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Chibi stared at her computer screen blankly, and began to drool. OpenOffice was up and running, but her creative juices were not, so the monitor remained as blank as her mind. The little thingy that marks your place in writing went blinkblinkblink over and over. Nothing was being typed. Chibi continued to stare, until her forehead decided to introduce itself to the keyboard. That is to say, our dear otaku did a literal head-desk. She stayed there, groaning and whining. "I hateeee writers blockkkk... KILL ME NOWWWWW."

Rogue came up stealthily behind her, and whacked Chibi upside the head, startling her into an upright position. "YOU BITCH IT'S BEEN LIKE THREE WEEKS WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU DON'T FUCKING UPDATE YOU'LL LOSE ALL OF YOUR READERS AND WHAT LITTLE POPULARITY YOU ACTUALLY HAVE WILL BE LOST!" Chibi slowly faced her friend, eyes hazy and unfocused.

"Oh, hey there, my little tsundere friend. It's been a while, eh?" she smiled lazily, turning away from the computer.

Rogue's eyebrow twitched, agitated. "It's been, like, 5 hours, Chibi."

"That long? Wow." Her voice was absent-minded.

Rogue showed the closest thing to concern a tsundere like herself could manage. "Please, Chibi? For fuck's sake, just sit down and write!"

Chibi motioned to her monitor. "Writer's block. How do you expect me to write when I have all this fucking algebra homework and when I rarely use the computer anymore?!"

Her sudden change of tone surprised Rogue, and she blinked stupidly. "Okay, look. That's not why I really came here, anyway. What I really wanted to say was that EL and I have been planning a trip for a while, because we've been concerned about your mental health..." she blushed a bit.

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Chibi rubbed her forehead. "Look, that's really, really nice, but I-"

"C'mon, it'll help give you ideas for the fic! You love road trips!"

"...Fine. Let me pack and shower first."

A few hours later~...

Rogue pointed at Chibi's bags and sweatdropped. "D-do, uh... Do you really need all that?"

Chibi looked innocently up at her friend. "Huh? Yeah, of course I do." She began lugging large suitcases into Rogue's vintage VW bus.

Lemme talk to you about that bus. It may have been an old thing, but let me tell you, it ran great. It had been spray-painted by Rogue, EL, and Chibi herself the previous summer. It was the perfect hippie van. On the rear-view mirror hung peace signs, mini dream-catchers, and an Usa-chan mini-plushie (compliments of Chibi). The interior was crazy. The theme was basically "color and chaos". The seat covers were feaux-fur of many different colors, posters of various anime characters and indie bands, collages, and caricatures (made by Chibi) collided on the walls. Since it was a used vehicle, previously owned by hippies, they had discovered a small cupboard that had been used to store marijuana. Rogue was using it to store tampons.

Okay, back to our favorite freaks. Once they had finished loading up, Chibi plopped down across from EL, and Rogue began driving. Chibi, as it had turned out, had brought enough manga along to fill a house. "I'll admit," Rogue said, laughing, "I'm impressed by your packing skills!" Chibi and EL laughed along, and Chibi pulled out a favorite of hers- Dengeki Daisy Vol. 3, and began to read. This is where things get freaky.

A muffled shout could be heard, and shit, it sounded close. Chibi's eyes darted around the room nervously, and EL shrank back in her seat a bit. More muffled shouts. It sounded like ten people where having a scream-off into their pillows. Rogue got mad. "I CAN'T FUCKING DRIVE LIKE THIS!" She screeched as she pulled the bus over, as did the tires. "Okay, what the fuck is going on here?!"

Chibi shrugged, and EL shrank further back.

Rogue tilted her head up, like a hound searching for a scent. Muffled shouts. She followed the sound to one of Chibi'e many bags. "Chibiii..." she spoke in a warning tone, and turned to galre at said girl. "What. Is in. This bag?"

Chibi's eyes darted around nervously, and flushed. "Oh! Uh, must be my phone, yeah! My phone. Ahahaha... Ha... I'll just, uh... Answer it later... Heheh... Uhm." Rogue reached for the zipper. "WAIT NO DON- I mean, uh. I'll just get it later, really, no big deal... Ahahaa..."

And so the bag burst open, and out sprang Edward Elric. Hands tied behind his back, a gag in his mouth, and rope half-undone around his ankles.

(Swtiching POV's, oooh)

And so, here we are, in a van, my secret found out. Basically, I had packed the entire FMA cast into my suitcases. Rogue, looked from me, to the cast that had been bound and gagged, back to me, and back to the cast. Then back to me. I flinched, preparing for her to slap me silly. And then she started to laugh. I looked up hesitantly, and she was laughing so hard, tears began forming in her eyes. I sighed, relieved, and let loose a smile. Rogue started to talk, still laughing. "I-if I w-wasn't impr-impressed by your pa-packing skills b-before, then I s-sure am now!"

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