Summary: This is an AU story takes place after the fall of Cocoonn, Orphan, and the ending of the l'Cie and crystal stasis. Serah is awake from her crystal stasis and married to Snow now. Fang and Vanille are not in crystal stasis and are kicking it in somewhere in the wilds of Gran Pulse. Lightning and the gang have lost their L'Cie brands for good…or have they? Rated T for language, violence, and other themes. (sorry for not warning you before now!)

Hope Estheim is 15 and ready to enter high school, but what would happen if he found a flyer and application for Yokai Academy? Read onward to find out!

… … …

Hope plus Vampire

Chapter 10: Newspaper Crisis plus Fox, Part 1

Several days passed, and many tales of the newspaper's conquest over another problem at the academy regarding missing girls. As usual, it started that girls would disappear, and no one knows where they have gone, only of where they last saw them. Of course, these began happening around the time Moka began private lessons with the art teacher known as Hitomi Ishigami.

They exploited the horrible plot to turn the girls into permanent statues in a twisted collection for Ishigami, the medusa. She tried to get Moka too, but in the event that she slipped up, and Hope and the gang began noticing the trend, they had to find out why she was the center of the disappearances. And, who but them could attract such problems? They stopped Ishigami in the nick of time, and rescued Moka out of this one, and defeated Ishigami.

They published the articles and wrote about the culprit of the disappearances, and who was responsible for them. Ishigami was never seen again after the incident, but of course she remained at large. Such events have led to what was about to become the biggest problem they would have to face for a long time.

A young blonde kitsune glared down at the horrid piece of paper in his hand. He finished reading the dreadful article before crumpling it up and throwing it into the trash can directly behind him. Currently, they were inside the Public Safety Committee's office where said man sat with pure hatred emitting from him in dark waves. He glared up at the one who reported such an atrocity, his second, Keito.

"What is this?" he asked, rhetorically.

"It appears that the damned newspaper club is publishing these disgraceful articles, and they belittle the academy without our permission, Kuyou, sir." Keito reported.

"I can see that, but why did you wait until now to bring this up to me?" Kuyou asked, raising a golden eyebrow.

"I have been watching their movements, and carefully analyzed what they are all capable of." Keito answered, her confidence wavering.

"I believe you should stop them before they become a real nuisance." A voice called out, and everyone currently in the room turned their attention toward their uninvited guest; Hitomi Ishigami.

"You? I thought you ran away with your tail between your legs, snake?" Kuyou was unsurprised to find her here. "And what right do you have to tell the Public Safety Committee what to do?"

"I apologize." Ishigami apologized mockingly. "But, if I may, I think you should stop them before they become a threat to your authority. Keito-san herself stated that you didn't give them permission to sell these articles with those contents, and for all intents and purposes-"

"We will deal with the problem at the source. And, as head of the Public Safety Committee, you will not show Kuyou-sama with such disrespect, you snake!" Keito was just about ready to pounce on Ishigami.

"Keito, stop!" Kuyou ordered, and she stopped immediately, while Ishigami remained calm, despite her insides sweltering in fear. "I apologize for her rude actions, but we will handle the matter on our own."

"Then, my vengeance against those rats is reassured?" Ishigami smirked.

"But, make no mistake…" before Ishigami could blink, the head of the Committee was in her face, staring evenly into the other's eyes with contempt. "We are not doing this for you. Understand?"

Ishigami nodded without saying anything, and Kuyou turned away from her and turned his gaze toward Keito, who in turn nodded her understanding.

"Let's go!" she ordered.

… … …

Meanwhile, the group was handing out their weekly newspaper to the crowd. In the past few months alone, they had come up with nearly ten successful articles.

"Enjoy your newspaper! Come again!" the enthusiastic bluenette exclaimed.

"Desu~!" the young witch agreed.

"This is cool." Mizore, the recent addition to their club, said calmly and handed out her newspaper.

Then, out of the blue, Gin popped up and walked up toward them with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Well, how's it comin' along, ladies?" he asked, his playboy demeanor on.

"It's perveted-senpai!" Yukari exclaimed, and clung to Hope, who was handing his newspaper out.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kurumu demanded.

"Can't the editor-in-chief check up on his cute kouhai without getting insulted?" Gin sweatdropped, but in turn he received four very angry pairs of eyes for opening his mouth.

"Well, why don't you help around once in a while, huh?" Kurumu asked, still handing out newspapers.

"I'm the senior, and as the senior, I don't have to do anything I don't want to." Gin commented.

"Grrr! When this is over, I'll kick your fucking ass into oblivion!" Kurumu exploded, Mizore and Yukari agreeing with her, while Moka and Hope just stayed neutral.

"Good luck trying to catch me!" he shot back, but before an argument could be made, the crowd started parting like the red sea.

In the midst of the parting crowd, a group of seniors, looking very pissed marched toward them. Gin turned toward them, and nearly all the color from his face paled, and his pupils shrunk from pure terror.

"Um, Gin, who are they?" Hope asked. "And why do they look like they wanna kill us?"

"Shut up! Everyone wants to kill you!" Gin hushed him. "Those fucking sleaze bags are the Public Safety Committee. They're in charge of keeping the peace within the academy, and 'deal' with the troublemakers. And if they're coming toward us, then that means that we did something to piss them off, like always." He muttered to them under his breath.

"What do you mean 'like always'?" Moka asked, slightly intimidated.

"Make way for the Public Safety Committee, you maggots!" Keito shouted, and shoved anyone who stood in their way.

They finally made their way over to the stand, and Keito took a copy from Hope's hand, and scanned it quickly, before throwing it to the ground, and stomping on it with her foot.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Kurumu shouted, only to get a backhanded slap to the face.

"Shut up, you maggots!" Keito shouted back.

The girls helped Kurumu back to her feet, while she openly glared at the purple haired girl.

"Um, excuse my rowdy club members! They are new to this and I-" Gin tried bowing and scraping to them, but Keito interrupted him.

"I said, shut up!" Keito snapped. "Did we give you permission to publish articles with these kind of contents on it? No, we didn't!"

"Um, I'm sorry, but who the hell do you think you-" Kurumu would not back down, not even from the slap she received, so Gin used his hyper speed to shut her mouth with his hand.

"They are usually not this rude! Forgive them for they are young and foolish! I will take care of all this personally!" Gin attempted to apologize.

Keito gave him the once over.

"Very well, Gin. See that you do, or we shall disband your pathetic club." Keito said seriously. "If we catch you and you disobey us, we will have no choice but to 'punish' you, like we did last year. You brats don't know that this little club has been repeatedly trying to soil the Public Safety Committee's reputation, and we had to stop them. You maggots are nothing but a bunch of arrogant, snot-nosed, meddlers who don't know the meaning of staying the fuck out of our business!" with that she turned, and marched away with the other members of the Public Safety Committee following after her.

"Alright, guys, let's pack and burn all these articles now!" Gin ordered, and snatched a stack of articles, and made to get away with it, but Kurumu blew up, as always.

"Wait! We're just gonna sit here and take that bitch's orders! Who the fuck are they to order us around?" Kurumu fumed, and tried to protect her stack.

This girl doesn't understand what she's up against. Gin thought nervously.

"Yeah, who are they, Gin-senpai?" Moka asked innocently.

"And, what did they mean by 'arrogant, snot-nosed, meddlers'?" Mizore pitched in.

Gin sighed before leaning against the tree behind him before giving it some serious thought. Perhaps it had been the first time Gin looked remarkably serious at something for once.

"Those tight-collared suits are known as the Public Safety Committee. They are an organization of students at this school that's sole purpose is to prevent chaos from happening around the academy, and keep the 'peace'." Gin explained.

"Why do they act like a bunch of bullies then?" Yukari asked.

"For an organization of students that supposedly protects the 'peace', they act like arrogant assholes." Kurumu said, holding a cold compress to her cheek that Hope took out for her to ice her stinging cheek.

"Well, they like to cover the fact that they're so corrupted and use their powers to oppress the other students to make themselves more 'respectable', and more 'feared'. The difference between them and us is that they're allowed to get away using their powers, and they hold the power and authority above even the teachers. At the heart of it all, lies their leader, Kuyou. He's the biggest asshole I've ever met, but the guy's ruthless, and above that, super powerful." Gin explained further.

"I've been meaning to ask," Hope pitched in finally after being quiet the whole time. "but what did they mean by last year's newspaper club?"

"Yeah, well, when I was a freshman, we were a team of hot-headed bastards that always clashed heads with the Committee. In the end, what we did pissed them off, and that ended up in the extermination of our club, and each member began mysteriously disappearing…everyone that is, except me." Gin said.

"Were any of them your friends?" Hope asked.

"Yeah, they were my best buddies…"

"But, you left them, and didn't try to find them." Mizore said bluntly.

"I knew you were always a coward!" Kurumu exclaimed.

"Then we'll just have to stop them!" Moka said bravely.

Everyone's eyes turned toward Moka's serious face for once, and Gin's nearly popped out of his skull.

"What the hell?! Are you kidding? They'll kill you if you disobey them!" Gin exclaimed.

"You can leave now and save yourself." Hope said blankly, startling others with his bluntness. "Even if they're authority, we have to expose how utterly corrupt they are. So if you want to run, then go ahead…"

"No, you're leading yourselves into a dangerous trap! You'll be killed!" Gin tried reasoning again.

"So what?" Kurumu said. "We have a vampire, a witch, an ice woman, me, Hope, and you."

"If we work together, then we can beat the odds." Moka said confidently.

Gin growled before sighing.

"Oh, what the hell! Do whatever you want!" he turned his back on them. "Just know that if you die, I'm gonna dance on your graves and shout 'I told you so'!" with that, he disappeared.

"We'll see about that!" Kurumu held up a fist, and turned toward the others. "Alright, people, we've got work to do!" with that, they closed up the stand for the day, and would resume work again the next day.

Over in the distance, Keito and Kuyou were looming and watching the determined (foolish?) newspaper club pack up and leave. Both their eyes narrowed, and Keito let out a shout of frustration.

"These club rats! I knew they were fucking idiots, but who would've thought that they'd be dumb enough to disobey us a second time!" Keito ranted. "I swear I'll-"

"Patience, Keito." Kuyou said calmly. "I am just as disappointed as you, but we must control our anger, and wait to counterattack."

"Yes, of course, Kuyou-sama."

… … …

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