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Okay I just really wanted to do this. I know that I should be working on Percy Jackson and the Assassin of Chaos but I just love those angst fics where the girl hurts the boy so I wanted to write one myself. This is a Perlia. I must tell you that I`m listening to Open Eyes by Debbie Ryan while I`m writing this fan fiction and this song is sad.

Thalia`s P.O.V:

I sat down at the beach, waiting for Percy. He had told me to meet him at the beach after dinner. While I waited, I started to write in the sand with a twig.

My name is Thalia Grace. My father is Zeus, the god of the skies which makes me the princess of the skies. I joined the hunters of Artemis when I was fifteen then quit after the second Titan war due to the fact that I don`t want to stay young and healthy while my friends grow old and wither away. I am now eighteen.

My best friends are Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase and Perseus Jackson. Grover is a satyr and Annabeth is the daughter of Athena who`ve I`ve known since she was seven. Now Percy is another case to me. He is the son of Poseidon and won the second Titan war. He was dating Annabeth Chase for a year before they broke it off because both knew it just wasn`t the same. Percy is a great guy who—

My handwriting broke off when a foot stepped close to the inscription. I looked up and smiled. "So I`m a great guy, eh?" he smirked with a cocky smile. I rolled my eyes. "You know what I mean by that," I told him and patted at the place beside me. Percy sat down next to me and we stared at the beautiful sunset. Golden, crimson, orange and pink rays shined on the sea. The clear water glowed with the multiple colors. It`s such a breath-taking sight, I thought and leaned back onto the palms of my hands. Percy copied my example and closed his green eyes. I stared at him. Golden light from the sunset shown on his face and the wind picked up into soft, gentle breezes, making Percy`s black hair ruffle against it. I laid down on my back, feeling the sand churn against my black tee and glanced lazily at Percy`s calm face. The lights made him look so peaceful and his hair gleam. Gods, he`s beautiful, I thought. Then I froze. What had I thought? I shook my head. Percy`s my best friend and even though he is very cute, nothing can change that. I just don`t love him.

"So what did you want to see me for?" I asked him. He opened his eyes and turned his head to me. I saw laziness, hope and doubt inside of those green orbs. Percy pulled himself into a stiff sitting position and tuned his body to me. He appeared to me really anxious. I wondered why. I stared up at his face and immediately regretted it. He was so…hopeful and looked so many more years younger, like an innocent little boy.

"I…wanted to talk to you," he muttered in a soft voice. I cocked my head at him and smiled. "What about, Seaweed Brain?" I asked. Percy smiled when I said Seaweed Brain and then looked down at the sand. He didn`t say anything for a while then looked back at me. "Well, ever since you quit the hunters, I realized this. Thalia, you're my best friend. You comforted me when I had my breakup with Annabeth even though it was meant to be. For a while I hadn`t understood the feeling but now I did. What I wanted to say is that-is that…"

His voice broke off and he stared back at the ground. I placed a hand on his shoulder and looked in worry at him. "Is what?" I asked him. I really wanted to know what he was confessing to me. It seemed so important. So private.

Percy sighed and wrote something down onto the sand. I sat up and he shifted so I could see it. Smiling, I looked closely at it. My heart stopped. Written in clear Greek was three little letters. Σ' αγαπώ, θάλεια. I love you, Thalia.

My smile slipped off my face and I stared up at Percy in horror. He wasn`t smiling anymore. All he had was a grim look on his face. I stood and Percy did too. For a moment I couldn`t speak. The words got caught in my throat and even if I tried, they would have had come out spurred like I was drunk on alcohol. Everything in my sight blurred then I felt dizzy. But soon the symptoms faded away, leaving me with no words. And nervousness. I managed to spit out, "How long?"

Percy frowned and looked hurt at my tone. I immediately regretted saying it that way. "How long?" I asked again in a softer voice. Percy looked into my eyes and I saw pure love in them. Not wanting to see it anymore, I tore my gaze away from Percy and at the sea.

"A year ago," Percy told me. A year ago! He waited that long to tell me? A year ago….That was about when he and Annabeth broke up. He loved me after their breakup? I couldn`t help but feel awkward about that.

I looked back at Percy to see him leaning in to kiss me. Panic fills me and unconsciously, I cover my mouth. I stood up and backed away from him. Why I was so afraid of Percy confessing his love to me, I don`t know. Maybe it was because I was afraid that I loved him back. I don`t know.

"I`m sorry, Percy but I don`t love you back," I said and walked away. But just before I disappeared off the beach, I glanced back. Immediately regret and guilt surrounds me. Percy was sitting there with his legs crossed, staring at the sea with silent tears flowing down his cheeks. He looked down and sighed. He said something in Greek under his breath. Even though I was at least five feet away, I heard what he said.

"Εντάξει, καταλαβαίνω. Εγώ θα σας πάνε, Thalia. Αλλά να θυμάστε ότι εξακολουθώ να αγαπώ."

I translated it into, "Alright, I understand. I`ll let you go, Thalia. But remember that I still love you."

With a heavy heart, I hurried off. I didn't want to hear anymore.

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