Take Me With You

Written by xxKaaat


When someone leaves earth, it's said that it's peaceful. The pain doesn't last long. But every once in awhile, you've got those who, don't feel anything. We call them lucky, favored. And in this case, our two love birds had no suffering. There was no pain. No hurt. Only the beauty of peaceful love. It's amazing to see how we mourn over those who we've lost. But in reality, they don't suffer anymore correct? So why must we weep? Self inflict pain? Hurt our own well being? Is it guilt? Or, are we just selfish?

It's hard to tell what the future brings tomorrow. If you ask some, they'd say the memories from yesterday lead them to tomorrow. Is that why we go on? Why we.. question.. our actions? The overseers, actions? Unfortunately, no one has the answers to those questions that fill our heads. But we do know one thing, and it's that no matter how hard things get, we must go on. Live for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

"Hello this is Tenten reporting. Early this morning a very.. tragic accident took place in the far east of the region." The woman on the screen took in a deep breath as she tried to not lose herself. "The plane of newly found artist Sakura Haruno, and her lover Naruto Uzimaki was found, burning in a field. As of now, the investigators do not know what took place aboard that plane, but they did say that the couple went in a very peaceful way." Tears formed in the woman's eyes. "The only things able to be pulled from the plane, were few items of clothing, and a CD." The woman took in another breath. "The music world had lost someone great, and I'm glad to say I knew her... once again.. R-Rest in peace Sakura.. Naruto.. you'll live on forever in our hearts."

The panda eyed man stared at his television in awe. He felt sick, nauseated. And within seconds, the man ran to his bathroom. His stomach releasing itself into the toilet bowl. Tears streaked his face, as screams filled the room.

A man with purple tattoos slammed open the door when he heard something from the boys room. He ran to the bathroom and laid a hand upon the boys shoulder, "Gaara... what's wrong..?"

Gaara looked up at him, with agony in his eyes. "Sakura's dead Kankuro.." And with that, more screams filled the room, as a man with purple tattoos slowly slid down a near wall.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

The blonde woman did a double take when she heard the name emerge from her television. Her icy, blue eyes stared. The girl didn't speak. "D-Did... S-Sakura..? N-N-Naruto..?"

The girl inched toward the monitor, and slowly crumbled to her knees. Her hands slowly ran down the screen, as tears filled her eyes. "My dear, dear Sakura.."

Ino sat in a ball on the floor, not knowing what to do. She was in shock. Angry, hurt, alone, helpless.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

"Itachi!" The mans voice screamed. The blonde headed man dropped his glass plate full of food, and stood while it broke against the wood floor. He stared in disgust as a black haired man came running into the room.

"What Deidara?" The man spat. The blonde only pointed to the tv. When a video played of one of the girls songs, Itachi sat down on the ground, right in place. He didn't cry, and he didn't scream. He simply stared. "My god..." His voice trailed off into a whisper. The blonde could only stare.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

Neji lay sound asleep on the couch. He's been in a down mood ever since the blonde he loved left. It was a huge shock to him, and it honestly hurt.

His partner Shino simply raised an eyebrow when he heard the name, Uzimaki. He then watched the story for a few minutes, then flipped the tv off. To him, all Neji needed was something else to make him depressed about the incident. And to be completely honest, Shino didn't care for the blonde. So it was better to let Neji find out another time, then wake him up now.

So the man got up, went to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He left a napping Neji laying upon the couch.

Take Me With You. Take Me With You. Take Me With You.

Life seemed different around the group of people who knew the couple. In fact, even after a whole year, it seemed like her leaving took away a little happiness. Old friends never talked again, and even Neji took it easier than Shino had expected.

Although, for some people, it left an everlasting effect. On Sasori. Over the course of the next year, the man had become a heavy alcoholic and it seemed like his mind was always elsewhere. Over time, he stopped trying. He quit work, and he never sang again. Every time Kureani tried to sit down and talk to the man about everything, he'd always end up telling her, "It's all my fault."

And after years of depression, denial and hurt, Kureani gave up on every dream she ever had. She divorced Sasori, and he never came around for their daughter. It seemed like seconds turned into minutes. Those turned into hours, then days. And eventually, weeks, months and years passed. The man ended up dying of alcohol poisoning. And when he went into the episode, no one was around to help. So he laid helpless, and lifeless for days. To some people, it was sad to see Sasori go. Yet to others, they were happy that he drowned in his own misery.

As for Sleeping With Sirens, the only two left were Itachi and Deidara, located in ShoreLine. Pein wasn't around anymore, and no one could find him. And with having a family, Itachi didn't want to do it anymore. He told Deidara that he'd had his time of fame, but it was over now and he was okay with that. So Deidara took off for GoldenRod once more to peruse bass once again. But instead, he became a singer for a new band, and eventually they became big. It'd never be the same as it once had been, and the man knew that.

No one except the fireman ever knew what was inside the CD. And the only man who knew who'd written it, was now dead. And it seemed as if from that moment on, something changed in everyone. No one could name what it was, but it was something. And people barely talk about Sakura anymore. She's just a distant memory in the music past. Yet, she was a star, who's voice would live on forever.