wulf attack us?" Walking over to the netted ghost that had started struggling against its bonds, he said something the girl couldn't understand in Esperanto. The only reply he got back was a growl.

"You don't think he has some sort of ghost rabies, do you?" Tucker asked, also making his way over. He also tried speaking in Wulf's language, but he, too, didn't get a reply.

"When we first met Frostbite he was angry and attacked us because a small icicle had gotten stuck in his fur," Sam offered, joining her friends. "He doesn't have a thorn in his paw or something, does he?"

"Not that I can see," their leader replied. "But I honestly don't think I'd like to get close enough to his paw to—get behind me!"

As its green claws tore through the net the wolf drew in a deep breath. Emerging from the shredded, and now useless, net, it released the breath in a ghostly howl. To stop the attack, Danny let out his own Ghostly Wail, the two sound waves colliding head on with each other. Traveling to all sides as if they had hit a wall, the entire cave started to shake. More chunks of ceiling came loose and clattered around them, some stalactite spears shattering upon impact and other burying themselves in softer rock as they landed. The structural was weakening by the second, and by the time the two had stopped it was too late. The cave was not going to stay standing much longer, and giving a toothy grin, the werewolf leapt up through the half destroyed ceiling.

Turning tail and grabbing his friends' hands as he went, Danny shouted, "We have to follow him!" Dodging a few falling rocks as they traveled through the tunnel and all but tossing his friends into the Specter Speeder once they got out, he told them, "That's not Wulf."

"What do you mean that's not Wulf?" the goth asked as their vehicle took off, the rest of the cave falling in on itself as they sped after the departing ghost.

"I can't really explain it," Danny said, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes as the Wulf-look-alike vanished around a floating rock on his way back to the island Walker and his men should still be waiting at. "I just know it isn't."

Coming around that rock themselves, the scene before them was only half as surprising as it should have been. Had Danny not just mentioned that the Wulf they were just chasing was not actually Wulf, seeing two of them wrestling in the dirt would have hit the three friends hard. Landing the Speeder and jumping out, Tucker asked, "Uh… okay, which one is which?"

"Danny! Walker's coming!" Sam shouted just a second later, pointing up at the approaching army of a dozen green guards.

"He'll take both of them, Danny!" Tucker shouted back, pointing to the two identical ghosts werewolves that where now standing on their back paws with their clawed hands clasped together in a test of strength. "Which one is Wulf?"

"Danny, hurry up!"


"They're almost here!"

All the noise was making it hard to concentrate. What had he seen in that first one that made him realize they were a fake? "There!" he shouted, a blast a ecto-energy slamming into the Wulf on the right. Green eyes blinking in surprise, the one left standing looked over at the three friends and gave them a happy, toothy smile. Saying something in Esperanto, Wulf leapt at his doppelganger as it started to recover from the disorienting blast.

Forming his ghost energy into a rope, Danny leapt over into the fray and, as Wulf held his hands behind his back, used the construct to bind the other werewolf's hands. Walker landed right at that time, looking back and forth between the captured Wulf and the one speaking back and forth with his nemesis.

"He says that's his brother, Lupus," Danny told the warden. "He's the one who has been causing you trouble."

Glaring at the kid, he said to him men without turning to look at them, "Throw him in jail." Four guards moved over to Lupus with prison handcuffs, clasping one pair around the werewolf's feet and the other over Danny Phantom's rope. Extending the chain on the ones on his feet enough their prisoner could walk, they led him up the ramp into the prison truck, roughly forcing him to sit on one of the hard, metal benches.

"We'll be taking Wulf back with us," Danny stated forcefully as Lupus was loaded up.

A conniving smile spreading across his skull-like face, Walker replied, "But that's against the rules." A short moment of silence between those gathered, and then the warden shouted, "Take them!"

Had they not been expecting something like this from the start they might have had some problems, but Danny had never fully trusted Walker from the start. With their Specter Deflectors on, Sam and Tucker rushed forward and grabbed onto two of the ten guards left. The belts quickly drained their energy, and with the two falling to the dusty ground they leveled their Wrist Rays at two more. Wulf lashed out with clawed hands, knocking one guard back and keeping three others at bay, while Danny froze one with his Cryokinesis and headed straight for Walker. A beam of light purple sailed over his shoulder, then he dodged other to his right and then one on his left. Firing a green blast of his own, which was easily neutralized on a purple shield, the boy flew right passed the warden aimed two more shots at his back. Deflecting on to the left and sidestepping the other, Walker asked, "Is that all you've got, ghost boy?"

Flying up a couple yards before stopping, ghostly tail splitting to form his legs, Danny said, "I'm kind of wondering how you can stand on that."

Looking down at his feet, it was only at that time that Walker noticed the ground for a good two yards around him was covered in ice, that the Ghost Rays directed at him were just a distraction. Feet slipping out from underneath him, the white-clad ghost fell hard onto his back.

"Get in the Specter Speeder!" Danny yelled, looking on proudly as Sam and Tucker took out the last two guards. Five were laying unconscious at Wulf's feet, another was frozen by his own power, and his two best friends had each taken out three. And with Walker still struggling to regain his feet, there was no one to pursue the four as they sped off towards the Fenton Portal.

Laughing slightly, Sam asked, "Can I say 'I told you so' now?"

Chuckling back, Danny replied, "I never doubted it for a second."

Standing at the outskirts of town, Tucker was the last one to give their large, furry, warm friend a hug. Wulf had already thanked them several times for helping him get out of there, not once or twice but three times now. "Just try to avoid Walker in the future," Danny called as the werewolf started running from the city on all fours. "And don't forget, if you ever have any trouble we'll always be here to help you!"

"I'm gonna miss him," Sam sighed, shifting her weight from her right foot to her left.

"We'll see him again," the last member of Team Phantom replied.

"No doubt about it," Amity Park's hero stated, standing beside the driver's side of the Specter Speeder. "Now let's get this back into my dad's lab before he realizes it's missing." The three couldn't help but chuckle at that, considering how many times they had 'borrowed' the Speeder and Jack Fenton never seemed to notice.

A dark shadow appeared on the side of the Prison truck as it sped off towards Walker's jail. The guard driving saw it, the cape and crescent-shaped horns, and tried to scream out. He was knocked unconscious before he was able to, though, and the vehicle came to a stop in the middle of the Ghost Zone. Purple energy outlining the doors, they flung open to show the werewolf inside a dark, caped figured. It laughed kind of maniacally to him, and said, "I think we can help each other out. I will get you out of here, and you will help me get revenge on Danny Phantom."

The confusion on Lupus' eyes quickly dissipated, and a smirk touched his mouth. And with a quick nod, the shackles binding him were blasted apart.

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