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Episode 57: Driving Lessons

"Grats on passing your driving test," Tucker said as the three of them continued down the street.

"It's not like it was all that hard," Sam replied confidently, situated in the center of the trio as they slowly made their way towards her house. "Only mark I got down was going a little too fast in one area, and that's because I wasn't sure what the speed was and didn't want to go too slow. Turns out it was twenty miles-per-hour, and I was going twenty-six…"

"Wow," Danny chuckled, an amused smile on his face. "Way to be a rebel, Sam." Considering Sam's choice of lifestyle, the three friends couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, I also didn't fully stop when turning right through a red light, but because I looked and there was literally no one coming I didn't get marked down for that. And tomorrow I will take the test for my motorcycle endorsement," the girl added, smiling as they approached the steps leading up to her house. "But enough of that. My parents will be gone until tomorrow evening on a Hawaiian vacation so I've got the entire house to myself, and we're going to go down stairs, fire up the home theatre, and watch horror movies all night to celebrate."

Pulling a couple movies out of his backpack, Tucker announced loudly, "I've got The Ring, and The Ring 2." He was looking quite full of himself until he heard his best friend laugh.

"The Ring, seriously?" the half-ghost asked, purposely only half hiding his chuckle behind one hand. "I brought the Grudge, one, two, and three."

"And here I was thinking of watching The Notebook or Titanic," Sam teased, the two boys on either flank bursting into laughter

"Yeah, that would be horror to you, wouldn't it, Sam?" Danny quipped back, taking the first step up to the unassuming building.

"It'll be just you guys, me, and the—" the gothic teen began, ascending the stairs and turning the knob "—big… screen." Opening the door, not only was her thunder stolen, but so too were her clouds and dark sky. Standing on the other side, and looking even more sour than normal when forced to confront her daughter's… individuality, was her mother. She was about to ask why they were back, and more importantly, why she looked angrier than a mother badger that hasn't slept in seventy-two hours, when the answer came to her.

"Hey Cous!" she heard from just beyond the woman. A second later she could see the head that voice belonged to, pale skinned and blue-eyed with dyed dark purple hair that framed the face perfectly. The person also wore black eyeliner and had a piercing on the left side of the lower lip.

Although shocked at first, Sam quickly composed herself and gasped, "Jonny?"

Mrs. Manson's speech was kind enough, but anyone could tell that the smile painted on her face was entirely fake. Danny noticed that the corner of her lip twitched irritably every now and then as she offered all four of them some cookies and milk, and for once it wasn't him she was glaring at—or in this case, skillfully containing her glare. "Is there anything I can get you four?" she asked, awkwardly hiding the majority of the venom in her words.

Whether he didn't notice or simply didn't care, Jonathon replied cheerfully, "No, I think we're good Mrs. M!" He flashed her a toothy grin before turning back to his cousin and the other two people seated on the couch with him, the two earrings in his left ear clinking together quietly. It was easy to tell why Sam's parents did not care for him. While they were uptight and proper, this young man was the complete opposite. He was wearing dark skinny jeans and black-grey converse. The long sleeves of his double-layered shirt were also a dark hue, but the t-shirt layer had several vertical stripes in the colors of the rainbow. He obviously wore make-up, although not excessively, and the top of a tribal tattoo could be seen at the collar of his shirt on his right shoulder. He was extremely cheerful, though, and it kind of surprised Sam's two friends that she got along with him so well, but they had been catching up for the last several minutes. "Not that I don't love catching up with you, Cous, but we're kinda leavin' your friends on the sidelines," Sam's cousin remarked, jabbing a thumb in the half-ghost and beret wearing teens' direction.

Before his friend could come back with a reply, Danny piped, "I don't mind, really." It wasn't a lie. Being able to hear a conversation that didn't have something to do with ghosts, school, or the popular crowd was actually very pleasant for a change, and he never had a problem with seeing one of his friends so happy.

"Yeah, I mean, it's not very often we get to see Sam getting along with someone other than us," Tucker added, also having no problem being kept on the outside, for a little while, at least.

"That doesn't mean we can't include you two, though," he replied, a goofy grin never leaving his face. Extending one hand to each of the boys, he added, "The name's Jonathon, but you can call me Jon."

Accepting the offered hand, Danny returned the smile. "Danny Fenton," he remarked, giving the hand a couple quick shakes. "I've known Sam since second grade."

"And I am Tucker Foley," the other male responded grandiosely, emphasizing his name as he the hand in his a firm shake. "Resident techno geek and computer genius. I've also known Sam since second grade, and the three of us kind of do everything together."

"So you are the two loons that Sammy tells me about in her emails," he said, still holding that customary smile.

"Loons?" Danny asked, turning to face the only female in their trio.

At the same time, Tucker chuckled and sat his PDA on his lap, eying his friend suspiciously. "Sammy?" he inquired.

Sam's expression went from embarrassed to possibly hostile in about point four seconds, her gaze swiveling from one boy to the other. "If either of you ever call me that I will knock your teeth out," she threatened. Normally it would have sounded extremely menacing, but they knew their friend well, and while she was serious they knew she wasn't quite as angry as she sounded.

Giggling at how easily the three interacted, Jon cleared his throat to regain their attention. "I'm afraid I have exclusive rights to that nickname," he told them, moving back to sit back down on the couch. "Probably because I am the only one Sammy tolerates calling her that. And I call everyone loons, so it's not like Sam has told me many crazy stories or anything." He paused for just a moment, then, "Did you really go into the purple back gorilla's cage?"

"Well, like I said in my email, he really wanted to get a better grade in that class," Sam answered hurriedly, giving her friend something to go off of as she flopped back down onto the couch as well.

"It sure was an adventure, though," Danny added, taking his seat next to her while Tucker moved over to the chair so it wasn't quite so crowded. "I learned a lot on that project, about endangered species and how terrifying it must be to be hunted like that."

Raising an eyebrow at him, the older man asked, "And how exactly did you learn something like that."

A small smile on his lips at the memories of the first time he encountered the Ghost Zone's best hunter, he replied, "Research. Since there were only two left can you imagine just how eager people were to capture of kill them? They probably felt terrified to just go to sleep at night, just in case someone attacked."

Raising his hand and waving it around to get their attention before Jon could come up with some other question for his best friend, Tucker started, "I have a quick question for you. How come you and Sam get along so well? I mean, you are all happy and cheery all the time, and Sam is all… not." Keeping one ear open to hear Jon's answer, the computer geek went back to whatever he was working on on his PDA.

If his smile could brighten any more than it already was it did; it was obvious that he was fond of his cousin. "I was five when Sammy was born, so I helped watch her a lot for my aunt and uncle," he replied. "We practically grew up together, and I actually remember thinking that she was my little sister instead of my cousin until I was about eight years old. I spent most of my free time with her until my parents moved when I was eleven, but we still wrote back and forth constantly, and we'd hang out at family reunions and holidays. We'd always go Christmas shopping together, too."

"I think part of the reason I get along with him so well is because Jonny didn't just respect my choices, but also encouraged me to follow them," Sam continued, what would probably be considered the closest thing the goth came to smiling on her lips. "He's always been like that. His band members are pretty cool, too, and as a bonus my parents don't like him."

"They think I'm a bad influence," he announced emphatically.

Once again setting his handheld device back down on his lap, Tucker asked, "Is that really something to be so proud of?"

At that same moment, the other teen started his own line of questions. "What kind of band are you in?" the other boy asked. He was a fan of several genres of music, so maybe he would like Jon's music, or have possibly even heard of it before. "And if you were five when Sam was born, that'd make you twenty-one now, right?"

"Don't ask me to buy you any alcohol, though, for I won't," he responded immediately to Danny's second question, chuckling a little.

"That wasn't what I was getting at," the messy-haired teen stated simply. "Some people will round their age up if it is close—"

Holding up a hand to stop him, Jon interrupted, "I know. I was just teasing." Leaning back and resting one arm on the back of the couch and the other on the armrest, he continued, "And I'm kind of local celebrity where I'm from. I'm the vocalist in a punk rock band, and we play two main clubs at least three nights a week, sometimes more." His mind seemed to drift a little as he spoke, and soon his hands found their way to a small cluster of the violet strands outlining the left side of his face. "We aren't famous or anything, and I don't make much off of the business like some people do, but it is more so a hobby anyway. My day job is as a factory manager, and I make plenty off of that. Still, my extracurricular activities, as well as the way I dress—" he tugged loosely at his shirt with hand and massaged the purple braid he had absently created while talking with the other "—don't measure up to the standards my aunt and uncle have set. If they don't care for me because of that, so be it. I believe that you should never have to change who you are to be accepted."

Looking up from his work and pointing his PDA pencil in Jon's direction, Tucker started, "I like you already. Hey, you don't think you could introduce me to a few cute girls who might be into computer, do you Jonny?"

"Wow, back up. Only Sam can call me Jonny. It's kind of our thing. Just call me Jon," the singer stated. "And as for the girls, next time you come to Washington hit me up and I'll introduce you to a few, if you are still interested."

"You're from Washington D.C.?" Tucker asked, a light in his eyes as he imagined what all of the government computers and technology in the capital must look like.

Shaking his head slowly, that characteristic grin still on his face, Jon said, "No, Washington State. I live in Seattle." The bubble floating above the techno geek's head immediately burst. Seeing the expression on the teen's face, and the small chuckle skillfully hidden behind the boy's best friend's hand, he stood and strode over to him, patting him almost harshly on the back a few times. "What's with that disappointed look? There are plenty of toys and gadgets for you to mess with there."

As if he suddenly remembered something important, Jon stopped in his amused attempt at raising Tucker's spirits and turned to look at his cousin. "What?" she asked nervously after he didn't speak for a good thirty seconds.

"Speaking of toys," he began, "I think we should get down to the reason for my visit." Motioning over his shoulder for the three high schoolers to follow, he made his way through the room towards the garage. "Today is a very special day, and I know you have been working towards getting your license, so…" he trailed off, one hand on the door knob as he waited for his tail to completely gather around. "Happy sixteenth birthday, Sammy!" he shouted, swinging the door open emphatically.

Sam's mouth dropped open. For one of the first times in her life Samantha Manson had absolutely no clue what to say. Sitting before her, cocked slightly to the left as it rested on its kickstand with the front wheel directly facing her, had to be the most beautiful bike she had ever seen. When she finally came out of her paralysis a short moment she would have fallen down the two steps to the garage floor had Danny not caught her arm. Once firmly on her feet again, she half-turned at the waist to look back her cousin and, as loudly as her breathless admiration would allow, asked, "Jonny, is that…?"

Striding confidently passed her and resting one hand on the handlebars, Jon replied, "You are looking at a brand new 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Breakout." Softly running his fingers down the sleek, grey and chrome flecked gas tank to the concave saddle, he continued, "I had the seat lowered as far as I could, so it is only twenty-four inches high. This baby sports a two cylinder V Twin Cam 103, fuel injected, electric start engine, six speed Cruise Drive transmission, a five gallon gas tank, and a combined forty-two miles to the gallon. It has a side mounted license plate, anti-lock brakes, as well as an automated security system that arms and disarms based solely on how close you are to the bike." A quiet clinking sound drew Sam's attention away from marveling at every square millimeter of the magnificent grey and chrome motorcycle. Held between the rock star's forefinger and thumb was ring with the key and two charms on it, one charm with the Harley logo and the other a deep purple and silver cartoon skull. "And Sammy girl, she's all yours," he smiled, tossing them the two feet to his cousin's hands. "All seven-hundred-ten pounds of her, so be careful! You will probably have trouble getting her back up if you tip her over."

With her composure how fully regained, the young goth girl remarked, "If something like that happens I'll just ask Danny for help." At Jon's inquiring look and raised eyebrow she added, "He's stronger than he looks. He easily benched one-twenty-five in weightlifting a few weeks ago."

Glancing at the messy-haired teen again, he simply stated, "Your boyfriend really doesn't look that strong, though."

"I'm not her boyfriend," Danny retorted immediately.

And right on cue, Sam synchronously stated, "He's not my boyfriend."

Holding his hands up in defense, Jon apologized, "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. It's just… you two seem like… Why aren't you together?"

"We're best friends," she replied, a small smirk on her face. "By the way, just how long did you have to stand in front of a mirror practicing that in order to get it right?"

Chuckling nervously, he quietly replied, "About six hours…"

"And I bet you don't even know what you just said," Sam laughed, back to him as she placed her hand on the handlebars.

"I have absolutely no clue," Jon said confidently, almost proudly, with a huge grin on his face.

Unable to stop herself from laughing at her cousin's antics, Sam turned to face him. "You're hopeless," she jested, her facial features softening considerably. "Thank you, Jon. I love it."

Returning her warm smile, Jon replied, "I knew you would." Jabbing a thumb baack over his shoulder towards the house, he asks, "Should we go get something to eat and maybe watch a movie or two? I brought Terminatra and Terminatra 2: Judgement Night."

"We were just planning on watching something," Danny started, "and I think Sam would enjoy your movies more than the ones we brought." He pulled one of The Grudge films out of his bag to show Jon what he was talking about as they all turned back towards the door leading inside.

"I'm sure Sam would love to rewatch those, too," he stated, leading the way to the kitchen. "And while we are making something to eat, think you guys could tell me a little more about the hero of Amity Park? I've heard a bit from Sam in her emails, but I'm sure there are more stories I haven't heard…"

A quiet sigh echoed in his ear. "Is everything alright, Danny?" the boy on the scooter asked, slowing down ever so slightly so he could round a sharp corner and continue down another street.

"Everything's fine, Tuck," the figure soaring through the sky replied into his microphone, spectral tail flying out behind him as he approached about seventy miles-per-hour.

"Are you sure?" the first boy asked again, glancing around the empty street. It was just passed six in the morning so no one was out yet, but he wasn't looking for anyone living. And so far he hadn't seen anyone un-living except for "the eye in the sky."

"Yes, Tuck," the aforementioned sky-eye confirmed, a hint of annoyance creeping into his tone.

Coming to a complete stop, and pulling his coat a little closer to fight off the morning chill, Tucker asked one more time, "Absolutely sure?"

"Tucker!" Danny shouted, slowly coming to a halt himself, his tail splitting and solidifying into two legs. "If you have something to say, just say it!"

Moving over to lean against the wall of a nearby building, Tucker exhaled deeply through his nose. "You've been sighing all morning," he pointed out, preparing to add to that statement when another voice interrupted.

"Am I not allowed to sigh?" Danny cut in harshly. He wasn't actually mad at his best friend, he was just… frustrated.

"If you will let me finish," the older boy emphasized, "I would have said that you have also been extremely grouchy, even more so than when you are sleep deprived because the box ghost wouldn't stay in the ghost zone over night." A slight grumbling met his ear; he was right. "And I think I know what the problem is."

"Oh, really?" the ghost-boy asked, floating down to sit on the edge of a building roof. He took a short moment to note that he was sitting on 25k Jewelers, which considering his record might not be the best place to hang out, but oh well.

"Yep," the geek stated simply. He let a short pause ensue between them, then said, "Sam."

Jumping to his feet, and floating since jumping to his feet would have put him right over the edge of the jewelry store had he been entirely human, he started, "Why would I be worried—"

He didn't get to finish because he was cut off this time. "I never said anything about you being worried, but since you just said it why don't you admit it?" he inquired, moving back to his scooter and placing one foot on the running plate. "You've been grouchy even since Sam got that motorcycle three days ago." He still had a few streets to check before school so he started back on hi patrol route, wanting to get out of the cold as soon as possible. Danny was lucky, he didn't get cold.

Sighing again, Danny took back to the sky as well. "I'm just worried she'll get hurt," he admitted a few short moments later. "That bike can go really fast, so what if something does happen and I don't get there in time?"

"I'm going to cut in really quick and remind you two that I can hear everything you are saying," a third voice bit out, obviously irritated by her two best friend's conversation. She could almost hear them cringe. "And just a reminder to you, Danny, I have been fighting ghosts along side you for almost two years now, which seems to be a bit more dangerous to me. I know how to ride a motorcycle, and I'm being careful, so stop worrying over it."

"She has a point, Danny," the beret-clad male added, skillfully containing his chuckle.

"Shut up, Tuck," the third member of the trio grumbled, although he was obviously not as angry as he wanted to sound. This was all his best friend needed to lose control of his laugh, and soon all three couldn't help but find the humor in the situation. They all knew, yes, the bike could be dangerous, but Sam was smart and Danny was careful. If anything did happen, those two factors would be all that was needed to reduce the severity of it.

"Guys, I think there's one here," Sam suddenly stated, easing onto the brakes as fast as she could without skidding. Shutting off the engine and easing the bike over onto the kickstand, the dark-haired girl quickly jumped off her new prized-possession and scurried up to the glowing green window, removing her helmet in the process and placing it under her arm.

"Do you see anything, Sam?" Danny asked, screeching to a halt. "Where are you?"

"It's Technus," she whispered, staying to the side of the window so he wouldn't see her. She wasn't so much worried about him getting away or his plot actually succeeding if he saw her as she was that he might throw that really heavy looking dishwasher he was floating around at her; or worse, at her new bike. "I'm at Everything Including the Kitchen Sink, Hardware, Appliance, and More store on 10th Street."

"Just the type of place he'd show up…" Danny mumbled, whipping around and accelerating to his full speed. "I'll be right there; don't do anything until I get there, Sam."

Sam sat back and waited, double checking the arsenal she had on her. Since this was a before school patrol she only had her Specter Deflector and Fenton Thermos on her, as well as the Fenton Phones they were using to communicate. She had forgotten the Jack-O-Nine-Tails at home, and she had once tried to bring the Wrist Rays to school and almost got in trouble for it. Danny had managed to turn it invisible just in time that Mr. Lancer didn't see that she had a weapon, but after that they all decided that Danny's powers would have to do when they were at school. None of them needed, nor wanted, to be sent to juvie for weapons possession.

Just a minute later the black and white clad hero landed softly next to his friend. From what Sam quickly told him he determined that Technus had done nothing but laugh maniacally the entire time he was making his way there since when he peeked through the window he was in the exact same position Sam had seen him in. Kneeling back down, he hurriedly whispered, "Okay, Sam, I'm going to phase in through the back wall and distract him. There is a free-standing shelf full of old DVDs just to the right of the door. Once I get his attention away from the door I want you to sneak in and hide behind it. I will try to get that flying ring of washing machines and computers to come after me and leave him open for you to catch him in the Fenton Thermos from behind." Peeking in one last time to make sure that, sure enough, the technology ghost hadn't moved from his spot, he added, "Let's see if we can do this without destroying half the store again."

Grabbing his arm to stop him as he went to move around the side of the building, Sam couldn't help but add, "Don't hold your breath." Most successful business in Amity Park, construction.

"Hey, a boy can dream," he jested back, then continued around. Reaching the back corner, Danny automatically became intangible. There was once a time when he had to mentally reach into his core to find the power, but now it was so natural that he didn't even have to think about it, it just happened.

Cautiously stepping through the wall, Technus' cackling laughter finally made it to his ears. "Danny Phantom, you finally made it!" he announced, back still turned to the ghost boy. "Do you realize how long I had to wait for you to show up? I was afraid I was going to lose my voice from all my cackling. Do you realize just how rude it is to keep someone waiting?" At the confused look he was given—after all, his back was still turned to the half-ghost—he stated, "Now behold, the wonders of technology!" Something flew up next to Danny's face and, startled, he swatted it away. The lens turned to zoom up closer on his face, two other cameras floating up from behind some boxes to join the first one. "I had a feeling you would try to sneak up on me so I set these up. Prepare yourself, Ghost Child, for my technological fury!" Five disks suddenly flew at Danny from a nearby shelf, edges green with ghost energy. "These cameras will watch everything—" he flipped over them into the air, the discs burying themselves halfway into the wall. The cameras flew around, too, resting so that each had a different angle on the young hero's face "—you do and show it to me here," Technus proclaimed, floating slightly to the side and turning to face his adversary. Behind him was a sixty inch flat screen TV with six different images on it. Four of them were of Danny, the three cameras following him and obviously a fourth one hiding somewhere, one was a view of the back door, and the sixth watched the front, where Sam was set to sneak in. "With these it won't matter where you are, I will always be able to find you."

"If you wanted to get your new TV for a steal you should have come on Black Friday, like everyone else," Danny jested, partially as part of their usual banter and partially to keep the ghost's attention on him instead of the screen.

"Steel, you say?" Technus inquired back, a mischievous grin on his face. "How about stainless steel!" Several objects lifted from the maze of overturned shelves and counters and boxes, not the least of which being a large, front load dryer. Shifting his legs into a tail as the items flew towards him, Danny easily weaved around a pair of scissors, which stuck into the wall just above the discs, and overtop the aforementioned dryer. It crashed quite loudly into the wall behind him, crushing the other impaled projectiles. A facet went flying by the left side of his head and a printer burst into tiny pieces as he hit with an ecto beam from the right. Several pens and pencils, a set of surround sound speakers, and an internet router got caught in a blast of cold air from then half-ghost, freezing in mid air and falling to the floor, shattering, and the next set of discs hurled at him were once again flipped over and dodged.

"Heh, is that all you got?" he jested, tail separating into his legs again as he crossed is arms over the symbol on his chest. Accepting the challenge, Technus made a box just to Danny's right fly up out of the pile at him. Such a simple attack wasn't going to work on him, though, for just as Technus had expected Danny to enter from behind Danny was expecting some kind of cheap shot like that and easily caught it in one hand. Looking down at the box, his eyes suddenly lit up. "No way, they have PS4s in stock?" he said, incredulous. Turning an accusatory glare back at the tech ghost, he started, "Hey, do you realize how few of these are out right now?! I'm still waiting for the place I ordered mine from to get more in!"

Momentarily distracted by his lecture, Danny didn't notice the other object flying at him until it was too late. "My bad, let me use something else then," he said. Swinging across as if it was a tennis racket, the computer monitor hit the floating boy broadside, sending him flying and the box in his hand to the floor, both with a loud crash! He then flew over to hover above Danny, and that was all the opening Sam needed to slip inside and crouch behind the shelf.

Danny replied with an attack of his own. The green blast hit Technus square in the chest, sending him flying up into the ceiling dramatically before falling onto a pile of more blue and black boxes, making Danny wince. There went more of the systems he could barely wait to get his hands on…

A ghost green beam shot out of the rubble of boxes and broken next gen. systems, hitting Danny square in the chest and sending him flying back into the wall once again before crashing into a tangle of knocked over metal shelves and scattered boxes. The ghost who shot it burst up out of the pile immediately afterwards, laughing. "You know what you kids say now-a-days," he drawled, "payback's a bench!" While Sam had raised an eyebrow at his use of "now-a-days," she couldn't help but sigh and shake her head at his blatant mistake.

Detangling himself from the pile he had found himself in, Danny started, "For one, if you are going to use a saying at least say it right. And for two, what goes around comes around!"

"Huh?" Technus asked, a confused look on his face until he saw a faint green glow in his peripheral vision. While still under the shelving, Danny had sent an ecto blast out to his left in a curve and now it was coming back to connect with its target. Technus had just enough time to turn and see then ball of ghost energy before it hit him in the chin, sending him flying back into the wall next to the window Danny and Sam had previously spotted him through.

"Now, Sam!" the ghost hero yelled, knowing that his friend was already in position to take the mad scientist ghost down.

"Got it!" she yelled, uncapping the glowy end of her Fenton Thermos. That was, of course, right before she yelped in surprise. The beam flew wide and missed her target, and Danny was instantly phasing through the shelf to make sure she wasn't hurt.

"Are you alright?" he asked, noticing several half-buried DVDs in the floor a couple feet in front of her.

"Yeah, he just startled me," she replied, taking the hand he offered her to help her up. "Come on, he flew outside!" Right as they made it to the door all the floating objects behind them crashed to the floor, making them jump. They only paused for a second, though, before going outside to a nearly empty street.

"Tucker!" Danny called, seeing his other friend just a couple businesses down. "Did you see Technus come out here?" he asked as the computer wiz came to a stop in front of him.

Shaking his head, Tucker replied, "I just got here, and the only ones I saw were you two."

"So he got away," Sam said, annoyed.

"We'll find him after school," Danny stated, lifting his feet off the ground so that he was hovering just a couple inches above it. "Right now we need to get there before we are late."

"So you weren't able to find what was setting your ghost sense off?" the goth asked as they walked towards the school parking lot.

Shaking his head in frustration, Danny answered, "Nope. I know Technus is around somewhere but I couldn't find him anywhere. My ghost sense went off four times today, so a ghost has to be near, but I couldn't find anything!"

"Yeah, and you nearly got in trouble for taking too long in bathroom in English class, too," Tucker reminded, one hand leading his scooter as they approached Sam's motorcycle. "We have to start coming up with better excuses, because bathroom is not always going to work."

Finally reaching the bike, Sam quickly swung a leg over the seat and put the key in the ignition before pulling her helmet over her head and securing the chin strap. "We can worry about excuses later," she said, turning the key to on and placing her thumb on the electric start. "Right now we need to find Technus before—" the rest of her words were drowned out under the roar of the engine coming to life.

Danny's ghost sense chose that time to go off again, and he immediately looked to his friends. "I'm going to check this area one more time and swing by the store Technus ransacked again really quick," he stated, crouching beside the bike so no one coming into the parking lot would be able to see him. The two white appearing around his chest, he quickly shifted to his ghost form. Taking to the air a couple feet above the ground, legs dissipating into a tail, he added, "I'll meet up with you two at Sam's." Waiting just long enough to see the two acknowledging nods from his friends, he bolted up into the sky.

Revving the engine until she was sure it was warm enough to not quit on her again, she let the noise die down so Tucker could hear her. "Head on back to my place first," she told him, straightening the bike and folding up the kickstand. "I'm going to make a quick round, too."

"Alright," he said in return, hopping onto his scooter and taking off down the sidewalk.

Up in the sky, Danny had just finished searching the school grounds for their missing ghost. He had even made sure to double check the computer labs and library, just in case, and nothing. Veering to the left, he starts scanning the streets as he heads towards Everything Including the Kitchen Sink. The only difference he found once he got there was that the mess had been mostly cleaned up, a couple employees standing out front with looks of exhaustion on their faces. "I can't believe nine of the ten PS4s we got in that shipment yesterday were broken," one said to the other, making the boy floating several yards above their heads flinch.

"We lost a dryer, too," the other replied, sighing. "As well as a flat screen television, four cameras…" Danny couldn't hear the rest of the conversation because he had flown too far away by that point, heading the direction of the next hardware store in search of Technus.

He was almost there when his ghost sense went off again. Spinning around three-hundred-and-sixty degrees as he came to a stop, the half-ghost was once again alone in the sky, minus the small flock of birds to the west. He did, though, hear the loud roar of an engine, and looking down he caught a glimpse of Sam on her motorcycle as she turned down a street below him. He lost sight of her because of the buildings so he flew down to street level to catch up.

Noticing the young hero in her mirrors, Sam asked through the Fenton Phones, "Did you find anything?" Had she not had them it would have been difficult to here the boy's reply, the roar of the bike drowning out the sounds around her.

Shaking his head slowly, the half-ghost stated, "Nothing. My ghost sense went off again when I was surveying things from above, but there was nothing in sight again. I'm starting to wonder if our mystery ghost is actually... well… a ghost."

Coming to a stop at a red light, she turned to face her friend as he landed on the pavement just a foot to her right. "Have you ever run into a ghost that you can't see while invisible?" she asked, glancing back to the light to make sure it hadn't turned back to green.

"Only once," Danny replied, "and I don't think it is the same ghost this time."

"Who was it?" the motorist questioned, slowly taxiing forward when the light turned green.

"Dani," he told her, falling in stride at her side as she once again sped down the road. "It was right after Val and I rescued her from Vlad again. She was invisible beside Val and I couldn't see her at all. But she sends me mail often, and the last letter from sent from Great Britain just a week ago, and she didn't mention anything about heading back anytime soon."

The two stopped in front of another hardware store, and again there was no Technus. "He has to be around here somewhere," the girl sighed in frustration as she pulled over to the curb.

Sitting down on a mail box just a couple feet from where she stopped, Danny lightly shook his head. "We should head back to your place and see if we can come up with anything," he stated after a short moment. "Maybe Tuck will be able to find something that we are missing. Our only other option would be to continue searching like this, which doesn't seem to be getting us very far."

"You're right, we should head back to regroup with Tucker," Sam agreed. Double checking that it was safe for her to pull back out onto the road, she added just before she taxied out into the street, "Meet you back at my place." Revving the engine loudly, she took off, playfully leaving her friend behind in the dust. Chuckling at her antics for a short moment, Danny shot up into the sky. Following her bike with his eyes for another few seconds, he then took a direct route to the goth girl's house.

Just a block away he spotted Tucker on his scooter. Flashing in front of the other male as he ducked into a deserted alley and behind a dumpster, he quickly shifted back to his human form. His best friend had just come to a stop by the time he exited back out onto the street. "Any luck?" he asked, continuing on with the other boy.

"No," the half-ghost replied, shaking his head lightly. Off in the distance he could barely start to hear Sam's motorcycle, so he knew that she would get there just about the same time they got to her door. "Looking randomly was getting us nowhere," he added, "so we decided it would be better to come back and try to figure something out together."

"I see," Tucker stated simply before falling silent again, one hand leading his scooter while the other was rested on his chin and lower lip in a thoughtful pose. He was already formulating ideas to discuss when Sam crossed the sidewalk in front of them to get into her garage, shouting back at them to wait for her at the front door as the garage door closed.

Climbing the couple steps up to the landing, the two were just about to lean against the wall and wait when the door flew open. "It's good to see you two again!" Jon cheered, getting one arm over both of their shoulders before they even had a chance to realize what they were doing. Pulling them into some sort of hug, he continued, "So what kind of fun, teenager stuff do we have planned today? Are you going to run to the mall for ice cream, hang out at some local pre-adult club with loud music, or TP someone's house?"

Extracting himself from the arm around his neck, Danny slowly said, "None of the above. We're going up to Sam's room to talk about… stuff." Jon's smile didn't diminish in the slightest, the older male either obviously bored or seriously anticipating spending time with them again. After Sam got her motorcycle three days before the four of them spent the next five hours swapping stories, until Danny and Tucker had to finally go home, but they hadn't seen much of each other since. "Alone. Just us. The three of us," he added, hoping to softly get the point across. No effect. "Without… you…"

That made the vocalist's smile droop. "Oh," he articulated, slipping his arm off Tucker's shoulders to drop back down to his side, gaze falling to the floor. "I get it. You guys got… secret teenager… secrety… stuff to talk about, and I'm just the meddling adult."

"Thanks for letting them in," Sam said from behind the older male. Heading for the stairs, she called back over her shoulder, "Are you coming?"

The rock star replied excitedly, waving one hand wildly in the air, "I am! Ooh, me me me!"

Flinching slightly, the only thing she did to reveal her remorse at her next words, Sam mumbled, "I wasn't talking to you, Jonny…"

Deflating again, her cousin's shoulders slumped and a dark cloud that she could be proud of forming over his head, Jon slowly turned away from them and ambled into the next room. The three exchanged guilty looks for a moment before heading back up the stairs. Taking the steps two at a time, the three friends raced down the hallway to Sam's room. Tucker being the last one through, he closed the door.

Silence filled the room as the two boys just stared at the door. They didn't need to say anything for their thoughts were written all over their faces. "Look, it's not like we can include him in this conversation, right?" the female member of their group asked, making the other two turn back to her. None of them liked the thought of that normally so cheery person looking so glum. "All that we can do is figure out what to do next so we can find Technus in time to spend time with my cousin again before he leaves in two days."

Smiling a little, Tucker added, "Yeah. So how about you come two come over here and give me some details…" he trailed off, moving to the center of the room as he removed his bag from his shoulder and pulled out a thick folded paper.

A swift rapping on the door filled the space, three pairs of eyes immediately jolting up from the large paper before them to face it. The purple ones are the ones that rolled, their owner standing and placing their hands on their hips. "For the last time Jonny, we don't want any orange juice!" she shouted. "I've told him that three times now," she added to herself, mumbling.

"I wasn't going to ask if you wanted orange juice again," he replied somewhat shyly, voice quiet. "But I did bake some chocolate chip cookies," he sang. When nothing was said in return, he added, "I even made them in the shape of little bats." Again, silence. "And I brought black frosting."

Sighing audibly, even through the wooden barrier, Sam stated, "Not right now, Jon. We are in the middle of something important right now, but once we are done we can hang out with you, alright?"

The disheartened answer came a short moment later. "Fine…" it said, followed by the sound of footsteps sluggishly lumbering down the hall.

"Now where were we?" she asks, joining her two male friends on the floor around the map.

Pointing to the loose symbols laid over some streets and buildings, Tucker started up again, "So from what Danny has told me his ghost sense went off at all of these places." There were several overlapped over the building marked as the school and several more were scattered over the nearby streets. He then pointed to another symbol a little to the left of the scattered marks. "This is the store we saw Technus at," he stated before pointing to several other symbols on top of buildings and continuing, "And these are the shops you two checked out before coming here that were untouched."

"The points are just too spread out to get any real information from," Sam sighed, crossing her legs and resting her chin on her knuckles.

"It would make more sense if my ghost sense had gone off here first—" he motioned to the scattered points to the right of where he fought the tech ghost "—because then it would mean that he was pretty much always heading south towards the school."

"Maybe it means that he hid out at the school before moving off this—" the beret-wearing boy was cut off by the sound of an engine roaring to life. "What the?" he gasped, all three running to the window to peer outside. The noise sounded like it was directly beneath them, but they hoped that it was actually out on the street.

When Danny's ghost sense went off there was no longer any doubt in there minds. Before any of them could say anything else a loud boom sounded from the street and the bright, new, shiny bike that Sam put so much pride in sped out from the freshly made hole in the garage door. Connected to the bike's saddle was Technus' torso, the ghost cackling maniacally and heading generally North East. "No!" the girl yelled, slamming her fist into the window. "We have to go after him, now!" she commanded her best friends. One of them was way ahead of her, though, the twin rings already moving up and down his chest.

Out in then hallway, having only gotten a few feet down the hall because of his moping, the sudden noises downstairs startled him to alertness. And his cousin's enraged shouts threw him into motion. Turning on the balls of his feet he ran back to the door, wrenching it open. The scene before him was nothing like he had expected. The only thing he was able to see before the room became completely empty was three sets of legs phasing right through the wall. He recognized Tucker's shoes and Sam's boots, but the middle pair was not one that he knew—personally, at least. Running to the window he watched as the trio took off through the sky in the direction of a facility in the distance. He remembered taking note of it when he came in on the plane, and taking only a fraction of a second longer to get a look at the silver-haired, white and black clad ghost hero of Amity Park, he spun again and shot right out of the room and down the stairs, three words on his lips. "The power plant."

Technus weaved through the streets, sticking to those who had the most hardware stores. Various devices, outlined in a green glow, flew right though the windows and walls to hover around the bike as it traveled. They separated and rejoined, the different components rapidly changing from computers, cameras, and other modern technology into some quite intimidating-looking ecto weapons. Six spinning, tri-point discs slid into sleeves on the sides of the gas tank. Two miniature ecto-machine guns mounted on either side of the front wheel on the fork and in the exhaust pipes on the back were over three dozen spikes. A few pieces of metal also attached around the front headlight, but the rest of the hardware continued to swirl around the ghost in the air, forming smaller, mobile weapons.

"I have the weapons now," Technus drawled out slowly, looking down at the motorcycle, "but it makes this bike look very bulky." A large smile on his face, he continued, "If I can get a bit more power then I can change it back to its sleek, hip design whenever I want." Laughing again, he pulled the bike up into a wheelie and drove right up into the air, the entire vehicle glowing that faint, ghostly green.

"So what exactly do we do?" Tucker asked, watching their adversary take to the sky as well and head in a straight line for the power plant.

"I can't exactly shoot at it," Danny said in frustration. "I'm pretty sure Sam would kill me if I put even a single scratch on her bike."

"Would using the Fenton Thermos work to get him out of the bike?" the girl inquired, her expression somewhere between pissed off and worried.

"The bike itself is not a ghost so it should," Tucker replied. "The problem would be that so long as it is moving it will continue moving and could very easily crash. Also, if Technus manages to get to the power plant he might be able to infuse his energy into the bike, which would then make it susceptible to the Fenton Thermos as well…"

Something flew in front of their faces, startling Tucker into firing his Wrist Ray at it, although he missed. They noticed what it was just a second later, the lens spinning to zoom up on the half-ghost's face. "It looks like you have your hands full, Ghost Child," their enemy said. "How about I help you out." Two ecto-lasers shot right by the three friend's heads, a couple strands of silver hair getting just an inch from the tip as he quickly dove down to the streets.

The camera followed them doggedly, four of the small ecto-guns flying after them as well. They were trying everything they could to keep him from going in the direction of the plant, and it wasn't until after several streets that Danny came up with a plan. Since only the camera was actually following him, the other two tails actually following a few streets over to keep him from going that way, he suddenly turned around and exhales an icy blast right into the lense. Frozen, the camera fell to the street below and shattered. With their eyes gone, the ecto-guns no longer knew where they needed to be and it was relatively easy to sneak up on them and destroy them. Danny and Sam took out two of them simultaneously, the battered remains crashing to the sidewalk below. Tucker took his out just a second later, the thing having only had enough time to swivel halfway to facing him before it was destroyed like the other.

"We've lost time," Danny said heatedly, flying straight towards the bright green of the Amity Power Plant. "If we don't get there in time I might have to damage your bike, Sam," he added apologetically.

Sam did say anything for a second, then whispered just as down, "I know."

Coming up over the last building in their way, the three friends finally got full view of what was going on at the plant. Technus had four power lines in his hands, two in each palm, and the ghostly aura around the bike had gotten stronger, brighter. The two miniature machine guns were already folding into the front fork, becoming part of the bike itself, but none of the other weapons appeared to be doing so. Yet. They might still have time to capture him before Sam's bike was lost.

Landing behind one of the transformers, the half-ghost placed the two humans on the ground. They already had their Wrist Rays on and a Fenton Thermos slung over one shoulder, and Sam pulled the Jack-O-Nine-Tails out of its loop on her waist. "I'll take out the power first, then one of you try the Thermos. If it looks like it is pulling the bike in, too, then stop. Make sure to split up in case it doesn't work, that way he doesn't know where both of you are."

"I'll take the first shot, just in case," Tucker stated. Neither needed to ask what he meant, and neither did out of respect. They all knew that Sam was better with the weapons than Tucker, so if it didn't work it would be more advantageous to have her hidden still, and not the boy more acclimated to a computer screen than an ecto-blaster. "And if it doesn't work, what then?" he asked.

"I'll try to get Technus away from the bike," Danny replied unconvincingly. "It's our only choice, other than plan C, which would be to destroy the Harley."

"I don't like plan C," Sam said immediately. When they turned to her with unamused looks, she added, "Just saying."

"Our best bet if it is too late to extract him from the bike is to get him away from it," the youngest of the trio reiterated. "Once he is out of it the energy might dissipate, or we might be able to find something back at my parents lab to fix it. Everybody ready?" At their nods, he said, "Good," and dove across the small gap to behind another transformer and out of sight.

A minute passed by with no sign of their friend, and then two with the only change being more of the weaponry being absorbed into the bike. The six discs and their sleeves were now nowhere to be seen and two of the flying ecto-pistols had melded into the engine. "Hurry up, Danny," Sam whispered, starting to grow anxious.

Then the electricity shut off. Confused, the tech ghost looked down at the cables in his hands as if they had just betrayed him until a green blast flew right over his shoulder. "So you finally made it, Ghost Child," he said, turning to face the boy.

"Do you know how long it takes to freeze a power plant?" he asked, floating four feet above the other ghost's head with his arms crossed over his chest. "It doesn't matter, it was just too long. Now you can't get anymore energy."

A grin on his face, the mad scientist said, "I don't need anymore energy right now. Behold, the Harley Technus Motorcycle!" With his exclamation the headlight grew brighter until it finally burst forward in a beam of pure ghost energy. Not expecting the attack, it hit Danny in the chest and sent him tumbling over three times in the air before he regained his bearings. Righting himself feet side down again, he couldn't help but wince as pain sprung to life in his chest, one hand coming up to plaster itself over where the blast had just hit him. There was no physically visible wound, but there was a small amount of smoke rising from where the blast hit and it still stung fiercely.

The headlight started to glow brightly again, signally the beginning of another attack. Just a second before it went off Danny threw up a curved, rectangular shield in front of him that deflected the blast to the right and into a power pole, exploding on contact and destroying a good foot of the pole's length. "Don't want to get hit by that again…" he commented to himself as he watched the top of the power line fall towards the ground, held up two feet above the ground for a couple seconds before the cables snapped and it crashed to the hard earth. Glancing in the direction his friends were hiding for a fraction of a second, he knew he had to get Technus to turn his back to them, even for just a brief moment.

Tucker watched his best friend dodge several more attacks with ease. Each time he weaved around a blast he turned the enemy ghost farther and farther away from his position, until finally he was looking straight at the back tire. Breathing in deeply once, the computer wiz rolled out from behind his cover and torn the cap off of his Fenton Thermos. The beam shot out immediately, engulfing the mad genius and the bike he was currently controlling. His coat and hair started getting pulled into the vortex, and for a brief second it looked like it was working.

Then Danny yelled, "Tucker, stop! It's pulling in the bike, too!" The back wheel was starting to elongate as the motorcycle was also caught in the beam's pull, and had the beret-wearing teenager not recapped his Fenton Thermos it would have been sucked in. Instead, though, they were unable to catch Technus as well, and now he turned in his seat to face the new adversary.

"Sneaking up on people isn't nice," he drawled, waving a hand in the air. Two of the ghost guns flying around in the air turned to face him, the glow of Technus' ghost energy already starting to light up the barrel. The boy started to panic, not sure which one to aim at and pretty certain that he couldn't hit both before they went off.

A cryokinetic blast hit one of the weapons, encasing it in a block of ice. "Like you're one to talk," the ghost boy mocked, "following people with cameras."

The momentary distraction was all the time Tucker needed to take out the other gun with his wrist ray to duck back behind a piece of debris from an earlier attack towards his friend. "Now what do we do?" he whispered into his ear piece.

"Danny, try knocking Technus out of the seat with a ghost ray," Sam suggested. "All we need to do is get him away from my bike. Once we get him out of it his ghost energy should leave the bike, too."

Nodding his understanding, Danny flew around another shot angled at him. He didn't see the floating pistol pointed in his direction, though, so he wasn't able to fully dodge the attack and it nicked his upper arm. Hissing in pain, he stopped for half a second too long to cover the wound. He barely had time to throw up a ghost shield before the ghost ray ht him. The explosion sent him flying backwards into a steel transformer.

"Danny, are you okay?" Sam asked as loudly as she dared.

"Yeah, ow," he replied, looking back up at the dent his back had created. "I'm alright."

"I have another idea," she stated slowly, quietly pulling a small rod from her belt. "Danny, I need you to distract him for just a couple seconds, keep him from looking over here."

"Got it, Sam," he responded, dusting off his black and white hazmat suit and floating up a few feet in the air. Sending a small burst of cryokinesis at the tech ghost, it solidified in his perfectly groomed hair and made it stick out in spikes.

A deep frown on his face, Technus' glare could be felt through his sunglasses. "Did no one ever tell you not to mess with another man's do?"

All three teenagers gave incredulous looks, Danny using all of his self control to not visibly roll his eyes at his enemy. Still, his antics had the desired effect; it took his attention away from his best friend while also not damaging her bike.

Diving out from behind cover, Sam swung her arm around in a wide circle. "Take this!" she yelled, pressing a button on the rod and releasing the nine, ecto-empowered whips inside. They hit both the ghost and the motorcycle, wrapping up a tire, locking the steering, and ultimately tying all of it to a power pole. She then took off right at him, hitting the button in the center of her belt as she closed in. It zapped to life just a second before she flung herself at the ghost.

Technus screamed as the Specter Deflector shocked him. "No, my new ride!" he yelled as he felt his connection with the bike sever, his ghost energy flowing back into him before he was finally repelled. Landing several feet away on the cold ground, he was still trying to reorient himself when a blue light to his left engulfed him. "This isn't over, Ghost Child!" he shouted as he clawed at the ground, trying to prevent himself from being pulled into the small cylinder. It didn't help, though, and just a moment later Danny replaced the cap and landed beside his friend, who was detangling her Harley from the pole and checking over every inch of it as she did so to make sure there was no damage to it.

"If he so much as scratched the paint…" she growled under her breath, removing the last of the whips from her precious bike.

"Hey, man, you okay?" Tucker asked, hearing his best friend hiss in pain. Once the other boy mentioned it Sam remembered that Danny had taken a strong ecto blast to the chest and turned to make sure he was alright.

"Come on, guys, I'm tougher than that," Danny joked back at them. To emphasize his point he pounded one palm right over where he was pretty certain he was getting a bruise. He held back his flinch as much as he could, but both of the other teenagers saw it and exchanged worried glances. Grinning broadly, he added in a deeper, more heroic voice, "I mean, what would we do if Amity Park's resident hero could be taken down so easily?"

Chuckling, the girl lightly punched the white-haired teen in the shoulder. "Oh, quit with the macho act, Danny," she laughed, elbowing him in the side.

Elbowing her back, he replied in his slightly ghostly echo, "Come on, we should get back before someone starts to worry."

The twin rings were just starting to appear around the boy's waist when a twig snapped behind them. Suddenly stopping his transformation, the ghost hero and his two friends turned around to face a man in a rainbow shirt with purple hair. His blue eyes traveled between the three figures before him for a long, awkward moment before he trained them on his cousin. "You know Danny Phantom?" was the first thing he said, surprise and anticipation in his features. He hesitated for only a second longer before running over to them and grabbing one of Danny's hands in his own. "I have been so anxious to meet you, but I never seemed to be able to be in the right place at the right time. Sam and Tucker and Danny have told me so much about… hey, you look kind of familiar…"

"Uh, is that a call for help?" Danny interrupted, cupping one hand to his ear as if he was listening for something. "Yep, definitely a call for help. Nice chatting with you. I'll see you, uh, later… maybe," the boy called as he flew off in the direction of the town, and subsequently Sam's house.

"Ah, wait!" Jon called after him, but the half-ghost was long gone by then. Turning back to the two still standing there, he asked, "How are you two friends with Danny Phantom?"

Suddenly feeling nervous, Sam stuttered, "Ph-Phantom is friends with everyone… He just helped me get my bike back after Tech—I mean, that scientist-like ghost took it over. And now he's off helping someone else, so we should be getting back home before Mom starts to worry."

"But, but—" Jon tried, but he was cut off by his cousin.

"Now, Jonny," Sam interrupted, shoving him in the direction he had come from. "Take Tucker back on your bike, I'm sure you brought it. Although how we didn't hear it I don't know…" she added the last sentence to herself.

Jon was practically sitting on her shoulder when she opened the door to her room. Sitting on the foot of her bed, arms crossed over his chest, was Danny Fenton. He had a sour expression on his face as he went from staring at the wall to gazing out the window, until he heard the door open then he stood and turned to face it. "Geez, I go to the bathroom for two minutes and you guys disappear," he grumbled.

Shoving his way passed Sam, the older male slung his arm around the teenager's shoulder. "I know, that's just how I feel when you guys lock me out," he said boisterously. Smacking Danny on the back, and making the half-ghost flinch, he rushed back over to the door. "Hey, do any of you want orange juice? Or maybe cookies!" he shouted as he rushed back down the hall and stairs towards the kitchen.

Rubbing the sore bruise on his chest, Danny muttered, "Good thing your cousin is kinda dense."

"Although he did almost recognize you in ghost form," Sam pointed out quietly.

"Yeah, note to self, don't let him meet Phantom again…" he replied.

"I'll be sure to come back and visit some time soon," Jon said as he packed the last of his things into one of the saddlebags on his bike. His back was turned to the small party gathered to see him off so he didn't see his Aunt and Uncle cringe. "I should be getting back before my band mates start sending you guys death threats for kidnapping me."

"Don't be a stranger," Tucker replied, the PDA in his pocket going off. "Oh, Danny, we need to get to the library and work on that report for English.

"See you later, Jonny," Danny shouted as he hopped on his scooter and quickly took off.

"Hey, only Sammy can call me that!" he playfully shouted back, taking two steps towards the retreating teenagers and shaking his fist in mock anger.. Smiling and shaking his head in amusement, Jon turned back to his cousin. Before she had a chance to react he wrapped both of his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

As much as she wasn't a hugger, Sam wasn't going to make her cousin let her go. He didn't get to see her often, so she decided she would let him have his moment. When that moment started dragging on too long, though, she started, "Jonny, you can let me go now…"

"Yeah, I know," he said affectionately, squeezing her tighter for just a second. Just as he was letting go he added in a whisper, "Don't worry, Sam, I won't tell anyone Danny's secret." Shocked, the girl could do nothing but stand there for the two minutes it took him to put his helmet on and start his bike.

Snapping out of it as the engine roared, she frantically called, "W-wait, Jonathon! What did you mean by that?"

Revving the engine once before looking at her, he stated, "I know." Then he flipped the visor on his helmet down and took off down the road towards his home.

I had a lot of fun writing Jonny. Because of Sam's dour attitude I thought it would be entertaining to have her cousin be the exact opposite, and yet still have them get along great. Also, the bike he gives her for her birthday actually does exist; I looked it up on the Harley website, but some specs I could not find. Also, while I love bikes and have my endorsement for them, I am not knowledgeable when it comes to engines or machines, so that is the reason why Jonny has no clue either...

As always, reviews are luffed and appreciated, but I do not require them for the next installment in the series.