Take Me With You

Written by xxKaaat

Feel Free To Listen To The Song Listed Below While You Read.

I met a girl at seventeen, thought she meant the world to me so I gave her everything, she turned out to be a cheat. Said she'd been thinking for a long time and she found somebody new. I been thinking about this whole time but I never thought you'd stay, that's okay. I hope he takes your filthy heart and throws you away someday. Before you go, there's one thing you outta know, if you can't hang then there's the door baby.

If You Can't Hang – Sleeping With Sirens

They were the hottest sensation to ever hit the pop charts. They were a band made of four. They called themselves, Sleeping With Sirens. Made up of four childhood friends. Itachi, Deidara, Sasori and Pein. They were gorgeous in the eyes of every fan girl. And teen boys wanted to look like them. They were amazing in sound and popularity. Every song was written and sang by the founder, Sasori. He was the head of the band and the most favored. He even wrote all the songs for the band. He said they were written from personal experiences. But little did the people know the real side he held.

Sasori was a taller boy. He had shaggy red hair and deep sand colored eyes. He was built in the arms, yet he never showed it. He always wore long sleeved black shirts, skinny jeans and some kind of vans or chucks. It always varied on his mood. He was known as the flirt of the group and he'd always get the most beautiful women. He was quite the ladies man and that was a fact. Let alone, girls loved a man who can sing. That's what caught them the most, and he knew that.

The guitarist for the band was who they called Itachi. He had long black hair and deep red eyes. He was the tallest in the band and the skinniest. He always wore band shirts and baggy jeans. He was never seen without some vans on either. He was most known for the chains he wore on his jeans, around his neck and even his wrist. It was a trait that the girls loved about him. Itachi was the dark and mysterious one out of the group. The ladies loved it, but he stayed faithful to his loving girlfriend.

In the back of the group stood Pein. He was a lean and orange headed man. He was just a small bit shorted than Itachi, yet he was much different. He was always quiet, yet he was funny and caring. He'd played the drums for thirteen years, and it was his specialty. He was simply amazing when it came to the drums. He was known for being timid, and having a nack for muscle shirts. He'd owed seventy five different muscle shirts. They were all different designs and colors. Not one was the same. He was different, but loved just as much by his fans.

Last the bassist was Deidara. He had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes that shined. He was a loud and obnoxious person, yet everyone loved him. He made things better and his smile was the best thing about him. He was Sasori's best friend and always had been. He often helped make beats for the other players in the band. He was a huge part of the help. He was a sly character and he had an addiction to wearing fishnets and skinny jeans. He loved his friends and family, but he also loved drinking and smoking along with partying. He was a favorite from the band.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

The speakers boomed as their feet moved across the floor that shook with each bass note. Laughing, screaming and singing filled the air. But it was nothing different from any other Saturday night. After all, Akatsuki had a party almost every weekend. And something they did was invite every star, and even some civilians.

The music stopped at once and everyone looked to the DJ booth. There emerged a red headed man whom began to sing the bands latest song, If You Can't Hang. In an instant, everyone began singing and moshing along. The party had moved up a few notches with every word the boy sang. Girls screamed while others stared. Even singing by himself with the music in the background, he was simply amazing.

Deidara stared while holding a bottle of vodka in his hand. He jumped form his seat at the bar and dragged Pein along with him. He was holding a martini glass in his hand. In the middle the two men slammed into Pein. There the three screamed "MOSH PIT!" And the whole floor was bumping and flying. This was something else the band was known for, their famous five hundred guest mosh pits. And it was always the same three people to start it.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

A girl stood up from her seat at the bar. Her pink hair was curled against her back, and she held a beer bottle in her hand. Her heels clicked with every step as she made her way around the floor. Her deep emerald eyes searched the many people around her. She blushed as she found a few men looking at her body. Her dress had shown her figure well. She was wearing a tight black leather dress, with small slits up the side.

She turned once again when she finally spotted what she looking for, her best friend. It took her a few minutes to get through the crowd of people, and in her buzzed state it was a little harder than normal. Finally, she laid her hand upon a blondes shoulder and spoke, "Ino."

The blonde turned to look at the pinkette as she took a blacked haired mans eyes and wrapped them around her waist. Ino's hair was strait and her make up was dark to make her blue eyes stand out. She smiled at her best friend as she looked down at the girls dress that matched her white one perfectly. Slits in same spot and all. "Yeah Sakura?"

The pink haired woman blushed whens he noticed who the black haired man was. It was Itachi, the guitarist from the band. "I feel so out of place...Why'd you bring me...?" Her voice trailed off. Her eyes were duller than normal and she looked a little pale.

Ino removed herself from the mans hands and rested her hands on Sakura's shoulders. She got up in the girls ear and spoke, "I know that Akatsuki is your favorite band. And I know how much you love Sasori so I wanted to bring you. Itachi said he'll introduce you guys later." Her smile faded as she took another good look at the pinkette. "Sakura, are you okay? You don't look so good.." She was concerned now.

Sakura made a small pout face and sighed. "I'm fine, I just need to go outside and get some air." And with that the pink haired girl turned and made her way through all the people out onto the balcony where it was much quieter. Ino simply looked at Itachi and shrugged.

The blonde honestly felt guilty. She'd dragged the girl to this party on hopes of breaking her from her shell. But instead Sakura sat at the bar all night and left the fun for everyone else. It made Ino feel terrible and she couldn't help but be a little less happy.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

Out side Sakura leaned over the railing and sighed. It was cooler out here and felt so much better.

Sakura was the quiet type when around many people she didn't know. She often felt uncomfortable in her body due to her oddly colored pink hair. Even though Ino was her best friend she knew she'd never be as out going and popular as Ino. Although, that was okay for Sakura because she was fine with who she was now. She was in love with the band Akatsuki and her room was filled with pictures of them. Every wall was filled. Sakura was a singer and piano player though. And she loved reading books. In fact, her favorite book was written by Sasori. It was called, Underneath the Make-Up.

After a few seconds Ino appeared at Sakura's side. They stayed quiet for a few seconds until Ino finally spoke. "Let's go home Sakura." And without any words, the two girls linked elbows and made their way back through the party. Never stopping for anyone and without looking back.