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Chapter 5, One Unlucky Animal

:Human paste comes in all different wonderful colors, lumpy(my favorite) or watery.:

"well?" King Ahadi asked sternly.

I slowly snuck back.

"I am going to do this once." I reached to my hind leg. "this is going to hurt." I told myself. I ripped out my flesh. Blood, pus and my fur were in my teeth. "agh." I clenched my teeth. I opened my leg wider. The leg was unstable. I fetched a fallen comrades body, we picked him clean. So I took a leg bone and stuck it in there. I fell over to let the blood spill and make it look like Taka did it.

"Uh, yeah, follow me." Taka spoke. The two came into my vision, needless to say. I made Taka seem like a monster. Well, in you apes mind. "so, you've come to finish me off. Do it." I gagged, I coughed up some of the blood i got.

Ahadi looked astonished at his son. His green eyes glared at me. " you really did this?" he told his cub, not taking an sight off me. He inspected my body. "son, you did something no lion has done before." The wretched king closed his eyes.

"did what?" Taka asked, puzzled.

"cripple the matriarch's lone guard." Ahadi replied. Taka was stunned, he asked his dad if they could go.

"not yet." the witch reached his paw over my face. Then slashed it down, over my left eye. My body flipped out, blood and pus made its debut to the eye.

"there son." he smirked evilly. That's what you do to these flea ridden animals. They left. And this time I dare not follow him. I washed my left seeing organ in the water. The leg pain felt like a flea when the ruthless king slashed my eye. In the end of washing, my reflection showed a long, pink scar over my left eye. I smashed the water with my paw. "Ahadi will pay. Ahadi will pay." I sighed. Smacking the water.

"why will he pay?" asked Shenzi, cuddling up.

"this." I replied, pointing to the left eye. She put a paw on her mouth.

"Dear her Matriarch." she stammered.

I nodded. You disgusting raisins are very sad knowing the truth, but hey, the truth hurts. Shenzi licked my leg.

"I did see Uru and Mufassa today." she told me.

I nodded.

"hey Hatari lighten up, will you?"

I faked smiled, showing my blood covered fangs. I climbed up a small rock face, looking out to Priderock. The Zebras were loving each other, the elephants, hate those mammals, were walking to nowhere.

"Hey Hatari! An old friend of yours is here!" Shenzi called happily. My face brightened. It was Koyo. He was a grey wolf who stuck to the shadows in his pack. We've been friends for two months or so. He was a great friend, though he does seem to eat alot of meat, then run out like he was in what you humans call marathons.

"how's it goin-" Koyo stopped. "what happened?"

"Ahadi." I replied.

"does it hurt at all?" he asked." I waved him off. "no, slight discomfort. "least you still got that fur, I couldn't dream a day without fur." he told me, smiling.

We chuckled and caught up with each other. Sadly, since he lives in Pack of belvas fordani about three hours away. He left. I layed down.

"Tomorrow, will be a great day. I sure do hope so." I thought.

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