Annie looked around the market place in Lakeshore. Nothing appealed to her, not even the robgoblin tooth necklaces. She kept looking and saw that a balloon ride was for sale. She bought a ticket and went to Merri De'Flor for the entrance of the basket. Annie was the only one. Hmm I wonder why, she thought. The balloon lifted into the air. "ANNIE!" Merri yelled from the ground, "ANNIE! IT'S A 50 MILE PER MINUTE WIND!" Annie grew scared. She watched as the balloon was tossed and turned around with her in it. She could have sworn she saw a giant tree golem on the way. Annie fell asleep and woke up from a BANG! The basket hit the ground. She saw nothing but a vast desert that seemed to drop down in the distance and tall mountains with oddly placed lavender squares placed on some of them. "Where am I?" Annie scratched her head. She tried pinching herself, but that didn't work. A weird looking creature started coming toward her. Annie hid back in the basket to try to hide from it. The creature came up to her. "What in tar-grove-in' are you doing in there!" The green creature croaked. Annie looked puzzled. It was a frog! "I was in this balloon and then I was whisked away!" She exclaimed. The frog held out his hand and helped her out of the basket. He was like a human, but with a frog face. "Well you're not in Lakeshore any more, honey." The frog joked. He showed her toward a path that led to the race ways. "This will bring you to Wildwood Speed way! I'm glad I got to show you around." The frog croaked. Annie had one question on her mind. "You're a frog, right? Then why do you sound like a human!" Annie interrogated him. The frog looked at his feet. "Well, if you really want to know…" He started to shuffle his hands, "An evil man named Cal casted a spell on me. The only way to turn back to a boy is from a kiss. But no one would kiss a frog like me." Annie thought for a second. She thought an amazing thought. A thought that would save him from his form. Annie looked at the green frog, and kissed his nose. A spark blazed from the frog. He was wept into the air and then his frog form started to crack open. He was brought back to the ground in a light green frog costume. Annie took off the head of the frog costume to reveal a human boy! "You save me! You can keep the frog mask, I won't need that blast from the past anymore! " he cheered. The boy frolicked around, climbed up some trees, rolled in the grass, and started kissing the ground like he hadn't seen it for years. Annie laughed as she watched him. But then she realized one weird thing. "Uh, frog, boy, you are only in your heart boxers!" she giggled.