The second time he ended up meeting Griffin O'Conner it was a little…odd.

He had no idea there were Paladins in the area since none had been tailing him lately, but apparently, it was because they were too busy tracking the other Jumper – the more dangerous one. He was back under the bridge in London and just about to light up the cigarette he had pulled out where there was a rush of wind and he was being hauled to his feet.

Eyes widened and his first instinct was to act but…he was curious upon recognizing that this face was a familiar one. One that he had seen not more than five days prior. His brow knotted in confusion. Had he followed him or was this purely a coincidence? Not sure about this, he huffed before the other spoke.

"Keep yer bloody mouth shut. Stay still." Lips were a hard line and eyes were glancing upwards while Griffin appeared to be listening for something. Something like feet were heard trampling over head against the concrete of the bridge and he looked up to see what all the ruckus was himself. Never did he expect Griffin to lean his face down as if to bury it in his neck, something he realized to be an act of hiding as fists curled tighter into his jacket.

"Uh…" His brow went up and the other man looked at him, straightening up a little. He wasn't sure if the look on his face was one of someone who was amused by the reaction or just glad to be safe from the Paladins. Usually most Jumpers had that same look when they got Paladins off their tail. He would know, after all, since he made it part of his day job to do as such.

"Sorry stranger. Or not stranger. Had to borrow ya." Griffin already turned on his heel after backing up a step and averting his attention. "I'm sure we'll bump paths again since this is the second. Just make sure you remember to stay outta my way, got it?"

The frazzled hair Jumper was walking away from him down into where the underside of the bridge went to the drop off towards the pond. "Brandon, for future reference! Not stranger."

Brandon could hear something like a chuckle before the response came echoing down to him: "Griffin. Now bugger off!"