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This takes place after The Escape Clause...

Chapter One


xxx April 27th


To cease working and enjoy a life of luxury.

Or to be forcibly removed because of some old frostbitten rule created centuries ago.

Bernard was not happy.


After being gone for sixteen months as an assignment, Bernard wasn't surprised there there was a Council meeting going on that he didn't know about.

The Legendary figures ignored his arrival, Santa nodding quickly before focusing back on the discussion, heck even Jack Frost was there, for once relatively quiet.

Curtis was standing by Santa's desk, looking rather smug at being the substitute Head Elf until Bernard stepped behind him and sat at the desk, reading through the stack of reports to catch back up.

Out of habit, Bernard tuned on the meeting, ignoring the rising and falling voices, even ignoring Curtis' incessant tapping of his fingers against the hardwood desk.

Until the phone rang.

Santa almost jumped up when Mother nature banged her gavel sharply.

"Don't even think about it."

Great the celestial diva was pissed.

Bernard answered instead, nodding as Santa smiled in relief.


"Bernard...oh god..."


The head elf could barely hear the human over the wind and his panicked breathing almost like he was in tears. Bernard turned as to not distract the Council.

"Charlie what's wrong?"

"They...they're in...shit..."

"Tell me what's wrong."

Charlie tried to slow his breathing, "They're in the hospital...car crash...big truck...don't know anything..."

"Charlie calm down, who was it?"

The two names almost made Bernard drop the phone, he managed to get the name of the hospital and what town before letting Charlie hang up, saying not to worry about his dad.

Santa was arguing with Mother Nature about something so that allowed the head elf to slip away and tell Carol the news. She was grabbing their essentials and Buddy while Bernard stepped back into the office/den area.

"Mother Nature? I have to interrupt really quickly?"

The spirit sighed heavily, rolling her eyes, "What is it?"

"Santa has to leave. Now."

"And why?"

"Relatives of his are in the hospital, there was a car accident."

Scott jumped to his feet, wide eyed and panicked.


"Laura and Lucy Miller."

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