Chapter 1: Leaving Pacific Play Land

As the four of them left the amusement park they all felt like they had what they wanted. Columbus and Wichita were together, Little Rock got to be a kid again and Tallahassee finally got his Twinkie. They were all a family. They started to drive down the dark streets of Hollywood. No one said a word but they were all thinking the same thing: Wouldn't it be great if there were no zombies? They may have all gotten something they wanted but they knew that they weren't truly happy. Finally Tallahassee decided to speak up. "So where are we going?" Tallahassee asked Columbus as he was poking him in the back with his gun. The nerdy guy sitting shotgun looked behind him to see his now good friend Tallahassee. If it wasn't for him none of them would have survived Pacific Play Land. "Well don't we have our names to go to?" Columbus asked. He looked over to the girl, Wichita, who was driving the car. She was the only girl who didn't want to eat his brain in the whole world, well besides her sister Little Rock but she was twelve years old. "I don't think I really want to split up any more" Wichita said looking over at Columbus for an answer. He smiled at her happy that she didn't want to split up either. Little Rock rolled her eyes at this. "Sooooooooo?" Tallahassee asked just like a little kid would. "Well" Columbus started "I think that we should drive to an airport and fly to Canada." All three of their heads whipped around to look at Columbus. Wichita slammed on the brakes. "What?" She was staring at him like he was insane.

"Why an airport?" Little rock asked.

"Are you stupid?" Wichita asked, still looking at him like he was insane.

"The Kids got a point." Tallahassee said nodding.

Now they were all staring at him. "How does he have a point?" Wichita asked him. "Think about it. Airports have everything you need in them. Food, places to sleep, bathrooms and planes. See what you don't realize is that I'm a great pilot. I could fly us straight to Canada." Tallahassee explained. They sat there in silence for a few seconds, until Wichita went to open her mouth. She was stopped before she could say anything. They all heard some very familiar growls. Now they were all looking at each other waiting to see who would go to kill it. Columbus didn't want to because it completely went against one of his rules. Rule #17 Don't be a hero. Except lately he wanted to impress Wichita and it didn't seem like such a bad idea to. So he grabbed his double barrel and opened up his door. Cautiously he started to walk behind the car where the source of the growl was. About ten feet away from him was a horrifying zombie. Blood was spewing out of its mouth and it was eating someone's intestines out. It was disgusting so Columbus shot at it. It hit its target and the zombie fell down. Columbus let out a sigh of relief and started to walk back to the car. He had an odd feeling so he turned around. There was the zombie who he thought he had killed. He had no bullets left and the zombie was running at him. So he took the butt of his gun and rammed it into his head. The head went to the right and the body to the left. Columbus got a ton of blood all over him. He ran back to the car strapped in and Wichita sped away. Now they all sat there waiting because they never came to an agreement.

"Canada" Columbus said.

"Canada" Wichita said.

"Canada" Tallahassee said.

"Canada" Little Rock said.

"Canada!" they all said in unison.