Alright, first story! LET'S DO THIS! Thanks for reading, whoever you might be, please review, I'll be accepting constructive criticism ^3^.

Key: ChibiNeko313 *Character*

Chapter 1: Cracktastic Fanfics and Portals

ChibiNeko313: Hi everyone! Welcome to Dares and Such, starring the cast from FMA, Death Note, and more!

Edward Elric: The hell... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? HOW DID I GET HERE?

CN313: How do you think?

Ed: … Screw you...

CN313: You want to, don't you? *winks

L/Ryuzaki: Excuse me, miss, but do you have any more sugar cubes?

CN313: *squees L! -ahem- I mean, yeah, sure. *gives

CN313: Ok, sorry about that. Sadly, I wrote this on a whim, so I don't really have any dares...

Misa Amane: Um, what's that? In your arms?

CN313: Huh? Oh, you mean my prized plush Pikachu backpack? It was a gift from a friend. I hold it like a teddy bear and nibble the ear when I'm trying to prevent myself from fangirling.

Light Yagami: Right... Can I go home?

CN313: What was that, Imagay?

CN313: Right, anyway. Thanks for reading, and yes, I know this was short and incredibly dumb. Please leave any dares and ideas in the reviews... I'll keep working hard!

Colonel Roy Mustang: This is work for you?

Ed: *rabidly trying to escape

Alphonse Elric: *having friendly conversation with Watari

L: *eating sweets, not caring that I'm staring at him

Misa: *flirting with Light

Light: *not caring

Riza Hawkeye: …

Winry Rockbell: *chatting with me

Mello: *maliciously eating chocolate


CN313: I think I'd better stop here... Honestly I'm getting bored myself... *takes chocolate from Mello, starts eating* But for cereals, guys, please review, leave me destructive tools, and GUYS!

All: What?

CN313: *hugs all

All: Wtf..?

CN313: Nothing, I just love you... all... SO MUCH TT^TT

Al & Winry: *pats head/rubs back

Ed: Uh... er... sorry for, uh, yelling at... you...

L: *offers cake

CN313: *gets up using Al & Winry for support, takes cake

CN313: Thank you, all. *whispers to Ed* I'm a Resembool Ranger, y'know...

Ed: *glare/blush

CN313:... shorty

Ed: WHAAAT? *flips out