A/N: It's been a while since I've done a Jumper fic, but I had this bouncing around my mind. I'll give a little more info on the OC down the line. Just know that I'm basing his looks off the wonderful Norman Reedus. Also - there will be slash of the Griffin/OMC kind and Griffin/David kind. Don't say you weren't warned.

He never did this sort of thing – going out to have fun. Actually, truth be told, he wasn't sure he knew what fun was sometimes. Being too busy staying alive was a lot more concerning than doing anything remotely fun.

Shifting in the seat where he was sitting in the corner of the fairly lit up club, the scraggly haired man kept his eyes peeled while he lifted his drink for a sip. Of course he was still on guard, still on his toes if any of them showed up. It really didn't help that they knew he was in the area somewhere.

The music on the overhead speakers was beginning to shift into the next song and he saw the door open. This man, with messy brown hair and a leather jacket, looked a little frantic. Almost as if he had been running from someone. This idea immediately caused a frown to spread on his face and to get up from where he was sitting, feeting moving towards the back area for the emergency exit. He didn't realize the newcomer in the club was going in the same direction, or that he was literally a step behind him now.

"Oi, out of my way, buddy."

He kept moving and glanced back. Yeah, this guy wasn't who he thought he was; which put him at ease but also raised more questions. Who was he trying to get away from? Was he just trying to hide from someone normal? Or could he be like him – a Jumper?

"Looks like we're going the same way, actually," he quipped back at the messy haired man.

First out to the door, he pushed it open and they exited. Never did he expect the man to Jump in front of him and glare angrily before Jumping again and proceeding to slam him into a back, keeping his grip on his jacket the whole time. "Look, I don't have time for someone's shit. I will leave you inside the damned Giza pyramids. Who the hell do you think you are?"

Blinking, the man's attitude didn't have much effect on him. The threat didn't' either, mostly because he'd have no problem getting out of a pyramid. Smacking his grip away and pushing the messy haired man back a few inches, he glared at the other. "One, I don't have to tell you anything. Two, you don't scare me so cut the tough guy act."

"Tough guy act?" The man took a step closer again and narrowed his eyes. "It's no joke. You don't answer me and I will—"

"I'm like you, asshole, so cool it."

Scoffing, the other man shook his head. He looked almost amused as he took a few steps back and paced. "You all just come out of the wood works don't you? One right after the fucking other…"

"Believe me, I'm gone already." He held up his hands defensively, caught a quick of the room, before Jumping out of where he just was. He appeared under a bridge in London, a few miles from where the club had been and setting him back on course for his day with a sigh. That was how he met Griffin O'Conner the first time. And it wasn't about to be his last.