I do not own Kid Icarus. This FanFic is AU. Magnus's Point of View in this chapter.

The Transfer Student Is...

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Hello, My name is Pit Angel."

There is a new transfer student and he looks like the type that would be bullied. He has blue eyes, his hair color is brown, and it looks pretty damn fluffy. First things first he has the weirdest kind of glasses, all over the frames are images of white wings, and not to mention he even has a pair of white wings on each side of them.

Second he looks like he a fourteen years old kid and quite a few people around school love picking on weaker people.

Third he is wearing a gold hair-clip that is in shape of a laurel crown. None of the guys at school wear hair-clips.

Fourth his face looks a bit feminine and some of the guys in class thought the transfer was a girl before the kid talked…bunch of morons.

Fifth he has three earrings in his right and left ear. None of the earrings match one another. The only thing those earrings have in common is being in the shape of a weapon and being a piece of jewelry….

"So, Pit. Tell us a little about yourself." The teacher told the transfer student.

"I love hot springs and ice cream. I prefer bows and arrows over swords. I'm not the type to ever give up even when it seems as if all hope is lost, humanity is doomed to be wiped out of existent, and the whole entire universe being against me." Pit commented cheerfully and he smiled brightly. "Has anyone felt that way?"

It is official Pit Angel is going to the new target for the bullies at this school.

Sixth he is wearing blue gloves with an image of white wings and having two gold bracelets on each wrist.

Seventh he's wearing blue shorts and there is no leg hair on him.

"There is an empty seat next to Magnus."

Just great the overly cheerful transfer student with a very very strong chance of being bullied… will be sitting next to me. Cheerful people are the worst because they almost never stop talking, but then again depressed people are just as bad.

"So, Magnus..Are you still the strongest human on earth?" He asked me.


"Uh, never mind forget I even asked…." He said cheerfully and a smile on his lips. There is something wrong with that transfer student. Oh, well it is not my problem.

"So…What class do you have next, Magnus?"

"What is this twenty questions or something…None of your business angel face." I told him and he just smiled at me. Whatever, The kid is just weird. I insult him and he smiles.

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