This is isn't really meant to be a story. I was playing my Marvel vs Capcom 3 opening movies and I really liked the idea behind them so I decided I would base a short story parody off of it. who knows, if you guys like I will make a story out of it. Enjoy!

Square Vs Nintendo

Part 1

The rain was heavy in his tunic, but it wouldn't slow him down. Not a time like this. In the heat of battle nothing else ever mattered to Link. This new foe of his was unlike any other. Even Ganon was not as threatening as this. The hero of time narrowed his eyes. The beautiful kingdom of Hyrule was in shambles around him as the battle grew more and more severe. Link fell to his knees, weak. His sword clanged on the ground near his leg. He couldn't give up. Losing was not an option. His vision faded out for a moment. Link blinked and upon reopening his eyes, his will to fight was rejuvenated. He could feel the heavy sword of his opponent approaching him.


Link's sword met with that of his opponent, Cloud Strife, spike haired male wearing a grey jump suit and combat boots. Link and Cloud met eye to eye, both of them speechless. They pushed off of each other and their swords met briefly three more times. Link jumped back and while still in midair he reached behind his back and flung a boomerang at his opponent. The wind suddenly blew Links hair over his face. This was no ordinary breeze, but the wake of a flying object engage in combat similar to his.

Meanwhile, atop of a nearby building, Vincent Valentine looked about his surroundings to see, or rather not see, that his opponent was nowhere to be found. His backside was suddenly cloaked with darkness. Vincent spun around and found a large ape wearing a red necktie baring his initials; DK. Donkey Kong raised his fists up and immediately dropped them down. Vincent slid out of the way, and pointed his gun, Cerberus at his opponent ready to fire. Two flying objects jetted by overhead, again. Vincent fired.

An arrow of light shot by Terra's face as she darted around the buildings in Hyrule with Pitt the Angel short on her tail. She looked back to measure the distance and then increased her speed. Pitt fired another arrow. This one was on its mark, but just as it was about to hit Terra, the green haired girl spun around immediately, retaliating with a small Fire spell. The impact of the opposing attacks caused a midair cloud of smoke to form which Pitt flew into. Pitt stopped in the cloud's middle, distraught. He felt a clawed hand grip on his throat. The hand as well its arm glowed purple through the fading smoke. The smoke dissipated a moment later revealing it was Terra, but she was…different. Her entire form was engulfed in purple fur and her eyes glowed yellow. Pitt gripped her arm hoping he could weaken her grip. Terra narrowed her eyes and then flung the angel from the air into the window of a nearby building. Pitt shot through the window of a building and went through the opposing wall.

Cecil hovered slightly off the ground as he released a streak of white light from his weapon. The lovely Princess Zelda spun elegantly, forming a diamond shaped barrier to form around her. The white energy blast made contact with her barrier, cancelling it out. Zelda immediately returned a magical attack of her own as green bolts hovered away from her hand. Cecil slid over the ground with his weapon ready. He slashed through Zelda's attack and brought his weapon back over his head as he reached striking distance. Zelda's hand balled into a fist. The two attacks met again, causing a bright flash to engulf the two of them. Cecil and Zelda could see each other through the light. Neither one of them was as they once were. When the light cleared Cecil was in his dark armor while Zelda had become her alter ego, Sheik. Sheik held a kunai in his hand to hold off the heavy dark sword in Cecil's possession. Cecil broke the blade lock with a powerful kick to Sheik's stomach, pushing him off his feet and into a nearby table in Hyrule's market area. Sheik threw himself up and threw a handful of kunai. The small knives were like flies against Cecil's dark armor. Cecil pointed his free hand, dark energy burning in it, at Sheik and released balls of dark fire.

The tides had changed in Terra and Pit's midair chase; the human-eidolon hybrid narrowed her eyes on Pit as flapped harder and harder to gain speed. Pitt looked back to see the distance between he and Terra, and then looked back forward as he went into a nose dive back towards into the city limits. Terra narrowed her eyes, summoning a small group of flames. The small launched ahead of Terra chasing Pitt in her stead.

Link jumped, dodging a swipe from Cloud's oversized sword. Cloud extended his free hand, a blue glow shone in his arm and Cloud released a small jolt of blue energy. Link immediately brought his sword hand over his face taking the blast, sliding back a few feet. Link found that his arm, from his shoulder to the tip of his sword, had been frozen over. Cloud swung down again on his sword but Link blocked it. Cloud leaped up slightly a kicked the Hero of Time's shield. As he slid back on the ground, Link squeezed his sword through the cold coat. He hopped off the ground and assumed his traditional charging position; Link placed his shield before him with his legs spread as magic flowed into his blade. Cloud came in fast with his huge sword over his head. Link spun around, the ice on his arm shattered as his sword met Cloud's, knocking the spiky haired man away. Cloud caught himself in midair and stood ready, scowling at Link. Link returned the glare with one of his own. Lightning and thunder performed around them, drawing their attention towards the sky. Terra and Pitt were not too far away from the two as they stopped their midair fight and looked into the sky. The clouds gathered into a single area and drained down towards the city. Link and Cloud looked at each other and nodded. Perhaps it was time they stopped fighting one another and prepared for their new opponent who had finally revealed himself from the spiral of clouds, Caius.